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  1. Thank you, that helped. My problem was that I was playing digital version and recently recieved board version and the rules from these 2 mixed up in my mind. If there is no obligatory change leads into proof then there is no problem But on the other hand i was watching on you tube a video of some demo play ( ) and official representative who was running the game was changing the leads into proofs as soon as one of the players received enough of them.Still I looked again through the manual and there is no word on obligatory immediate exchange so no problem then.
  2. I don't get one rule from game: it is said that if you gather ammount of leads to exchange it into proof it is obligatory to do so immediately. Second rule say that it is forbidden to exchnge back the proof into leads - once changed they have to stay this way. Does it means that if i will have to spend leads tokens to do something (side quest, support action, obligatory loss of leads due to some effect) i can't do this unless i have them "loose" (not changed into the proof)? What happens: I'm Geralt and i just required 3rd red lead. Do I have to exchange it automaticaly into a red proof? If yes what will happen if some effect from card will tell me to spend 2 red lead tokens? I exchange the proof back, spend 2 red tokend and leave 1 for myself? Or i dont spend anything since i dont have red leads (only red proof) and also i cant do any support or side quest missions which requires spending leads?
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