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  1. I just wanted to give credit where it's due: I received the three kits I ordered about a week ago, and @Tvboy, I am very impressed! The cards are easily professional quality, and the medallion is -far- larger and flashier than I was expecting. So thank you for the time and effort you put in on these, I'm a fan. ; ) If you ever decide to make any more kits, I'll be sure to order some for our local community again!
  2. Small nitpick, Ram: Cross Training is an elite Skirmish Upgrade card, so by RAW you can only have two in your list. Otherwise, best of luck and have fun! I'm a huge fan of theme-over-power lists, myself. ; )
  3. Hi all, in case anyone missed it that is interested in attending, there is an upcoming Prime Championship in Vancouver, B.C. on Saturday and Sunday, January 11th and 12th. It was never listed on FFG's site. See the Facebook post copied here below for details: Announcing the Vancouver Imperial Assault Prime Championship details! Craving for a Game is proud to host the Imperial Assault Regional--err, Prime Championship for the 2019-2020 season! Players from all over will gather to compete for top positions to become Vancouver's number one player, with not only a medallion to take home, but also an invitation to the 2020 World Championship! Not to mention all participants have a chance at acrylic promos, alt art cards, and card boxes! Registration is $15 which covers both days, and a day 2 side tournament for those that don't make the cut! Any excess funds over the store's cost for the kit will be provided at random as store-credit prizes to all participants during day 2 (exact details TBD). (And please note: this is a newbie-friendly official tournament. If you want to come, but aren't sure if you know the rules well enough to participate, then come, have fun! We're a friendly bunch, we don't bite, we promise. This is also a day to have fun, play games, and take home goodies.) Date: January 11th and 12th Start Time: 10:30am Saturday, 11:00am Sunday. Registration Fee: $15 Address: Craving for a Game Central City Shopping Centre 13450 102 Ave Surrey BC Max Seating: N/A (40, I guess?) Day One: 4 Swiss Rounds: 65 minutes each Day Two: --Single Elimination Rounds (except Final): 65 minutes each --Final Single Elimination Round: 105 minutes --Side Tournament: 3 Swiss Rounds, 65 minutes each Tournament Rules: This will be a formal event, so we will be using the Advanced Structure for this tournament. We will be following the official tournament regulations, rules reference, and FAQ. We -will not- be using the IACP house rules for this tournament! Please note: due to scheduling limitations (the store is located in a mall that -strictly prohibits- the store from staying open late), no matter how many participants we get, we will be playing only four Swiss rounds, and we will only have a top 8 cut. I...don't expect this to be an issue. Prizes: Top 32: Gamorrean Guard Top 8: Plastic Spectre Cell (with errata) Top 4: Set of 8 green and red activation tokens Top 2: Trooper card box Champion: Medallion and invitation to Worlds! In addition: the top 4 participants of each faction during the Day One Swiss Rounds will receive an alt-art card: Top 4 Imperial: The Grand Inquisitor Top 4 Mercenary: Bossk Top 4 Rebel: Leia Organa (with errata) Day 2 side tournament: Participation: One card of your choice, chosen from: Wookie Warriors (2017 Q4 tournament kit, 4 available) Unshakable (2017 Store Championship, 4 available) Rebel Trooper (2015 Winter tournament kit, 4 available) Top 4: Set of 4 Scum Damage Tracker Sheets (2016 Regional) Top 2: Set of 5 2015 acrylic Focus Tokens Winner: Leia Organa alt-art card (2016 World Championship) Links: FFG's Prime Championships advert: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/10/15/2019-star-wars-imperial-assault-prime-championships/ Craving for a Game website: https://www.cravingforagame.ca/ Central City Shopping Centre website: https://centralcity.ca/ Tournament Regulations: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/23/4f/234fe43d-3e86-4328-94d2-d7165fd39890/swi_tournament_regulations_v34.pdf Rules Reference: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/4a/86/4a865e7b-418b-4ff7-82f8-461393c0a5b0/swi01_rules_reference.pdf FAQ: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/84/a8/84a83869-63ea-4087-95c7-50039c4b5f0a/swi_faq_v4.pdf Squadsheet: Please bring a squadsheet with your 40-point army filled out as per standard rules, or -arrive early- and fill it out at the store: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/7a/7e/7a7ecd1c-1faf-4d15-8a39-c39cd7eb4600/imperial-assault-squadsheet.pdf I hope to see everyone there, and let's have some fun!
  4. For anyone interested, since it's not listed: Prime championships Vancouver Canada: Sat/Sun January 11/12 2020, at Craving for a Game in Surrey. ; ) More details as they get finalized.
  5. Short answer: Honestly? No. In Imperial Assault, you get all the Command Cards you can include in a deck in one pack, so there's no reason to gain extras there. The majority of expansions are for unique figures, and you can't field more than one of those in a list. Most of the non-unique figure expansions were part of a wave that started with a boxed set--and that boxed set often included tokens for those expansions' figures (mostly for use in Campaign mode) and (Regular) Deployment Cards for those figures. For casual play, if you -really- want (for example) to field a list that includes two Elite Rebel Trooper Deployments...just print out the second Deployment Card and use the tokens that came from the Core Set. I've only got one copy of the Captain Terro expansion, but I've fielded a full list of him and two Dewbacks, just by using tokens. I've got a number of duplicates, and I frankly regret each one just a bit; I've never used them enough to justify the purchase, with the single exception of my second Core Set.
