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  1. It looks like FFG has delayed the release. I thought it was going to come out in Q1 2021 and now it's delayed to Q2 2021...bummer.
  2. I don't know about the rest of you but I think it's time FF gives the community another peek into this new game. Between the time of this post and the original unveiling there has been a lot of chatter both positive and negative and I think it's time for more "official" information. It was my expectation that the community would be seeing another update last month but D3 is nowhere on the FFG Live schedule. Does anyone else share my feeling?
  3. The art reminds me of the board game King of Tokyo which is a bit more cartoonish than we are used to in this fantasy genre. Personally I’m really excited to see a closer integration with the app because I felt a disconnect with the narrative because of all the time spent on complicated mechanics (LOS anyone?). With the app handling roll calculations as well as temporary % bonuses the game won’t get bogged down and will keep moving. It seemed to me as I watched the Live event that they made conscious decisions to keep the things that make the game fun in the hands of the players and pushed things that weren’t as fun to the app. Again, they really tried to balance the physical with the digital. I would advise people who are skeptical to not make a decision until they have more information. It’s like buying a car that needs to be test driven before making a decision to buy.
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