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  1. I love running Nexus. Between 6 move, Pounce, and Beast Tamer: "Oh, you're trying to keep your fragile support unit in the back, or trying to run away with your badly wounded main hitter? That's so cute!" ; ) They also benefit from all the tokens flying around these days, with their Cunning. The white die is a bit swingy, but spending an evade token on an attack gives a 50-50 chance of either a dodge or 2 each evades and blocks.
  2. IndyPendant

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    Just an FYI: C-3P0 is difficult to trigger with a Nexu; the opponent generally can just target one of the Nexu's 2-3 spaces that are never adjacent to C-3P0. You would have to block LoS to those spaces, without blocking the adjacent ones.
  3. I faced this fortress concept once at a 1.0 Regional, like two years ago I think. I had never encountered it before, although I had heard of the concept before then. It was awesome. I realized what he was intending in the second round. I had to rethink my entire approach process, trying to work out where to go so that we would start the engagement on terms that were to my advantage, not his. (For example: what if I maneuvered my approach based on his fortress strategy, and he started moving a round early, how could I prepare for that?) We bantered a lot about it, and on the ?fourth? round I took over five minutes just to set my dials, I think I may have overheated my brain trying to work out all the vectors and variables. I apologized while doing it, he waved it off letting me take my time. I think he was (good-naturedly) enjoying watching me struggle with it. ; ) It was the fifth or sixth round by the time we actually engaged, and it was total carnage. I won in the end, but I remember it being rather close. I had a ton of fun, it was a refreshing change, and our game is now a fond memory. I guess I'm just providing an alternate viewpoint. ; )
  4. IndyPendant

    Help my friend build a list

    Hi all, I've got my friend converted to 2.0 now. He's -very- casual though; all he owns is: 1.0 Original Core Set, T-65 X-Wing xpac, Falcon, E-Wing, K-Wing; 2.0 Rebel Conversion Kit. (He doesn't own a 2.0 Core Set.) He -might- soon own a 1.0 A-Wing and a 1.0 B-Wing as well; we'll see. Assume he ha access to any cards and/or ship tokens as needed. (Proxies; we don't care.) His favourite 1.0 ships were some combination of a tanky Chewbacca with 3P0, a fully loaded Corran Horn, and a regen/bombing Miranda. Most of that got nerfed into oblivion with 2.0, unfortunately. But he tends to enjoy flying some combination of tankiness, nimble ace, and/or regeneration. Quirky but (reasonably) effective would probably interest him as well. He probably won't want to buy any more ships. (The only reason he might own an A and a B is because I'm planning to offer to trade an extra I have of each for a dial and generics of each from his kit, since I have too many. ; ) He could just borrow my stuff to play with, but he somewhat understandably wants to be able to fly with his own ships. So I'm casting this line out to the community. What ships do you think he might find interesting and/or fun to fly, with those restrictions? Lists, individual ship builds, whatever you can think of. And thanks!
  5. IndyPendant

    I don't like the new X-Wings

    There. I said it. The open/closing gimmick doesn't work well. The Saw's version doesn't even open and close properly, it's stuck in a sort of pathetic halfway mode, and in order to fix the problem I apparently have to dismantle it, carve it with a knife, then reassemble and glue it back together. Yeah, that's a disaster just drooling for me to attempt it. The 2.0 X-Wing opens and closes fine--but just picking the thing up to move it can cause the wingy bits to close wrong, and then it's stuck on a silly-looking tilt! I was happy with my non-moving X-Wings, dagnabbit! They looked plenty cool enough on their own. 1.0 gameplay was totally borked, the X-Wing model wasn't. Now it is. I just can't enjoy flying these new loosely tilted or gummily misshapen messes. Bah! /rant off
  6. IndyPendant

