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  1. Magneto has been on the hero side in comics for a while now, but the general public is more likely to know him from movies and tv series that show him as a villain. I think audience expectation would push him more towards being designed as a villain than hero, regardless of current comics.
  2. I believe it wasn't just that Spider-Man was more popular, but also that Marvel also had a better relationship with Sony than they did with Fox. It's been a while since I've read that, though, so I'm not sure if I could track down that source again.
  3. And I read it correctly the first time, so telling me to reread it was kind of pointless.
  4. I read your post again. It says, That's the part that's not right. "Discarding" a card has a specific meaning in Arkham, which is important for things like weaknesses, so the distinction between the rules saying to set aside the cards vs. discard them does matter.
  5. You don't discard cards you mulligan in Arkham. They get set aside, then shuffled back in after you draw your new hand.
  6. 1) Definitely going to play Spider-Man first, as he's my favorite character. Probably going to play him at least once with each aspect. 2) I like She-Hulk's damage potential a lot. She seems like the best for just going out and smashing stuff. Definitely want to play her as Agggression. 3) Iron Man's build-up strategy looks interesting, but his usefulness might depend on player count, since he's a slow starter. I'm leaning towards playing him as Justice, to buy time for him to suit up. 4) Captain Marvel is actually the one I think will benefit most from an increased card pool in the future. It doesn't look like there's too much space right now to focus a deck on a particular resource type, but that will definitely come with more cards. I'll probably leave her as leadership to start out. 5) Black Panther's deck seems like it will be awkward to play, but amazing when it does go off. I'm not sure what I want to do with him. He definitely seems to want a minimum sized deck to get out the combo pieces fast, though. I'm happy with all the expansion heroes we know are coming. Without knowing anything about their game mechanics, I'm going to say Thor is the one I'm most interested in, then Ms. Marvel, then Cap.
  7. Oh, they could even do something funky like an astral plane version on one side and material plane on the other. There are some really interesting things that can be done with this system.
  8. It's actually a 25-35 card limit, if we're nitpicking. And based on how fast one can cycle through a deck (and trigger extra encounter cards), it might actually be worth aiming for the upper limit rather than lower, depending on the hero and/or scenario.
  9. Ms. Marvel has always done better in digital comics and trade paperbacks than single issue sales (which seems to have a lot to do with what demographics she's most popular with). I posted a bunch of links in another thread just a few minutes ago, but here's one real quick: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/08/31/ms-marvel-sold-half-million-trade-paperbacks/
  10. It still expands the card pool, whether you choose to use it or not. The card pool is the available options, not the ones you choose to use. I won't use certain characters in VS, such as Purple Man, but that doesn't make the card not exist. It's still part of the card pool, I just choose not to use that part.
  11. Here's a few quick things I found showing Ms. Marvel's success spanning multiple years. "Ms. Marvel editor Sana Amanat was interviewed and she mentioned that “she’s our #1 digital seller.”" https://www.comicsbeat.com/ms-marvel-is-marvels-1-digital-seller/ https://www.cbr.com/ms-marvel-rockets-to-the-1-slot-on-marvels-digital-sales-chart/ " Most impressively, Ms. Marvel alone claims nearly half the list, corroborating one of our only other hard data points on Marvel's digital comics sales: that in digital, Ms. Marvel is the company's best-selling book. " https://www.polygon.com/2015/4/14/8410771/digital-comics-female-characters Comixoogy rank 17--Ms. Marvel https://www.comicsbeat.com/comixology-sales-charts-marvels-not-launching-very-well-for-the-week-of-6-27-18/ https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/08/31/ms-marvel-sold-half-million-trade-paperbacks/ "But Marvel notes that its Muslim Ms. Marvel single-issue and trade paperbacks have been best sellers since the character’s launched in 2014. " https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-superhero-trend-could-alarm-investors-2017-12-14 As for biases, I'm not insinuating anything--I'm stating it outright. Your comments indicate a clear bias against female characters, exemplified by your belief that their inclusion is "pandering to SJWs." Yet somehow you don't seem to think that a lineup of 5 straight white guys would be "pandering" to a different group instead.
  12. Ms. Marvel made the New York Times Best Seller list for graphic novels, ya goofball. It's also been one of the best-selling digital comics since its debut in 2013, or as you would probably say, "10 seconds ago." I am definitely blaming you for your "observation," although it really tells us more about your biases than anything else.
  13. How are you defining fan service? I'm not sure that Wanda's moment would really fit that term.
  14. I think comic Spider-Verse would be more likely than movie Spider-Verse, since we don't even know if the license covers any of the non-comic versions. But I feel like Gwen and Miles are both popular enough that their inclusion is a question of when than if.
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