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  1. If you still have a place available I'd love to play as well. while I'm at it is there a place where one can look for games or organize one? I'll do a google search for it I guess, but I still ask here cause it's such a nice commnity.
  2. I just thought of something, because having opposed test on both attack and defense can cause damage on both sides regardless of who actually gets more success zombies rolling for auto-hits that still damage them and vice versa is viable but somehow weird to me because of auto-hits. How about this: a PC rolls on attack with melee or range with standard 2 Negative dices or so depending on the situation, he might take stress as his baseball bat returns part of the strength of the swing, then defends from the zombie with a Vitality test, the negative dices being his potential damage, say up to 3 dices for the 1 dex and 2 + features of the "no room in hell" zombie, if he succeed he takes the uncancelled -D6 with one less damage for each success, granting the player the feeling his defense is in his hands and he can reduce damage with good rolls and if he fails, even if he cancels all the -D6, you can narrate him falling prone or being shoved by the zombie, meaning he'll have to defend against more -D6 next round if he can't get away or a friend helps him free. This would create a sort of "wrestling" with zombies, encourage teamwork and give sense to damage being deal on both attack and defense. What do you guys think?
  3. A character dying early in the game would kinda deserve it. (Unless it's from one of the scenario's "bite" mishap, but that can be solved with losing a limb.) As the rule system gives a lot of control to the GM to refrain characters from dying too fast. But it could very well be a problem if the PC's end up in a situation where it's very likely one will die and it's still the best choice they have. Like "ThenDoctor" suggested, I was thinking of letting the character tag along with a "backup" character of a generic civilian until the original cast would all be dead, ending the game in failure (or success, as this game is really about all the players being eaten while having fun).
  4. I particularly loved the sanity system in the best game in the universe: Eternal Darkness (ok, maybe not of the universe) It was basically whenever you are alone/outnumbered in the close proximity of of living dead (and other horrors in the game) you'd lose a tiny bit of sanity that you could only get back by not only killing the horrors, but spending an extra action to "finish it" and that would restore the very amount you lost, meaning you often didn't get your full sanity back unless you did very well. There is a suggestion about making sanity test in the book on the bottom of page 45. For my part I was thinking of occasional "willpower" test whenever the PC's are facing increasing threat levels for becoming surrounded or seeing many living being devoured before them, rather than having them get 2+ negative dice on every test they attempt to get out, as it can lead to tier 2 and 3 stress for simply getting out of there with the best possible improvisation on their part. I was also thinking about adding a hidden "sanity" stat for each of my players and hint them of their mental states in the narration. I'll probably run a few games before I incorporate a full system of my own, but I definitely want a sanity system in my games.
  5. I'm curious to see how the 6 sided dice system will handle the various actions as well as the anticipation of the "might get eaten alive on this roll" rolls. But as far as I'm concerned I prefered the starwars dice polls to the basic probability of "anything under a 12 on this D-20 means I become dragon poop", because that's a bit plain to me and I like a little whipped cream on my dessert. Wich places me right up there on the -out of shape perk.
  6. There you go friend, http://postimg.org/image/5drmvyzrr/ Nothing quite like two minutes and microsoft paint. As for more fancy full art character sheets, gonna have to wait a bit. Have a nice day ;3
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