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  1. hey team, I've only played a few games myself, one of my mates creaming with imperial aces flipping all over the place. my answer to this. hoodie, with r3a2 and fletchette torpedoes. it would appear to me, that once target lock is achieved. declare attack, causes stress to both ships. fire warhead, hoodie looses his stress and other ship gains another token.. he'll be screwed for a few turns to get mopped up. thoughts?
  2. I went and brought my own chrissy toys this year the yt2400 an rebel transport set..found the yt mounting lug at the base of the model was seriously taking the piss. the model ended up facing 270 degs the wrong way and looking to nose dive. looks like I'm going to have to dig out the old 40k tools to repair. anyone else had similar issue? anyone tried a magnet for the yt?
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