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  1. I thought they portrayed him with a nice balance of slightly over the hill, but still enough wits to get by. He's surviving by the seat of his pants more these days, but still surviving. People (and aliens) grow old, and while some aspects of their character decline, others improve. It's part of life. He had a ton of great lines, and many of them did have elements of his age thrown in for believability. Didn't love the visuals for him though, both outfit and chin-horns. But whatever.
  2. You're assuming I even play epic, and have a range 5 ruler. I'm just a simple casual player, and am trying to keep everything in 2 core set boxes. The range three ruler doesn't fit without placing it diagonally across everything else, and I've been afraid it might get bent at some point. Plus my mind just started trying to come up with a cool hack for this after seeing the dowel stick ones (which would be easier to get between ships), and thought I'd ask what others have come up with (if anything).
  3. Has anyone come up with a range ruler replacement that can be separated for smaller storage or to be able to be split? I've seen where people have taken a second core set ruler and cut it, so that they have a range 1 ruler for tight spaces and a range 3 ruler. I've also seen where people used cut wooden sticks for separate R1 and R3 that can fit into tight spaces better (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/1642261/star-wars-x-wing-miniatures-game). I like that idea a lot, but would still have a long stick to deal with storage-wise. The CoreSec Omni Ruler http://corseceng.com/omni-ruler/ is the closest to what I can imagine, but I have a hard time paying more for shipping than for the product (but I may anyway). Has anyone else come up with a similar concept with readily available items?
  4. I'm really loving the show so far. I definitely is a kid's show, so there is always some sort of goofy thing that is in the episode that I don't particularly care for, but kids (mostly) will. Last night's goofy was the Puffer Pig. But you know what? I get to watch with my 10 year old twin girls, and they absolutely LOVE it! They've seen most of the movies and were somewhat fans of the movies and Star Wars in general, but they absolutely love Rebels. So I have no problem with them creating a kid's show, since that what will get actual kids interested. For instance, they much preferred last night's fun swashbuckling romp with Lando than they did the previous episode that was so Force/Yoda heavy. I enjoyed both, for different reasons. I've got to say, though, last night was the kind of Star Wars fun I always wanted to see more of as a kid, that didn't really exist at the time.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking similar but wanted to hear from some that have actually played the scenario. We've played twice so far. I have 10 year old twins, so some of the challenge is finding a way for all three of us to be involved, at least during the learning phases. The first time went pretty well. I played 2 TIEs and a TIE Advanced, and they each played one X-Wing - all generic pilots - 55 points I think. It went well and in the end they actually won, after I killed one of their ships, eliminating one of them for a few rounds. The second game didn't go as well. To prevent one of them being eliminated (at this point), I let them play each other, and I just oversaw the game, so I could focus on the rules. They played XB with a named B pilot vs 2 TIEs and Vader TIE Adv, and I think we put out 2-3 asteroids. The extra rules plus them having to both move multiple ships bogged things down a bit, which is to be expected. The game drug out for multiple hours and I was going to have to stop the game due to time, but then one of the girls realized she was losing so chose to run off the board in retreat. So at least the game had an actual ending. While somewhat frustrated at the time, they later said they still had fun. They actually handled the new rules and movement okay, it just took longer - but we'll have to get to a point of faster games if we want to keep playing. I mentioned the past to just say that I am hoping the escort scenario will help prevent game #3 with them becoming too much like game #2, which could turn them off. The escort scenario puts the game on a clock at least, so it can only drag on so long, and we can focus on us playing at a quicker pace. My current thought is me having: Me: Wedge + Red Sq Pilot (Proton Torp) Them: Player 1: Mauler Mithel + Academy TIE Player 2: Night Beast + Academy TIE So that is two of the same ship each, so only one dial, but gives a bit of variety and builds off of the named pilot game a bit, while still mainly focusing on basics. 56 points each. Since they can get reinforcements, neither can get eliminated. I'll start out with an unshielded shuttle, and progress from there. I might add Biggs later, just to force them to attack something other than the shuttle, if I think it's helpful. I think I saw a player modified scenario using 100 points that could work with the shuttle being for either side, so that's an option too, if we still need the finite game length. Thanks to all!
  6. I am teaching my daughters to play this game (I'm new to the game as well btw). We've played a couple of games already, and I am wanting to take a step back and simplify a bit. I plan to play the Political Escort mission, but plan to use 55pt squads, to allow for multiple ships without too much complexity, that will allow us to focus on flying. I have two core sets so I'm planning to go with 2 x-wings vs 4 TIEs. I know there is an adjustment in the rules to add 6 shield if you are playing 100 pt lists, but I'm not sure the best adjustment at 55pts. Does anyone know?
  7. What is the timeframe we'll get more spoilers for the pilots? They release the spoilers at intervals right?
  8. How would you run that combination of ships? I'm in a very similar scenario as the OP, and haven't really considered TIE Bombers until this thread.
  9. Just getting into the game, and these are giving me great ideas. Thanks!
  10. This would be nice. Has anyone seen this today?
  11. Is this Android only? Not seeing it on the iOS app store.
  12. What solo rules are those?I haven't started yet (just caught the bug after seeing it again at B&N while shopping and have been reading a ton about it while at the in-laws over Christmas week) but know I won't have much opportunity to play very often, so a solo option would keep me from going crazy in between.
  13. What are the reasons for having two damage decks? I understand the reasons for the other duplicates, but not sure about the damage deck. I am planning to get the game to play casually with my family, and will be able to get Imperial Aces + X-Wing expansion + extra dice for barely more than the cost of a second core set, and would prefer the variety.
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