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  1. My planner can't find it either. Nothing scheduled at the moment.
  2. Wtf. Just sat down to watch it and Disney XD (UK) is rerunning the Chopper AP5 episode from couple weeks back. There have been so many random breaks this season.
  3. Wow. After the previous travesty, Rebels is back. For a minute I was like wtf and had to back up and rewatch it! Not sure how I feel about how it went down tbh but the dialogue was absolutely on point. It's actually made me a little sad!
  4. Dont think it's remotely an auto win for the K wings. I'd be confident of killing one K before they are able to put out too much hurt. Triple K with TLT doesn't leave much room for bombs and crew and the actual TLT's can be flown around. My experience flying against mass TLT.. they have to be a really good player to pull it off. 8 or 9 times out of 10 either my list or my flying beats them out. It's just not a build type that scares me. It can definitely be 'flown around'. Not everyone is Aaron Bonar.
  5. Yeah for wider play an initiative bid would be good but I don't see too much PS9 here amongst the better players. They tend to like their chunky ships so I just thought I'd take advantage and spend the full 100. I'm not sure it's a massive issue though. Not often you see lists with multiple PS9 in tournie land though be Interesting to see what the meta does post FAQ.
  6. I think against higher agility I'd be more tempted to try stack the tractor tokens for sure. Against the the lists I faced so far, 1 is absolutely all you need lol. But yeah it's more a 'toolkit' choice to have her in there.
  7. Oh and if upgrades are allowed, I'd be seriously tempted by an FCS Starkiller. Not a lot in this type of game will be able to stand up to it! Upsilon-class Shuttle: Starkiller Base Pilot (30) Fire Control System (2) TIE Interceptor: Royal Guard Pilot (22) Push The Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Royal Guard TIE (0) Stealth Device (3) TIE Defender: Glaive Squadron Pilot (34) TIE/x7 (-2) -- TOTAL ------- 94p. -- 6pts to play with for EPT on the Defender and or kit out the Upsilon.
  8. Oh I hear you there. So many lists, so little time!
  9. I got a lot of mileage out of the tractor+Ketsu-Fenn combo. Ok you sacrifice fire but first engagement is where Tractor shines. Making it a 4 die roll with Zukkus ability is golden especially as they only get the bonus die for his ability but not the range bonus as it's obviously a secondary weapon. My opponents have been so concerned with the damage potential they forget about the tractor. Until I stick them in a rock that they then have to also fly through next turn.. say good bye to this turns shot and next turns action. Well worth it to reduce incoming damage. If it wasn't range 3 then Ketsu also means they keep the token so Zukkus gets to take advantage of his own tractor beam next turn. All that said I did you with alternate crew for a while including 4LOM. I'm happy with Ketsu so far though and she would only better against higher agility lists.
  10. We had a similar evening at our group a while back. It was actually good fun as a change from the ace and combo stuff we generally see. Was actually far from boring as it was so different than anything that's been seen for a long time.
  11. Nope. He is mentioned but isn't present at all. It's not a "bad" episode. It gave us some world building but I really don't think it moved the story on at all, hence me calling it filler. I think the writers are just having some fun in this one.
  12. I was going to suggest a Deci but it's a ship that melts really fast to focus fire. With the format you are looking good at you're going to face a lot of red dice. It would be doable but a real challenge to prevent that. Mix of blocking and leveraging your turret while staying out of enemy arc could be good. Tbh though I'd expect a swarm to kill the Deci in 2 turns of shooting.
  13. Could do that.. But as that's maybe the 'obvious' build, I'd want to counter it. What about a mixed bag of Tie's.. TIE Interceptor: Royal Guard Pilot (22) TIE Interceptor: Royal Guard Pilot (22) TIE Striker: Black Squadron Scout (20) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot (12) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot (12) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot (12) -- TOTAL ------- 100p. -- Royal Guards are your aces and acadamy guys do their usual thing. Striker is a middle ground but is a third 3 die ship.
  14. So after a coupe of really good episodes that one was distinctly 'meh'. Filler episode in many ways but I did like seeing more of Wedge and that the ISB is very much on the lookout for Chopper. Preview gets me excited for next week though!
  15. I'm wondering if your better off rerolling the two and adding after that? Edit.. reading comprehension ftw. Definitely ately better just adding as you would have to reroll into two hits for doing after to be worth it. Doh.
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