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  1. Here is the scenario: In "Dark Pursuits" Chapter II (pg 431) under 341 Beta-Sky the book states that a Difficult -10 Tech-use test is required to commune with the shuttle's machine spirit and convince it to reveal its secrets. Well none of my PCs are Adeptus Mechanicus, but some do have Tech-use known or +10. Performing any rites to commune, appease, or praise the machine spirits are reserved for members of the Adeptus Mechanicus or allied groups (Tech Marines). My question is, can my non-mechanicus PCs attempt to interact and retrieve info from a cogitator or Ships data systems? and if so, does it maintain the Difficult -10 penalty for Tech-use as stated in the book? Also, how would you guys/girls explain this concept to players that are new-ish to 40K?
  2. I ended up taking an opposed test Stealth vs Awareness. Since this is my first GMing experience and the PCs are newish to the 40K world, I am kinda placing NPCs or events into the "Dark Pursuits" adventure that do not have major consequences and this allows me to experience the mechanics and the PCs to get a feel for the 40K universe.
  3. So, I homebrewed a bit that before the PCs entered a Manse they would have to relinquish their weapons and a servo skull would scan for said weapons. However, one of the PCs had a concealed holster and asked if the servo skull would detect his laspistol. It didnt matter to me if the PC brought in the laspistol or not, but how should the opposition check of the servo skulls scanning vs concealed weapon play out?
  4. Excellent thoughts Gregorius! Yes, the Witchblade is Eldar psionic and I have woven in some of the concepts you listed above in-order to allow a player the use of the weapon. I thought alot about the "punishment" aspect of such xeno type of weapon and agree that if a careful observer with proper knowledge were to see the sword in action then subtly would drop. We just started Dark pursuits and there are 5 PCs in my group and only 1 player has an in-depth knowledge of the 40K universe, while the others have very little knowledge and only D&D/Pathfinder experience. So, I wanted to not only give them at least 1 exciting object (loot) early on, but also introduce the new players to xeno lore and plant seeds for forgotten gods investigations. To do this I created a witch-blade with Eldar inscriptions, spirit stones, and renewer runes. The swords back story: once a valuable tool used by a Iyanden Spiritseer under the command of Battleseer Kelmon, this sword became lost in the Hive Fleet Kraken invasion. Recently acquired by the Trade Sable the sale of the sword is being brokered by Zax Holthane and resides in his office resting on a case along side documents written in-code that skill-checks can reveal the name Golsken Hresk. The sword was Zax's next on his to-do list when the Acolytes arrive. T'sircro (Witchblade) 2-h melee; 1d10+6 E; Pen: 5; Unique; Balanced, Powerfield, Superior Craftsmanship; Effects: heal 1d5 wounds to any player within 10m - full action of pyschic power to activate runes. I dont expect the runes to be 'understood' or mastered by a player this early on. However, the sword can be wielded like a normal powersword (2h) and when used by a player in battle (psyker or non- idk yet) the sword has a chance to trigger its effects randomly. A player can make a Forbidden lore xeno skill check to read the inscription which reveals the sword's name and describes Kelmon and his glorious victories, etc. A player can make a separate [arduous -40] Forbidden lore xeno skill check to try and determine the type of spirit stones and runes on the sword. Any experienced GMs feel that this is appropriate? Again, any advice is welcomed!
  5. Lets say the PCs come across xenotech or weapons (an Eldar witchblade for example) and the player uses the weapon in combat. What are some penalties that can be tested against for an acolyte using xeno weapons? Corruption? Insanity? I feel that those are solely Chaos based penalties. The Inquisitor they are work for is by no means puritan and wouldn't not punish his acolytes for using xeno weapons, but I feel that if the warband's subtlety decreases too much then word may get back to other Inquisitors that heretical items are being employed. Thats all I came up with so far. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!
  6. So, I am very familiar with the 40K universe and I can describe the environment and encounters with great detail keeping with the lore, but I am having two major issues as a new GM: 1) The PCs want to explore the entire sprawling Hive City and I need good techniques to keep them on track, yet still retain the feeling of enormity in a Hive City. I feel like I am describing this exciting world, but telling them to keep to the task at hand. 2) The PCs are constantly trying to pick up items from dead NPCs or are looking around for requisition depots to upgrade their gear. How can I limit this, but still present them with the rewarding feeling of getting loot? I know all of this comes with time and practice as a GM, but if any of you vet's out there have some tips I can use in my campaigns I'd appreciate it!
  7. get something like this: https://shutupinternet.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/percentile-dice.jpg?w=300
  8. Thanks! But I can take no credit! I found the list in this article. It's a must read if you love the Lambda and want to fly as many as reasonably possible! http://teamcovenant.com/fuamatu/2014/03/21/how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-lambdas/ Well i have three Lambda's and it's been a love/hate relationship with these things. I'll come up with all sorts of lists and when I run them it's always the same: Fun at first then it quickly becomes an intense drag. I've never even used one in a tournament, always casual, but I was very close to running at least 1x OGP Buzz-saw (FCS + Gunner) with 2x Bounty Hunters + Recon at the Winter 2015 store tournament last week. I am so glad I decided not to go with that list. What is it about these things that intrigues me? Maybe deep inside I know that one day Chewie will pilot a Rebel version and I want to be ready.
  9. Clever name and like the list! Soontir Fel + PTL is ALWAYS a fun time.
  10. 4x OGP + Mangler Cannon Ridiculous you might say, however,...nah its silly.
  11. While I do play tournaments, I too enjoy flying fun and casual and I really like your Fettigator. My opinion is to go with Option 2, mostly because it fits my play style and I love Firesprays. Kath is a bit hardier than Rex and having a rear arc is kinda like a white K-turn, so, I think the advantage goes to Kath there (unless you really like bombers). Gunner is a great upgrade that has helped me tremendously in the past and increases the odds of getting a crit which synergizes with kaths ability in the late game, when crits matter. Although, Rex does have a similar function and arguably can induce a crit more effectively than kath by having 4 hlc dice plus his ability, I still prefer having more hit points with Kath. I have been playing casual games with my friends and observing the current meta and what I've found is a lot of VI upgrades and PS 9. Example: whisper + VI, Turr + VI, Soontir. That could negate all of Fettigators maneuvering, but I think it's fun to fly and would definetly run something similar at tournaments. I'd be interested in reading a batrep from your tournament and Good Luck!!
  12. I've been playing against an over abundance of lists with any combo of deci, phantom, interceptors and the only counter that has been really effective for me has been Gold Daggers: 2x Gold + Ion Turret 2x Dagger + Advanced Sensors Are there any other variations of this list that may be better suited to the current meta than what I've listed above?
  13. Well, YOU have made me afraid of phantoms! But the only way my BOSAAA list works against phantoms is to effectively block as much as possible (w/TIEs), position BH to rear arc phantom and also hope you hit asteroids, BUT then a wretched interceptor or 2 will probably be busy picking off my un-EU Space Cow. However, the solution to that little problem is to start the Shuttle at a diagonal to have the longest length of the board and then stall, block, move 1, stall, block, move 1, etc. hopefully setting up some quality hits thanks to the buzz-saw. I don't know. Conceptually I love this list, but play testing against Phantom meta's has proven to be very difficult.
  14. Yeah, I kinda snagged the title name from an old Team Covenant thread it was called BOSSA. (B)ounty hunter (O)micron (S)huttle (S)cimitar (A)lpha Squad.
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