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  1. Hey all! My game group and I played Genesys for the first time over the weekend and discussed our thoughts on our podcast, Split the Party. We mostly discuss the magic rules, since we really disagreed about this part of the game. Anyways, let me know what you think, or if you think we had any major oversights in our understanding of the game. If you like it, please subscribe, since there will be plenty more Genesys content on the way! Oh, and as a bonus, my co-host wrote and recorded a Genesys parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas!
  2. Not to be too self-promoty, but I do an RPG discussion show with some friends called Split the Party. While it's not entirely devoted to Genesys, we have talked a lot about the anticipation of it, and plan to cover it pretty extensively once it's released.
  3. Oh, ok gotcha. I thought you were requiring everyone own the game before playing it. Which seemed a little overboard.
  4. While I'm definitely all in favor of supporting game designers and publishers, this seems like a pretty extreme stance. The pattern for my group is that usually one person buys a new game that they are excited about, and that person runs the game. If it's a game that we haven't played before, there's no way that every person in my group is going to invest in that game. If it's something that we like and we stick with it, however, we will go ahead and start buying other copies of the game out of convenience. If everyone was required to own a copy of the game, we'd never end up playing anything new. Especially given the fact that our group has a very diverse range of incomes, from engineers to a store clerk. In fact, I'm confident that I have purchased more games from having had the chance to test them out first for a while than I would have if sharing books had been banned from my group. Additionally, to grow the tabletop RPG hobby, we have to ensure that the barrier to entry is not overly daunting to people. I've introduced probably a dozen or more people to the hobby by letting them jump into a one-shot or guest in an ongoing campaign, and there's no way they would do so if I expected them to buy a book first.
  5. Vooz Muglin is from coruscant, but new to the undercity. Not from the topmost level for sure, somewhere in the middle. His work would bring him up to the top level, however, back when he was a gainfully employed journalist. Vooz drifted to The Kandra's Kiss to find some juicy secrets to sell. He's been hanging around for a while, and has done some investigative work here and there for Erza and some of the regulars. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty, and that's appreciated down here. I'd be happy to join up with somebody else retroactively, if anybody has any ideas. Looks like the group resource is already chosen. Noncombat usefullness, especially related to investigating, surveillance, and the like. We'll see how that evolves. I haven't read mistborn.
  6. Maybe to simplify it we can do something like 1 starting obligation and then the added, theoretically would bring us to about 99 obligation...
  7. I noticed that you accidentally chose Toydarian rather than Trandoshan. Which made me chuckle, given the character. I want a murderous Toydarian in the group!
  8. As others have said, Nemeses are basically named recurring or pivotal NPCs. I think a better metric for what you are considering is how many ranks in Adversary there should be. For that value of obligation on the line, I would definitely not only make him 3 adversary (maybe even 4 as he is literally in the top few bounty hunters in the galaxy as per Ep.5), but also would have him tagging along with his equally deadly pal 4-LOM. The players probably wouldn't be aware of 4-LOM going into the encounter, catching them off-guard.
  9. Is there still an open spot? I'd love to play, lots of experience with the system, but it'd be my first pbp. I'd like to use the new skip tracer specialization to make an investigative journalist.
  10. You could always ask the GM if you could remove other aspects of the ship to create new hard points, if you're that desperate for them. I'd love to tempt my players to remove the backup hyperdrive, the shields, escape pods, or some weapons to create space for some custom mods. There just has to be some trade offs, not to mention some really difficult mechanics checks or expensive paid professional services to make those special modifications. I even had a droid once who decided to remove and sell the life-support system on his ship since he didn't require oxygen.
  11. Is this where we get to debate genre and whether Star Wars is Sci-fi or Space Opera?
  12. I am curious about people's thoughts on the falling damage mechanics in this system. Each time this comes up, my group agrees that they are too harsh and punish fun ideas due to one bad roll. Should falling from a short distance really be 10 wounds AND 10 soak? Beyond short distance it is almost guaranteed to K/O the player, or party if it is several characters. And that is even with the rules to use athletics/coordination to dampen the blow. I'm conflicted, because it does introduce an (in my opinion) exciting dynamic in terms of setting high stakes, and falling to one's presumed death is a very Star Wars trope (Darth Maul, the Emperor, Han Solo, nearly Luke, etc.) How have you felt about it or used it when it comes up in your games?
  13. I actually just started running a campaign on Weik. I just began the campaign with the ship basically floating dead in space above the planet due to an emergency hyperspace departure while pursued by the first order. The first session was them trying to repair the ship to the point that they can get it planetside. Although my approach only really works if you're starting a new campaign I suppose.
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