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  1. Me too. There's gotta be huge pressure from The Mouse to catch up on Mandalorian merch.
  2. I wish the faction had a more versatile name. The faction now encompasses the Mining Guild, Local milita, and soon enough Mandalorian mercenary clans to almost make them another faction. IMO in hindsight Scum and Villany should be a keyword under the "Everything else" faction that Scum and Villany has become. A player could field a mix of keywords, but some upgrades would be keyword restricted. (Mandalorian only, etc) *Edit, I see I'm not the only one...*
  3. When do we get that not-X-Wing in the game?
  4. I always envisioned it as the blocked ship hard brakes to avoid a collision, thus taking their attention away from their action. Though it probably would look funny in real time.
  5. Because I never got an answer to my question. If I accidentally roll 5 dice on a 4 dice attack, they come up all blanks, we notice and my opponent accepts the dice roll, can I spend a target lock to re-roll the 5 dice? The "obvious" answer is, No, but we've got a situation where 5 blanks is now a legit roll, and a lot of triggers and effects need to be considered.
  6. If I roll 5 dice on a 4 dice attack, they come up all blanks, my opponent notices and accepts it, can I spend a target lock to re-roll the 5 dice?
  7. Dunno. Even in friendly games, I and my oppponent are usually looking to keep the game "clean", and usually catch any mis-rolls.
  8. Yep. I'm not even criticizing FFG on that point. There's plenty of games with tons of factions, and unless you have lots of cash to burn, you can't possibly collect everything. Which is why I'm glad they finally got around to doing card packs, which will hopefully aleviate the problem of having to buy out of faction to get important upgrades.
  9. Which is ironic , because since 2.0 and Hyperspace, I've bought a lot less X-Wing product. I used to buy one of everything, and multiples for swarms, but I've pruned down from 5 factions (before the prequel ships) to 4, and I didn't buy anything from Wave 6. And only one or two ships from Waves 4 and 5.
  10. Oh wow. I'm gonna make some 1.0 squads!
  11. Wow. When you ban stuff from a format, players have to play with what's left. Who would have thought it?
  12. I had a dish strainer tray that I used for many years, but it was a bit too floppy. So my next tray was a cafeteria tray, that I use to this day.
  13. My issue with Force tokens is that they're "action economy proof". In that you don't have to take an action to gain a dice mod effect. Your ship can bump or execute a red manuver and still get to spend Force. The only severe limitations is that you only regen 1 Force per turn, and they function like Calculate instead of Focus. (But getting to spend multiple Force per die roll mitigates that.) IMO one of the biggest mistakes in 2nd edition.
  14. 4-8 copies, depending on how many I think i'll need at hand, and if I've gone through my extras lately.
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