  6. Hmm, looks like I may not have been clear. (A problem I've been having this entire thread, I see! ; ) I like the idea of taking away Focus from C-3P0 and Gideon. I am all for making gaining Focus harder to achieve! Gideon is probably fine as a 3-point figure with the single change to his "On My Mark" ability of replacing "Gain a Focus" with "Gain a ? Token". And C-3P0 is certainly undercosted for what he currently brings to the table. However, since he cannot attack and can only move 3, Inform and Distracting are just about everything he brings to the table. Inform should also be worth the action it costs; I'm not sure the choice of a damage or surge token is worth that either. I suspect changing C-3P0's Inform ability so that "Gain a Focus" is replaced with "Gain a Damage or Surge Token" and changing Distracting so that "While...you are adjacent...apply +1 Evade" is replaced with "At the start of the round/your activation, an adjacent figure gains one Evade Token" is taking too much away, making C-3P0 far too limited a choice in comparison to other available figures. My suggestion: change Inform so that "Gain a Focus" is replaced with "Gain a ? Token", and change Distracting to something along the lines of "Once during your activation as a free action, an adjacent friendly figure may gain an Evade token".
  7. I would suggest that all those changes to 3P0 might be too much; I doubt he would then be worth 2 points for a 3-move figure that doesn't attack. Perhaps change Distracting to 'Once per activation, during your activation, choose an adjacent figure: that figure gains an evade token. Otherwise, I like the idea! : )
  8. Okay. With apologies: let's try a bit more constructive feedback. (Or at least, add to my response which kind of amounts to "Hey cool, you missed a spot!", so, yeah, sorry about that. ; ) Again, still no playtesting, but first impressions: --I'm pleased with the quantity of fixes. I wasn't expecting so many, but they seem for the most part relatively easy to track. It does feel rather like a new Wave of toys to play with, so yay! Most of the fixes look pretty good as well. --Boba Fett looks neat. I'm concerned he will remain underpowered, but eh if so he can be tweaked a bit in Season 3, and better to go a titch low than too high. And good job making him feel different than Scum's other queen piece! --I like the cost reductions on RGC and eRoyal Guards. eGuards are probably still going to hit like wet noodles though, even with Pierce 1; 9 points for two weak-hitting stunners is a bit high. Maybe a reroll on attacks? RGC could use a reroll as well, or perhaps Reach. Minor quibbles though; I'll almost certainly try these out a few times, see how they play, I've always loved these guys and hated that they were unplayable. --Jyn/Fenn/Gaarkhan: These are all interesting, although I'm mildly concerned about so much Strain-cost abilities showing up. And a minor detail, but for consistency's sake these cards (and Diala's) should be grey, not red; Skirmish deployment cards are grey for all Campaign Heroes. --Chewbacca was a surprise! I'm not opposed to it, I just didn't realize he was considered weak enough to need a fix like that. --Vehicles, yay! I like the Skirmish Upgrade as well. Overall, well pleased, and rather eager to give these fixes a try and see how things shake out.
  9. Well yes, but they give 9 points to the opponent when killed. That's what I'm going on. (And I could have been way more precise in my commentary. *clears throat* ; ) Like I said, I could be wrong on these figures, and they can always be further fixed later even if I'm right. I am saying though that based on absolutely no playtesting whatsoever, for me at least there's enough new toys to play with that those two deployments won't be among them.
  10. Okay, first impressions, obviously unplayed: I like most of the changes. The biggest question marks I see are the updated eRebel Troopers not being worth 9 points, and -DEFINITELY- not 10 with an attachment (and most likely but less certain: eStormtroopers still not being worth 7 or 8); and the eTrandoshans at 5 points each, with 8 health, no defense boosts, and needing to get up close and personal for best results: hard pass on both, I'll let others playtest them, maybe they'll surprise me.
  11. Fixes to Nexus and RGC? Well now what do I do?!? ; )
  12. A focused R2 finished off my Rancor in one (casual) tournament game. That was funny!
  13. Way too late of course. But can I just put some retroactive additional votes in for for fixed Nexu, Wampa, and RGC? Yesyesyes! : )
  14. Good work, DerBaer! You found the joke!
  15. The scenario you're describing requires the rStormtrooper group be perfectly positioned, so that exactly one and only one figure is taken out from the group by the end of the round, that this happens twice over two entirely separate rounds, and that the player has both Reinforcement cards drawn by the end of Round 2 (or at most, Round 3). With (sincere!) respect, this is extremely unlikely to happen, and I don't see it as a valid counter-argument. That's like saying "Hunter cards need to be fixed because they would allow a Focused and Hidden eWeequay to play Assassination, Tools for the Job, and Heightened Reflexes to have a decent chance to take out IG-88 in a single attack! That's an unfair trade!" That having been said, I'm not insisting that my option #1 is a great idea; I suspect it isn't, and I agree it's almost certainly not a good first step in an attempt at balancing troopers. A more moderate alternative should probably be tried beforehand. It's a good first step, and certainly worth a try (with as you say, the point cost reduction). One immediate flaw I see: Reinforcements becomes all-but worthless here, since it's far more likely to just hand the opponent a free 2 or 3 extra points, than any other result. May I suggest instead combining it with mine: "When a figure in this group is defeated, if there are least two other figures in this group still in play, that figure is worth 1 VP." Edit: Upon re-read, there were aspects of this post that were unnecessarily worded in a manner that could have given offense. I have (hopefully!) removed that wording. ; )
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