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  1. This is perfect, a little something for everyone in there.
  2. I could see them releasing the TIE Avenger for imps the same time they release the ARC-170 for rebs. Gives both factions a small based ship with auxiliary arc. Not sure what they would do for scun though.
  3. I like this, I would say that maybe make it so that the card gives any defender without one an EPT slot but that might be asking too much, with the EPT added in maybe just keep it to a point reduction on cannons.
  4. A free title taking 4-5 points off of cannons would nice
  5. I used a yoyo case, works perfectly! I can fit a ship and its corresponding dial in the same slot. It's also made out of foam for protection. I'll post a picture when I get home.
  6. I don't have an engine upgrade card and I just personally prefer to not proxy things (don't care if others do) so for right now that isn't an option for me.
  7. What do you all think about running Ysanne, rebel captive, and gunner on the deci and then using my left over 2 points to give the phantom tactician?
  8. Here is my list as it currently stands, I am new to flying decimators so I have no idea on what upgrades to put on it. Any input is appreciated! TIE PHANTOM: · "Whisper" (32) +Veteran Instincts (1) +Fire Control System (2) +Advanced Cloaking Device (4) VT-49 DECIMATOR: · Commander Kenkirk (44) +Predator (3) +Ysanne Isard (4) +Rebel Captive (3) The total is 93/100
  9. Well with that current list it comes out to 95 points so I can only afford one
  10. So I just bought my first decimator today and was wondering if I should use Proton bombs or Ion torpedoes. The list looks like this so far: •VT-49 DECIMATOR: Rear Admiral Chiraneau (46) +Predator (3) +Ysanne Isard (4) +Rebel Captive (3) •TIE PHANTOM:"Whisper" (32) +Veteran Instincts (1) +Fire Control System (2) +Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Also I was wondering what a good decimator + mini swarm list would be. The sets I have are 2 core sets, 1 tie fighter, 1 tie defender, 1 tie phantom, 1 tie interceptor, 1 lambda shuttle, and an imperial aces expansion. Thanks for the help!
  11. Thanks a lot guys, these are awesome!
  12. Does anyone have a higher res version of this? I really want to make this my background but its resolution is too low to look good on my screen
  13. I have only just started playing this afternoon so take what I say with a grain of salt but so far I really enjoy running the following. TIE DEFENDER: · Rexler Brath (37) +Predator (3) TIE FIGHTER: · Backstabber (16) TIE FIGHTER: Academy Pilot (12) TIE FIGHTER: Academy Pilot (12) TIE INTERCEPTOR: Avenger Squadron Pilot (20) I use my defender and academy pilots as my anvil and then have my interceptor + backstabber flanking
  14. Thanks a lot for the lists guys! I'm going to start making the different combos and go fly them around my kitchen table to get a feel for the ships!
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