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    I wonder if the 2.0 Raider will have pegs for docking models.
  2. I like my breaks. During a long day of X-Wing, I'll be very tempted to throw a game to get some time to smoke/pee/eat without being in a rush.
  3. Making one question about both Wave 4 and the points changes means none of the answers fit my opinion.
  4. Something something bullseye arc something.
  5. I've said it before, 3rd party squad builders saved FFGs bacon. If I had to rely on the official app, I don't think I'd have stuck with 2.0.
  6. Koing907


    I seriously hope they found a way to streamlike playing Epic. the Wing system may help, but all I remember about Epic is that it was boring as ****.
  7. Koing907

    For YASB users

    Many thanks, raithos! I don't think I'd be playing 2.0 without the 3rd party squad builder support.
  8. If you can't balance, your game, price the meta lists out of existence.
  9. On the flip side, how do people feel if someone manages to filter out their dice that have a bias towards blanks?
  10. The obvious next step, if you still have your dice sorted, is to try the float test on the biased dice to see if it indicates the bias.
  11. Well, I did expect mass produced dice to be a little biased, but not to this extent. Thank you for providing this info.
  12. The System Open in Seattle (Redmond actually) had something like 120 players show up. I don't know about overall, but here in the Pac NW, it's booming.
  13. Interesting. Are you talking about the rare earth magnets?
  14. I use Loctite superglue gel in the black bottle. It has some additive that helps it not to be so brittle. Great stuff. I've repaired quite a few breaks with it.
  15. Similar here. We use a bounty system where destroying a ship earns you a point, but puts a bounty on your ship, so that it's worth an extra point when destroyed. We also usually let players bring a few ships, as long as they fit the points limit (I think 68 for 2.0) and switch when a ship is destroyed. I think we played to time (75 mins) and points scored for who wins. And newly spawned ships must spawn at/beyond range 3 of any other ship, but can come in on any board edge. (Usual placement rule at range 1 of the board edge)
  16. My stuff is only semi-sorted. I need to find a better solution for my dials, which are currently tucked into the corners of all my other storage boxes. No rhyme or reason.
  17. Every pilot should be good. I loved flying Dengar in 1.0, even after the nerfbat.
  18. The argument seemed to be that Gandalf was spry for an old man. But he wasn't a man, and he was immortal, so age wasn't a factor. It is acceptable for a Jedi to have the power to fire a laser beam out of their eyes that can destroy whole galaxies? If not, why not? It would be fun and cool and it's all just fiction anyway.
  19. Sure, as an opt in thing. But making it mandatory?
  20. But it can be blamed on them. If one ship is superior to another, then that ship is going to be flown more often. Add in a few hundred upgrade options, and a few are going to rise to the top. FFG create these ships and upgrades, and are ultimatley repsonsible for them being available to play with. The alternative is to force everyone to play with a randomized squad, (like some kind of draft) which would be difficult to implement with X-Wing.
  21. Yep. I hopped on the new Metawing and... it just told me what I already knew. 4 Sigmas, Rebel Beef, etc. What Metawing does is it brings knowledge of the Meta to more people, and provides a way for FFG to identify popular and effective builds. I'd even go so far as to say that 2nd edition X-Wing owes it's existence to Metawing. One concequence is that netlisting is easier. But then, we see that netlisting was pretty popular during the Hyperspace Trials and System Opens, so I'm not sure it's that much of a difference.
  22. Crazy bastards actually did it.
  23. Koing907

    Inert Fat Han

    Han Solo, smuggler, would be the only YT-1300 pilot without an illicit slot. 😆 Anyway, I think the problem is Han's Ability. It's the lynchpin that lets him mitigate R2-D2's drawback, and unlocks the ID "exploit". And once again showing that you can't balance the game only with points and slots.
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