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  1. I'm only passing through the area for those two weeks, but would be very much interested in a game on one Thursday or other.
  2. I'm down for 2 weeks (Monday-Friday) at the start of March. I can easily bring a fleet of anyone wants a game.
  3. Are there any regular Armada groups in Milton Keynes?
  4. I'm Sheffield based, but work out of Leeds. If that's any use to you.
  5. I hope we don't get squadrons of prototype TIE Advanced, the depictions in Rebels don't support their deployment at the squadron scale.
  6. That was the incident that I was thinking of
  7. I'm looking forward to having more ships due to savings on upgrades. If my understanding is correct, and only elite squadrons can become veterans, I think I will be trying out some of the aces I've never used before.
  8. At a slight tangent to the rest of the topic, where does the Decimator appear in the canon? Or is it a legends craft?
  9. I'd heard starting fleets were 200 points rather than 400. Vader is not value for money at 20% of a list.
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