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  1. Where, may I ask, did you here this? I had not heard this. It was announced... here in this link some people are talking about it: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/220046-kindred-fire/page-3
  2. It was said somewhere that there are no act I - act II items - just items. The more fame you get the better items you can buy. I've admitted that before the finale you can buy 1 act II item. The problem is the item is listed as Act 1 card, so if newer player try to find it they search it like crazy without success. If it was listed as Act 2, like other act 2 items are, it's easier to find. So it's just an error regarding the text, not the availability of an Act 2 item what PHRAETUS means. (I think so at least.)
  3. Well minis are different and the abilities (heroic feats) of heros and monsters got changed. Some of the heros and monster were too strong or weak and got reworked.
  4. Someone in my group thought he was an Ettin who ripped off his other head and swings it around... we had to look at his Lieutenant Pack box to double check if it's a stone head or not. (on the box it lookes like a stone head.) But it looks totally badass with that real head in there.... He ripps of the heads of giants and swings 'em around.... he's just that badass.
  5. Well except they never made the conversion kit for the app. The app is a different (free) product in which you can't use the conversion kit, you don't have to buy the campaigns also, so you can still play the base game with conversion kit. Arguments like "it's FFG's fault you can't use them" is not valid IMHO, because when you bought the conversion kit, you didn't buy it for anything else as to play the basic game (1-4 Heros and one OL). The thing FFG could do, is as Felin mentioned, let the conversion kit be in the app, but let it be in a different part (not in the collection) or let it be not be available if you have the H&M packs already. This way you could get a full collection without buying the conversion kit as that would spawn topics in the forum why it's in there and stuff.... Newer players could be buying it and then write stuff like "that's just scam from FFG, there are no minis in the conversion kit" or stuff like that... I worked in sales a few years ago and you won't believe how stupid some people are... or how impossible it seems to be for some to read the contents of a product BEFORE they buy it... I am not talking about people who buy something as an "accident" or something and are nice and don't flame around with stupid comments btw. Don't worry, I'll stop with the offtopic now.
  6. You're not wrong, and obviously many quests might be decided by luck. Hell, we once won a campaign as 4 players against an Overlord who won literally every single quest before the final, and I owe it to nothing but luck. I also once rolled triple 0's defense dice twice in a row as Act II Zachareth against Hugo the Glorious using his Heroic Feat. Needless to say I got destroyed in one round. We all have some stories, but that's a part that makes tabletop games what they are; these kinds of rolls makes everything epic and memorable, from one side or another. BUT, against an "AI" such as Road to Legends, many things are actually controllable. You can often completely ruin a monster's group activation by sheer positioning. Yes you can miss, but so does the monsters. On the long run, stats should be stats, and you should have 1/6 chances to miss, or less with the use of power poitions or reroll abilities. While you can be unlucky for an entire quest or campaign, it's unlikely. As all games played with dice; maths are maths, and stats are stats. And if really you consider yourself that unlucky guy on the tabletop, there's many options such as Widow Tarha, or even class skills, that allows you to reroll and even chose your roll. I really think Road to Legends is easier to predict than playing against an Overlord, especially a skilled one, even if everything is revealed in advance. (*&$?& WEB TRAPS!) It's even more true when you try a second time and have a good idea what's behind each doors. On the Merriod's Quest, I lost 2rounds using an action to search every single treasure thinking the key was in one of them. The perils from these lost rounds almost wiped my party off. Every turn matters That's totally true. I meant my comment just for people who tried to play the app once and though like: "OMG!!! That's totally impossible to win" without trying it for a second or third time. Not that I want to say someone has done that...
  7. I've been playing this game for the last 2 years, many times messing up the rules by mistake. I'm impressed you can keep all the minutia of it up in your head Zaltyre, That's why your the resident Sage, Kellos Bless The Glossary! It helps! They should rename the HoB quest to "The Archive of Zaltyre", amirite? Man i just played Encounter 1 of that quest. The die committed foul play on the heroes...urrgh.Haha, yeah luck with the dice is the "most important skill".
