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  1. IndyPendant

    IA production schedule

    Quick! Predict a new wave announcement in Feb or Mar!!! ; )
  2. Random and somewhat off-topic, but I consider Provoke to be one of, or possibly the most, underrated card in the game. It's practically a second Take Initiative, except the penalty is "a figure is out of position" instead of "a deployment is exhausted". It's almost an auto-include for me if I have a few trooper or guardian figures that want to get close to anything, but I rarely if ever see anyone else playing it.
  3. IndyPendant

    New tournament kits?

    Just an fyi for everyone: I talked with my FLGS, and they emailed the person that they order the actual kits from (who may or may not be directly affiliated with OP). They got a response: the new kits should be ready to order this week. So the window hasn't passed, apparently, but FFG OP usually sends an official email to say they will be ready for pre-order, and the store never got that. Again: this is Canada in case that makes a difference.
  4. IndyPendant

    New tournament kits?

    Hey all, I've been checking with our local FLGS, and they say they haven't heard anything about ordering the new kits announced a while back. Since it's not even worth the waste of time contacting FFG OP would inevitably be, I'm asking here instead. Anyone know if any other stores have been able to order the new kits yet? Edit: I'm in Canada, if that makes a difference. : )
  5. IndyPendant

    Points! Not today - January 28!

    The next day? I'll give it about 10 minutes. If that.
  6. IndyPendant

    Your History with IA

    Heh. These are great stories! Love the nostalgia. I wrote a post -two years- ago, in October 2016; it was titled "My Path to Worlds", and included how I'd followed a rather convoluted path to get into Imperial Assault. Definitely relevant here! I ended up placing 4th out of 96th there in the Swiss during the November 2016 Worlds, and only lost my top-16 game to a single 50/50 die roll in the end: if the black die had rolled two or three block, my figure lives and I win; if not, my figure dies and I lose. I lost; no salt though! I had a real blast there...and I still have my dice! Fun fact: the only game I lost in Swiss was when I played against some new guy named "Daniel Taylor" or something. ; ) I'm now the organizer for our local small-but-dedicated Imperial Assault community here. We have -three- young girls that play the game here, twins that were 8 when they started (9 now), and another girl who started at 7 and is now 8. Some of them tend to do well in the tournaments, as well! Anyway, here's my original post, from two years ago:
  7. IndyPendant

    Merry Christmas!

    Uh, guys? It's buckero0. He's been around for years. He knows. ; ) Also: Merry Christmas, happy holidays, whichever you prefer!
  8. IndyPendant

    Looking for some help making lists

    Honestly, if you're looking to create reasonably balanced lists as an introduction to IA, and need to make six lists: I would recommend -weakening- some of the current standard lists. Break up Spectre Cell (and don't use the card), leave out the broken game-changers like SoS and On the Lam, and/or spread out the best deployment and command cards among the various lists. Spitballing, can be improved: Rebel 1: Wookies! (Chewbacca, Drokatta, at least one Wookie Warriors, fill with support.) Rebel 2: Jedi! (Some combo of Luke--no SoS!, Kanan, Ezra, Ahsoka, Diala, Davith, fill with support.) Scum 1: Jabba! (Jabba, eGammorrans, eWeequay, proxy extra eDeployment cards as needed, don't give them all the best hunter/smuggler cards, fill with some of the uniques.) Scum 2: Creatures! (Rancor, because -of course- the Rancor! eNexus, eLolcats, Beast Tamer, and maybe some Hired Guns to open doors and reduce the strain on the inquisitive kitties.) Imperial 1: Control! (Palpatine, Thrawn, Blaise, AT-DP, eJets, fill with Command card shenanigans.) Imperial 2: Troopers! (eRiots, eSentries, maybe Vader, proxy extra eDeployment cards as needed.) These are just off-the-cuff ideas; they can almost certainly be mixed around and improved upon. The point is, don't try to make six lists that are competitive in the current meta. Make six lists that have different flavours, and are competitive with each other! : )
  9. With the 2.0 conversion kits, FFG made some idiotic decisions, that created imbalances and shortages so that while -technically- true, the ability to fly xx ships after any one type was blatantly and baldly misleading. See my original post: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/282713-list-of-conversion-kit-annoyances As a result, I've refused to preorder the Resistance and First Order kits, waiting to see if FFG pulled the same bullcrap shenanigans. So, my question to those of you that have the kits: do we actually have the promised numbers of each generic ship token and card, and do they actually match each other?
  10. IndyPendant

    Skirmish Map ratings

    I've played every map in the 'Good' category for sure, except for a few of the most recent. I played Nal Hutta dozens of times, for its entire tourney run. I love melee, and I've played it with melee centric lists. I never have agreed with the hatred the majority (or perhaps, vocal minority?) seem to have for this map. I've enjoyed its run; I don't consider it particularly strongly imbalanced, either in starting position or against melee figures. But! We're allowed to disagree. ; ) And since it's had its run as a tourney map, it won't return, so at least you won't have to see it again!
  11. IndyPendant