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    I decided to go through the Conversion Kits in detail, and while I think they're very good value overall, and FFG has generally done a pretty good job with them, there are some decisions that seem...well, frankly baffling to me. (And no, this isn't another post about shield tokens; I can see both sides of the argument there. ; ) About the only reason I can think of for some of these is "keeping the costs down", but there's also a bit of the repellent taste of deliberately misleading advertising here. The kits were heavily implied, if not actually explicitly stated, to provide everything needed to run at least two of every ship released for 1.0, and 3 or even 4 of some ships. But for some ships--particularly the medium and large bases--there have been artificial limitations in ship selection due to token and card distribution. My mild, non-clinical OCD is very annoyed with this: SCUM Fang Fighter: 3 dials, 3 Zealous Recruits, but only 2 Skull Squadron Pilots (both card and token) Particularly annoying: the Joy Rekkoff token included as an 'extra' for the Fang Fighter Expansion could have had a Skull Squadron printed on the opposite side. Add a Skull Squadron card, and problem -easily- resolved. M3-A Interceptor: 4 dials, 4 Cartel Spacers cards and tokens, 4 Tansarii Point Veteran cards, but only 2 Tansarii Point Veteran tokens Particularly annoying: Only two Veteran ship tokens? Really, FFG? Provide one more ship token with a Spacer/Veteran, and change an existing Spacer to a Veteran, and boom. Problem would have been solved. YV-666 Light Freighter: 2 dials, 1 Trandoshan Slaver Particularly annoying: can't play with Bossk and Latts Razzi at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token. Jumpmaster 5000: 2 dials, 1 Contracted Scout Particularly annoying: can't play with Dengar and Tel Trevura at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token. Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft: 2 dials, 1 Shadowport Hunter Particulary annoying: can't play with Asajj Ventriss and Ketsu Onyo at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token. (Seems FFG went particularly cheap on the medium/large ship tokens. It's a theme as we continue.) EMPIRE TIE/SK Striker: 3 dials, 3 Black Squadron Scout cards, 2 Black Squadron Scout ship tokens Particularly annoying: nothing much to add here, for once. Needed one more token, or one less unique pilot card. Or maybe one more token and unique pilot, I don't know. Lambda-Class T-4A Shuttle: 2 dials, 1 Omicron Group Pilot Particularly annoying: can't play with Captain Kagi and Colonel Jendon at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token. REBEL RZ-1 A-Wing: (Edit: missed this one, my first run through.) 3 dials, 2 Green Squadron Pilots; 2 Phoenix Squadron Pilots Particularly annoying: Uhm, seriously? Wtf, FFG? An extra Green/Phoenix token and two more cards, and this wouldn't even have been an issue! UT-60D U-Wing: 2 dials, 1 Blue Squadron Scout Particularly annoying: can't play with Bodhi Rook and Heff Tobber at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token. Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter: 2 dials, 1 Outer Rim Smuggler Particularly annoying: can't play with Han Solo and Chewbacca at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token. I built this list since I'm considering filling out my ship collection to match what the kits provide, since "everything for 2 of every ship", while -mostly- accurate, is still blatantly false. I don't see myself wanting to fly two of many of the larger ships at once, so at least I have zero temptation to buy a second YV-666, Lancer, Lambda, or U-Wing. I -might- fill in some of the other ships I'm missing, just in case, but I am -absolutely- limiting myself in the ships listed above. If FFG is going to pull this **** move, I for one will show my disapproval with my wallet. (That having been said, I am overall rather happy with the Conversion Kits. Which makes these obvious, apparently easily avoidable issues all the more frustrating for me!)
  7. So, I've been seeing and hearing lots of complaints, online and locally, about the Core Set kits being cut -slightly- off from where they should have been, so that (in particular) both the maneuver template middle lines and the ship token firing arcs are noticeably off-centre. My Core Set cardboard has this problem, but based on past experience with FFG customer service, I'm only mildly bothered at the minor inconvenience of setting up a ticket about it and waiting the few weeks it will take for FFG to almost certainly correct the issue for me. What I'm curious about though is that I haven't really heard of any Conversion Kits having this problem. And my own have been cut perfectly, so far as I can determine. Anyone have any issues there? Maybe some other factory was responsible for those...; )
  8. IndyPendant

    Spectre Cell and concurrent interrupts?

    It doesn't say one, then the other, so yes. Like Call the Vanguard, you can choose to move then attack, or attack then move.
  9. IndyPendant

    Next expansion?

    Yeah, I'm...-highly- skeptical about this "rumour". Seems like typical sky-is-falling drivel to me. And, because of the NDA they're under, actual playtesters can't deny it.
  10. IndyPendant

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    Okay, devil's advocate here--I'm not sure where I stand yet on the whole Rebel Graffiti / Spectre Cell drama. But something to consider: if the new Spectres had been designed to stand on their own, then the Rebel faction would just have continued with "Okay, first consideration: do I design my squad based on 35 or 31 points?" This way, at least Rebels have one squad that does not automatically include Gideon and C-3P0. It still includes Hera, but with a different enough feel imo. And on first examination, at least some of the new Spectres seem decent to include outside of their Cell. Possibly a flawed execution by FFG, but I do think there were some good reasons for their efforts.
  11. IndyPendant

    Marksman CC and Han's Return Fire

    Eh, if you're that worried about it, play it at the earlier option. Then, if -that guy- gets -that way- about it, you can avoid the argument, take Marksman back (since they're insisting it can't be played at that time), and play it at the (apparently) 'correct' split-second moment. ; )
  12. IndyPendant

    Ultimate Brawler List

    I've had a ton of fun with two eRiots and Hater Vader. Pummel works well with Nexu, particularly the elites: Beast Tamer into position, attack twice, Bleed and Cleave for days. Beast Tamer and Pounce help mitigate the Stun penalty from using Parting Blow, as well. And eGamorreans with their Reach are easier to use Pummel with than most Brawlers. I won a small Store Championship last year using two eGamorreans and two eNexus as my heavy hitters; I did a writeup here somewhere about it.
  13. I haven't punched out my components yet, and can leave them unpunched for a while. I've only got a home scanner though (Pixma MG5721 all-in-one kinda thing), which probably isn't enough for this. I also know pretty much less than nothing about how to get this done properly, so would need a bit of hand-holding through the process. : ) Is this something I could get done at a Staples store or something, for a reasonable price?
  14. IndyPendant

    Hondo and paying VPs

    Negotiate doesn't force anything. It's a choice. So if the opponent can't pay the 2VP, then they don't pay the 2VP...and Hondo gets his +2 damage. It's similar to Black Market. If the player pays 3 VP, they can take the revealed On The Lam into their hand. If they do not have 3 VP, they have to choose to discard it for 3 VP, or put it back on top of the deck. They don't get to take it for free if they have 0 VPs.
  15. IndyPendant

    Hondo Cards up

    That...uh, that was rather my point. : ) There is no "may" in Lie in Ambush, so whatever you do with my list breaks the RAW in some way.