  8. If that is what you feel like and alll players have the same amount of expirience in descent, try to change the OL with a hero after every quest. Write down the exp and let them purchase the OL cards (and returning the ones bought by another player to the bos). The same for hero exp of course. Also: I don't know why but as a OL I found there is almost never a real "just kill the heros every turn and they can do nothing", if a hero survives he can get 2 people up and in no time all have survived. In a two hero game one dead hero let's you lose half of your actions, that's one of the reasons it's better to play with 3 or 4 heros. Also after the first act the heros are able to buy any first act marked card... And if at least the tank get's a good armor and has increases health from his skills it's pretty impossible to kill him for the OL without loosing most of his monster activations... Which is almost never worth it. Because a grey and black dice together are a pretty reliable 2 or more shields on almost every attack.
  9. THAT was an awesome read. The only thing I don't think is ever going to happen is that they stop printing rule books.... there are always people who don't want to use apps and so on. But I totally aggree with you, an app with all rules and all card updates would really be cool. Even better if it was managed and organized for every new expansion, H&M and Lieutenant pack. (And obviously, if some rule changes get decided.)
  10. And if all that doesn't work out in the end you have to remember: For attacking and defending you roll dice... that means luck is sometimes the only reason you win or lose... you just notice it that much in Descend because of certain abilities make it seem like your results are not completely random. Even if you can expect to pass an attribute test in which you have a 5 in, it doesn't mean it will happen with a 100% probability... you can still fail it. The same is true for attacking and defending as well obviously... In one game a hero got "X" on Reynhart The Worthy 4 times in a row...
  11. Ok... now I feel like a complete fanboy. I wrote in one thread in the forum I would totally buy a new reworked Shadow Rune campaign book... I do actually understand what you want to say though. It just never occured to me that somebody could think of it that way. I would it compare more to this kind of situation: - a company sold us call of duty 10 and a pack for 30$ with special characters for call of duty 11 base game, because if not you would still play the old "call of duty 10" and not the "better" game (some people still call 1st edition of Descent a better game than the 2nd edition.... different taste I guess?) - now the company releases call of duty 11 and we get our characters and use them for a few years - after some years they give us a new dlc which introduces new game mods... some are free and some will have a price... and you are not allowed to use your call of duty 10 special characters for that because they are incompatible with the newer version... which you simply don't have to buy/install if you don't want to (some seem to forget, nobody forces you to use the app) - they do howerver give you an option to get completely reworked models (new minis) and balanced characters which are almost the same to the old ones if you pay them for that extra work they put in In this way you could argue they were trying to screw us over, because they could just have reworked them and let us have them as a download... But in the case of FFG it's different. They can't just give us mini's for free, because they would have to spend much money to make and send them out... they also can't give us a digital version to 3d print the new minis, because the internet is full of piracy and nobody seems to care about copyright... the same is true for the cards and character sheets. And if you say: they could let us at least download and print everything except the minis then I can only say: you can get the "updated" monster cards and hero sheets on the wiki or even here in the FFG forum... they are posted like all over the place. If this is not a reasonable way for you, then there is sadly NOTHING FFG could have done to let the game be played as it is intended: with the balanced heros and monster. They could say: well... wecan't sell new minis because someone could feel screwed over so let's make everything compatible with everything.... but would you really enjoy a game poorly made as that? I would (most likely) not. At least not if I know the better version (which I do... I own almost every H&M and Lieutenant pack). Before anyone says stuff like: well they could have added the Conversion Kit to the game I disagree: The collection in the app is a way to show the products available for old and new players which they could purchase to increase their fun with Descend 2nd edition. With some of the old Heros and Monster versions that's not really possible, because they ARE unbalanced (and thus later changed). If the Conversion Kit was on that list, the next topic wouldn't be how FFG screwed us over because of the conversion kit not being in the app but because it IS in it....
  12. Hmm... so a Reanimate needs a kind of "allowance" to exist? Good interpretation (sounds about how it's actually handled in video games like Path of Exile or Diablo) and seems to make sense.
