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  1. Stealthy as well; It doesn't need to be as quick if no one can find it to begin with.
  2. Don't be sad... After all, there are at least 3 other realms worth invading.
  3. To continued the tale of a bunch of Guardsmen wishing to gather a Black Crusade to invade Khorne's realm. Just to explain, the system they were in had been hit with a different Black Crusade and it had sort of kept going, leaving a bunch of warbands and cultists in its wake to clean up and hold turf (normally the guys who either were a little too successful that the big boss wanted them somewhere where they couldn't really do anything major or the mooks that couldn't fit on the ships and were just abandoned because even if they lost all the mooks, they could just get more later). The party managed to swing a bunch of other guardsmen units to join them, managing to scrap together maybe half a regiments worth of people with at least two sentinels (Partly because they all shared an experience with the Imp guard, partly because they didn't have anything better to do and they rather preferred following other humans then... well, whatever the hell the Chaos Space Marines could be considered now). As news of their quest reached the actual Chaos Marine warbands, it caused something of a division. Two warbands thought it was a great idea and decided to make preparations to do it themselves, one warband and at least two cults considered the idea to be absolutely heretical and declared war on all those making preparations... and most of the other cults and warbands jumped in because it was a good opportunity to murder rivals and loot other warbands gear (and in at least one case, simply because they were bored). This quickly spiraled into a full on inter-system all out war between pretty much everyone. Then a ship appeared out of the warp, calling down on the planet that the party was on and asking for them by name. The captain of this Chaos vessel (Called The Iron Hoof ) and several important members of the crew had received visions which had lead them to this planet, claiming that there would be great glory and rewards to be had for joining up with the party. The arrival of this vessel and the visions that had led to them was seen as a sign of favor from the Chaos Gods themselves and several cults that had once been against the party and their plan (along side a few that had been neutral) were suddenly willing to join up to the cause. No Chaos Marines at this point; The bastards don't want to take orders from lowly humans and they are too busy fighting each other now anyway. So the party has about half a regiment, two sentinels, a couple of cults and a void ship that can travel through the warp... and the system they are currently in is ablaze with all out war between the various cults and warbands that remain.
  4. That does raise an interesting question; Is the Warp as messed up out in the void between universes? After all, the things living in the warp (both bad, indifferent and very rarely good) require living things to give them form... and there just isn't anything inbetween universes other then the ship. So any demon chasing after them is running to keep up rather then laying in wait.
  5. Simple solution there. Have the colonists in stasis while the ship is crewed. In fact, try and have some extra people in stasis then you strictly need to start a colony on the other side of the trip; That way if the birth rate among the crew and their families doesn't outpace the death rate, you can bring some fresh blood out of stasis to take over.
  6. You know you're playing rogue trader because the GM had to redo all his prep for the next game because his players mercilessly butchered a planets worth of loyalist humans because one of them called the Rogue Traders hat tacky.
  7. So what, what time zone are you in? Just so I can see what time that is for me.
  8. This is a very recent game that has started and it's only a session or so in... but already it is proving to be highly interesting. Just keep in mind that all the players are human (no Chaos space marines). The Khornite former guardsmen manages to get his mates together (the other players who are members of his squad) and tells them what he wants to do in order to earn the attention of the Chaos Gods. "I want to create a weapon... and have it blessed by Khorne personally."... as in in person. He plans to somehow travel into the warp realm of the Blood God himself, borrow one of the demon forges that are there long enough to create a weapon, then make the pilgrimage to the Skull Throne itself and ask the Blood God in person to bless it with his power; His logic being that if they can somehow survive the journey and make it that far, Khorne would be impressed by the sheer size of their balls and the amount of blood that they would have had to spill to get that far. While at first the other members of the party are... skeptical of this plan, the main Khornite starts to win them around to it with the promise that 'We could burn a thousand worlds and offer up untold trillions of souls to the Chaos Gods and they won't bat an eye because countless other **** have already done it before us but I can promise you that the gods themselves will have to acknowledge us if we can stand before the Skull Throne itself and look Mighty Khorne in the eye... and they will remember us because no one has ever done it before and possibly never will again.' So the party is currently making plans to gather a Black Crusade together. Not to invade the Imperium, but to launch an invasion of Khorne's personal realm in order to earn his blessing in person at the most holy of sites to a Khornite. They aren't even planning to try and hog the blessing for themselves; As far as they are concerned, if anyone survives to make it to the Skull Throne itself after fighting through the Blood God's realm, they earned their place there and any reward that Khorne deems fit to give them. Worst case and they fail... well, they figure they might still get Khorne's favor for trying if they fight hard enough. After all, no one has ever launched a Black Crusade into his realm before...
