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  1. With the disclosure that they aren't going to keep creating expansions, I bet they won't publish any additional app content. Unless they charge for additional campaigns, they aren't going to produce app content if they aren't going to generate funding through new sales. I wish they would produce all app content of the paper campaigns found in all of their products.
  2. Last I checked it was "on the boat" and now it's not on the Upcoming list at all. I was hoping that some copies ended up in local game stores as the last print product for the game, but that looks unlikely. There are about 10 copies on eBay, going for $75 to $150. After a couple of months that supply will run out too, and then you won't be able to find it anywhere.
  3. You are correct about not wanting to accept that I forked over almost $1000 on this game without any indication that they were going to essentially make my previous purchases invalid, and require more purchases to play. Thats not ethical in my opinion. Not sure why people get all defensive about my experience, when its just that, my experience. Havent I made the investment to post my experience on the official forums at this point? Surprised moderators havent shut it down yet because it isnt blindly praising their business model.
  4. Actually, it should read "X-Wing Miniatures Second Edition - Throw away all 1st edition components except for your ships, spend $1000 on 2nd edition, and in a few years, rinse and repeat for 3rd edition." At least be upfront and honest about your business practices to your community.
  5. What makes you think I am posting for sympathy? Never included anything like that in my post. Just looking to express how I feel when I invest in a game expecting to enjoy it over time, only to find out that they added an expiration date after I have put a lot of money into the system. Feels bad, but not expecting sympathy.
  6. Yep, that's exactly what I expected. If FFG sold me over 10 waves of ships, then reset the game, advertised conversion kits to use previously released product, but then you really can't, then my next expectation would be to return their "expired" product for store credit towards 2.0 content. Wait till we see what they do next. I predict that their move to an app based pilot / ability card cost will allow them to get people to invest in squads of multiple ships, then when those squads are too good in the meta, they change point costs, so your squad becomes unplayable, and your next competitive squad requires another set of ships to buy. So what do I do with the whole box of unplayable X-wing product I now own, and anticipate will grow over time?
  7. I own about 3/4 of the 1st edition ships. When I read that 2.0 had conversion kits that allowed you to still play your 1st edition ships, I assumed that I could still build and fly the same squads I knew and loved from the 1st edition. Well, I bought the 2.0 Core set, the Scum & Villiany conversion kit, and the Imperial conversion kit. I then spent about 2.5 hours to punch the new stuff, and swap out the 1.0 components for the 2.0 components in my storage box and card binder, then downloaded the mobile app (I still can't get the app to load on a PC in a browser) and then quickly realized I could not build the same squads I flew in 1.0. Sure, I could run the same "ships" as I had before, but the pilot skill, abilities, stats, and skill card availability has all changed, making it nearly impossible to actually run the same 1.0 squads. I think that should have been more clearly advertised. I also discovered limitations such as only having access to a single Jumpmaster Title card, so I can't run the title card on two jump masters in a build although I previously bought two of them, the conversion kit only supplied me with one copy of that card, so the app will only let me apply the card to one or the other ship, not both. How do I get a 2nd physical copy and then indicate that I have a 2nd copy of that card in the app without buying an entire 2nd Scum & Villiany conversion kit? Finally, I bought the epic expansion for the imperial raider just for the Emperor Palpitine card ($99) and the imperial conversion kit does come with an Emperor Palpitine crew card, but it has been nerfed significantly, rendering my previous purchase unplayable. I hope 2.0 is fun, but right now, I feel that the $800 or so I have spent on 1.0 products is not actually supported in 2.0. It also feels wrong that in light of my discoveries about converting 1.0 to 2.0, that FFG is currently allowing stores to sell 1.0 products without any disclaimer on the product regarding how much of the content sold in 1.0 ships is unplayable or unsupported in the 2.0 format.
  8. Here is the official announcement that they are finally releasing more campaign content for the app! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/18/return-to-jabbas-realm/ I am stoked about this, however, I am sure after we get through the missions in this release, we are going to be on a 6 month wait for the next one. Well, at least we got this. Guess we need to pace ourselves on these missions, instead of churning through them in one weekend, lol.