  13. Personnaly i find it so easy comparing to a game against a true overlord that it is close to be boring . Fortunately there is that Peril effect that gives a little spice to the whole thing. Clearly i wouldn t want it easier.I can't help but wonder, when you talk about the RTL-quests being very easy/very hard - do you make good or bad choices for the monsters when they have several options concerning where to move, and whom they should attack when they have several viable targets - or do you randomise? My group gets trashed by the app, but we insist on randomising where the monsters spawn, where they move and which heroes they target when there is a choice. Having the power to mind control the monsters ruin the immersion, in my opinion. But the "take X damage out of he blue"-peril destroys us, so we feel we have to make the monsters dumb when possible besides rushing through the dungeon to stand a chance Just out of interest: do you own many Lieutenant packs? My group almost never gets perils with damage, most of the time we get Belthir/Skarn/one of the Farrows and so on. I own almost all Lieutenant packs, so my guess is maybe that's the reason so many people seem to get it so often and my group almost never sees them? Or is it just "Luck"?
  14. Well some people play board games just as a way to pass time and meet up with friends. The most fun IS (in my opinion) not the playing of the board game (whater it may be) but the talk between the players while they do so. I played lot's of apps and games which "simulate" a board game... at first they look fun but after some time they just get so boring without other players, so I am not playing these anymore. Also what many players in Descent 2nd edition seem to think is only wining makes fun, but that's maybe because they never played the other side before? When I played for the first time as a hero I noticed how fun the game can be, even if the OL just stomps all over your party. Except of course, the few times you really get crushed... like all heros are dead, and get up every turn just to get killed again. (Yeah... that's not a fun way to play for the OL as well as for the heros)
  15. First off, I don't want to be mean or troll you or anything. This is just MY opinion. (I write this because after reading my text again it sounded .... really rude and mean. I tried to rewrite it, but it's not sounding better.... I hope you understand that I didn't intend to sound like that or makeing fun of you or anything. (My native language isn't english as you probably already guessed from my writing and grammar.) "Hey, If you missed this content the first time - here's your chance to buy it": I don't get that one, I never got the vibe from FFG that they were just a silly reprint... they said (if I remember correctly) a few times, Descent 2nd edition is a completely new game. Also if this was really their intend, wouldn't it have been strange that in the H&M kit the monsters and heros were rebalanced? "I'm normally very impressed with FFGs customer support - this feels like they're shitting on their long standing fans in order to force them to buy the new version of the same content. Colour me - Unimpressed.": I totally don't aggree with you... I mean 2nd edition is a completely different game. It's not like anybody would say stuff like: I own call of duty 10, so why do I have to pay the full price for the 11th one? (even if they used the same engine and the same character models) Nobody complains on PC games when you buy a standard version of the game and a "gold edition" or whatever comes out and you can't buy the new content as dlc and are forced to buy the whole game a second time if you want to have it. Or if you bought a "normal" Monopoly you wouldn't be angry that you have to pay the full price for a different themed Monopoly (there are a lot of them out there... and they are (I think at least) from the same company). Or if you have to pay the full price for Star Wars 2 even though you bought the DVD of the first movie... I know these compairsons sound silly but think about it: Is there any industry that handles their products like you seem to want FFG to do it? You compare two completely different products with the same theme (--> Descent) and complain you don't get one for free because you own the other one? I never thought of 1st edition and 2nd edition as being the same game...maybe that's why your point on the topic sounds so strange to me but on the other hand I don't know how it's handeld normally in the board game industry... I always thought of the "2nd edition" more like a marketing thing and it's more like a Descent II and not a "real reprint with some new rules" or anything like that. The only thing I think FFG should have done better is saying from the start (at best even on the box of the Conversion Kit) "these will be all remade for Descent 2nd Edition, and not be part of the game in the long run" or something like that. Maybe that's what you are complaining about and I totally didn't get your point. If I still sound rude/stuip/mean to you, I apologise, but as stated in the begining I read over this comment over and over again... and I don't seem to get a better tone with it
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