  9. I should inform you YOle, Chaos Dwarves deal in slaves for two reasons: To serve in their mines and to sacrifice to Hashut. Hashut doesn't really get enough attention I feel because as far as chaos gods go... Well, if you got the alignment chart out Hashut would be lawful evil. He is the kind of chaos god that you can actually build a pretty awesome chaos empire around and expect it to still be standing if the current leader dies. Temples to Hashut and the mass sacrifice of slaves don't just organize themselves after all and Hashut tends to favor people who can make them happen with a minimum of fuss.
  10. Of course the Navigators are going to do everything in their power to stop Humans from getting a safer method of traveling the universe; Not only is their wealth and power dependent on controlling travel, but if something safer suddenly became wholesale across the Imperium the Navigators would be absolutely ****** because they are mutants that are no longer important to the running of the Empire.
  11. You might be interested in picking up Khazrak the One Eye and possibly several other of the more... famous beastmen on the planet. If you can somehow get Khazrak on board, you could potentially get one of the greatest beastmen leaders of all time and his war herd alongside your forces; Through Khazrak might be inclined to try and kill you simply because your human and not 'pure' children of chaos. Another faction you might be interested in picking up are the Chaos Dwarves; Partly due to their chaos god Hashut, but largely due to the fact that they are naturally talented daemonsmiths who are sane! You can purchase their services with gold and slaves in a proper business transaction and the fact that their patron is willing to bestow magical abilities to those who earn his favor via sacrifices can make them a major boon to your forces. They are also the most technologically advanced race on the planet, which will no doubt catch your attention sooner or later; They sell daemon siege weapons after all, if you don't hear about them sooner or later you guys kind of suck at finding value in a world.
  12. Also keep in mind that most chapters tend to spread themselves thin as well in order to cover more ground and get more missions done; There might only be one company of a chapter in the sector, you might be lucky if the system your in as a squad of the bastards in it. There are exceptions of course... The Minotaur chapter is known for bringing all companies with them when they get sent somewhere by the High Lords of Terra. For being the High Lord's beat stick, the Minotaur's get access to all the new, shiny equipment they could ask for and the right to draw recruits from Terra herself. Considering the insanely high population of Terra and how heavily protected from assault it is, they aren't going to be hurting for new members anytime soon. The fact that they are also a chapter of pragmatic dicks also helps them avoid needless losses... by letting other imperial forces suffer them... including other space marine chapters.
  13. Pretty much yes, but that wasn't all. They went from planet to planet, selecting one of the tribes or factions and gifting them the knowledge of how to make and use the technology and improved farming methods that they had to offer while also presenting them with edible food seeds that would thrive in the environment of the planet in question. Within a matter of decades, many of the recruitment worlds of this chapter went from tribal to Feudal and Early Industrial worlds. The massive upheaval that this social change caused also provided a wonderful environment for the party to plant the seeds of chaos worship, as well as other heretical ideas that while not chaos tainted would still get the average imperial citizen burned alive for thinking them (Such as questioning the Emperors divinity). The space marine chapter in question weren't big on the serfs that make up humanity and when they swung round for new recruits they tended to only focus on the solders and warriors of the planets without caring to much about what was going on elsewhere on the planet; This indifference not only allowed chaos worshipers to infiltrate their chapter on several levels (Including as space marines) but after they left and the worlds rebelled against the Imperium the Inquisition noticed that they had visited the worlds and failed to notice or do anything about the signs of the spread of chaos of their worlds. So in the end the party caused massive change on several planets, tricked a loyalist chapter to create chaos space marines while filling their ranks with the worshipers of chaos to corrupt them from within while tricking the Inquisition to blame the whole **** thing on the space marine chapter (As our face put it, the Inquisition would either find them guilty of Heresy or Gross Incompetence for failing to stop their recruitment worlds from being corrupted).
  14. When the human party of tzeentch worshippers crippled a space marine chapter gravely that they hated deeply due to their actions against their homeworld via the usage of several steam engines, farming equipment and food seeds. I'll tell the story of how they did it if anyone is interested... after I've heard some guesses.
  15. I feel like I'm missing the context behind why this is such a Yay moment...
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