    Skirmish Map ratings

    Here's a WIP -very- rough categorization I've been working on. No descriptions as to why I chose them yet, and it's entirely possible I could reconsider some of them. Generally speaking: most of the good are reasonably balanced and/or have interesting mechanics that switch things up; the middle category I either can't quite visualize or want a few play throughs before I decide; and most of the bad either -highly- favour one style of play (such as long range) and/or are way too random to be playable. I'm also open to disagreeing viewpoints! One thing that surprised me: I expected, before making this list, a lot more maps to land in the 'bad' category. ; ) Good: 01 / Core Set / Mos Eisley Outskirts 02 / Hero Luke / Moisture Farm 03 / Vader / Massassi Ruins 06 / Rebel Troopers / Geonosis Foundry 08 / Weiss / Imperial Research Lab 09 / RG Champion / Kuat Space Station 10 / IG-88 / Ord Mantell Junkyard 11 / Twin Shadows / Mos Eisley Cantina 15 / Stormtroopers / Training Ground 19 / Leia / Nelvaanian Warzone 23 / Smuggler / Imperial Command Hub 24 / Bantha Rider / Coruscant Landfill 27 / Agent Blaise / ISB Headquarters 30 / Obi-Wan / Anchorhead Bar 33 / Jabba's Realm / Pit of Karkoon 35 / Rangers / Nal Hutta Swamps 37 / Jabba / Jabba's Palace 38 / BT-1 / Tarkin Initiative Labs 39 / Jawa / Mos Eisley Back Alleys 41 / Heart of the Empire / 30th Floor Plaza 42 / Ahsoka / Uscru Entertainment District XX / Hondo / Friend for Hire XX / Thrawn / Imperial Tower XX / Ezra and Kanan / Lothal Battlefront XX / Sabine and Zeb / Devaron Garrison Borderline/Not Sure: 04 / Han / Corellian Underground 16 / Wookiee Warriors / Development Facility 18 / Return to Hoth / Echo Base 25 / Bespin Gambit / Bespin Tibanna Facility 31 / Grand Inquisitor / Kashyyyk Station 44 / Palpatine / Coruscant Senate Office XX / Tyrants of Lothal / Lothal Wastes Bad: 05 / Chewbacca / Imperial Labour Camp 07 / Rebel Sabs / Endor Wilderness 12 / R2-D2 / Wasteland Outpost 13 / Kayn / Tython Meditation Field 14 / Boba Fett / Imperial Space Station 17 / Hired Guns / Sewers of Nar Shaddaa 20 / Echo Base Troopers / Hoth Weather Shelter 21 / Sorin / Climate Research Camp 22 / Dengar / Hoth Battle Station (Man, this guy just can't catch a break!) 26 / Lando / Lothal Safehouse 28 / ISB Infiltrators / ISB Training Grounds 29 / Bossk / Wasskah Hunting Ground 32 / Greedo / Hangar Bay 34 / Jedi Luke / The Dune Sea 36 / Terro / Endor Defense Station 40 / Hera / Copper Base, Atollon 43 / Maul / Coruscant Back Alleys
  12. I love running Nexus. Between 6 move, Pounce, and Beast Tamer: "Oh, you're trying to keep your fragile support unit in the back, or trying to run away with your badly wounded main hitter? That's so cute!" ; ) They also benefit from all the tokens flying around these days, with their Cunning. The white die is a bit swingy, but spending an evade token on an attack gives a 50-50 chance of either a dodge or 2 each evades and blocks.
  13. IndyPendant

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    Just an FYI: C-3P0 is difficult to trigger with a Nexu; the opponent generally can just target one of the Nexu's 2-3 spaces that are never adjacent to C-3P0. You would have to block LoS to those spaces, without blocking the adjacent ones.
  14. I faced this fortress concept once at a 1.0 Regional, like two years ago I think. I had never encountered it before, although I had heard of the concept before then. It was awesome. I realized what he was intending in the second round. I had to rethink my entire approach process, trying to work out where to go so that we would start the engagement on terms that were to my advantage, not his. (For example: what if I maneuvered my approach based on his fortress strategy, and he started moving a round early, how could I prepare for that?) We bantered a lot about it, and on the ?fourth? round I took over five minutes just to set my dials, I think I may have overheated my brain trying to work out all the vectors and variables. I apologized while doing it, he waved it off letting me take my time. I think he was (good-naturedly) enjoying watching me struggle with it. ; ) It was the fifth or sixth round by the time we actually engaged, and it was total carnage. I won in the end, but I remember it being rather close. I had a ton of fun, it was a refreshing change, and our game is now a fond memory. I guess I'm just providing an alternate viewpoint. ; )
  15. IndyPendant

    Help my friend build a list

    Hi all, I've got my friend converted to 2.0 now. He's -very- casual though; all he owns is: 1.0 Original Core Set, T-65 X-Wing xpac, Falcon, E-Wing, K-Wing; 2.0 Rebel Conversion Kit. (He doesn't own a 2.0 Core Set.) He -might- soon own a 1.0 A-Wing and a 1.0 B-Wing as well; we'll see. Assume he ha access to any cards and/or ship tokens as needed. (Proxies; we don't care.) His favourite 1.0 ships were some combination of a tanky Chewbacca with 3P0, a fully loaded Corran Horn, and a regen/bombing Miranda. Most of that got nerfed into oblivion with 2.0, unfortunately. But he tends to enjoy flying some combination of tankiness, nimble ace, and/or regeneration. Quirky but (reasonably) effective would probably interest him as well. He probably won't want to buy any more ships. (The only reason he might own an A and a B is because I'm planning to offer to trade an extra I have of each for a dial and generics of each from his kit, since I have too many. ; ) He could just borrow my stuff to play with, but he somewhat understandably wants to be able to fly with his own ships. So I'm casting this line out to the community. What ships do you think he might find interesting and/or fun to fly, with those restrictions? Lists, individual ship builds, whatever you can think of. And thanks!