  9. Oh, yep, upon further investigation, your insight is correct. The card is pulled back during Skill Test Step 3, which is before the added skill card is counted towards the skill total. Still an excellent way to, as you have said, overcommit and then pull something back that isnt needed. The eldritch sign effect is pretty strong though, allowing you to apply a skill card from your discard pile to the current test, then after it resolves, add it to your hand, where you can play it again on a future skill test.
  10. Forced.....no, nobody forces you to buy board games, come on now. However, it was entirely possible for them to create an app for the original game, then add content to it without resetting the entire title. Their decision to do that is primarily financial, and as a customer, it makes loyal customers question the companies loyalty to their customers, who are the ones who provide revenue for their business. I believe whatever problems that exist with X-wing falls upon development. Whats the primary problem, power creep? Havent the developers listened to a few episodes of "Drive To Work" and realize that after a couple of waves, they will begin to experience this problem? No, not when $$$ is involved. Cash grab now, then deal with the ramifications later. Wow.... Bright side with my Netrunner cards? As of last week, I could have sold my collection for $225 probably, but now I would be lucky to get $50 for it. Doesnt sound so bright to me. Oh, and ethically I would need to disclose to any buyer that the game is dead, and then lets see if it will even sell for $50. After all of these examples, I think FFG should be forced to place an Expiration Date on their games. Some type of disclosure on the front of the box that says "If you invest in this game, we are going to either stop supporting it or require that you purchase revised content by XX/XX/XXXX." I know that would make me think twice about investing in a title. At least that would inform customers, rather than just seeing a random post on their website that your $500 investment is worth nothing now. Oh, but that would require them to reveal their marketing strategy from the beginning of the release of a new title, which would hurt sales. I am all for a company making money to produce great games, just be up front and honest with your loyal customers.
  11. Grimwalker, Do you really have to troll on everyones posts? How do you know what FFG's intentions are? Do you work for them? Ever consider this is a business, and its a strategy to gain financial resources? You think their CEO is up at night worrying about the customer experience when they do stuff like this? Its more about $$$ than anything else. Your responses are annoying bro.....
  12. I have never tried any of the books, but my LFGS ordered The Deep Gate for me to try, so I picked it up over the weekend. Haven't read any of the book yet, but freaked out when I saw the promo. I suspected the promo cards in these books would be full art or alternative art reprints of existing cards. To my surprise, this book included an investigator, with its mini card, and a specific curse for the character. This investigator has a really cool ability, that could make its attack and evade overpowered. I will need to look into the previously released books to see if I want to pick them up based on the story and included cards.
  13. I have been a dedicated board game player for almost 8 years now, and I spend a couple thousand dollars each year on the hobby. Right now, my Board Game Geek collection sits at 381 items. I own about 70 titles, and the rest of those numbers are made up of mostly FFG add on content. I take my gaming seriously, and once I select a game to invest into, I typically go all in. I buy playmats, aftermarket tokens and components, storage boxes, extra dice, card sleeves, promo content, etc... However, after making my investment and showing support for FFG games, I feel disregarded and unsupported as a customer when they all of the sudden reboot a game, require additional purchasing requirements to continue playing the game, or simply quit the game all of the sudden. That's a very inconsiderate way to treat your customers. As excited as I get for new releases, I am now becoming extremely cautious about buying FFG games. These issues have happened to me with Mansions of Madness (had to buy conversion kits for v2), X-Wing (asking $150 plus the v2 core box in order to keep playing), Cosmic Encounter now has a new Core Box v2, and now my Android Netrunner collection is wasted (I own over 3/4 of all released content). In the past, I have freely invested in FFG titles that looked interesting, but my purchase decisions are changing to adjust for FFG's recent business model. Now, I am going to keep my money in my wallet or spend it on other products which are supported and maintained by other companies who care about their customers. If FFG doesn't need my money, that's fine, but I am done with investing in games that die or get rebooted and require additional money to keep playing.
  14. On his podcast, Tom mentioned that the game got him in trouble with his wife once. Made a deal with her, then went back on his word to win the game himself, lol. My wife doesn't like it because of the social possibility of backstabbing and disloyalty. its a great game, and when you own all of the released content, you are never going to play the same game twice. There is so much variance, the game stays fresh even after dozens of sessions.
  15. Dont worry, As soon as you acquire everything currently produced for the game (which is what I did last month) they will release v2 of Imperial Assault, where there will be more app based missions, but then you have to buy the $150 conversion kit.
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