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  1. I'd love to see the Wraith Squadron pilots make an appearance in X-wings and Interceptors (I accept that the latter will certainly never happen).
  2. The canon is correct. However, the canon also has the vast majority of the dogfights happening outside of an asteroid field. The games on the table are the exceptions.
  3. I'm sure my version of daredevil says execute a white hard one then gain a stress. Which is subtly different.
  4. I think so. Nothing would imply that you couldn't.
  5. Thanks all. I'm glad, both to be right and that this was the call we ended up going with.
  6. I realised recently that I'm not sure how Biggs interacts with missiles. The text on Biggs' card is: "Other friendly ships at Range 1 cannot be targeted by attacks if the attacker could target you instead." In a recent game the situation arose that a TIE Bomber had a target lock on my YT-2400 and wanted to fire Proton Torpedoes at the YT-2400. Biggs was sat behind the freighter. My opponent's interpretation was that his Bomber could shoot the YT-2400 because the attack couldn't be aimed at Biggs. My interpretation was that the Bomber could fire his primary weapon at Biggs and was obliged to do so. In the opinion of this forum, which of us was correct?
  7. I'd like to see the Skipray, ideally it would be a design shared by Scum and the Empire. I understand that the TIEs will remain Empire only, but at present Scum look (to me) like they'll play in a similar manner to the Terrorists at the minute.
  8. It's how I want to die. Crushed by the Moon. :-D
  9. I'd love to see Thrawn as a crew card.
  10. Re JarJar, I just see him as the reason the Empire had a prejudice against non-humans.
  11. Sceadugenga


    I wish the UK had a Slave 1/Falcon restock.
  12. Han will get more popular (in my locale) once shops get a restock. Most of the locals started relatively recently, we can't get hold of Han or Bona, so neither see much table time. There's one guy who has one of each, but he's been flying longer than the rest of us. As an aside this means we don't see VI either.
  13. Sceadugenga

    Falcon turret

    Or accuracy correctors.
  14. Presumably that's exactly what "oneshot" means, though I can't see how. Possibly y wing with autoblaster turret, a bomb and the tittle?
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