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  1. Abit late. But went 2-1 at league. game one against TLT thug, Asaj and old terouch. yeah this guy hasn't faced 4 x xwings before. Pretty much mauled Asaj r2, handed out stress then blocked terouch and wiped him. TLT got dealt with r3 then cleaned up Asaj. Only lost Biggs. lost game 2 to lieutenant dormitz, omega leader and inquisitor. Couldnt pin the inquisitor and only got half points for shuttle. a valuable game as showed that high ps arc dodgers can solo this list if flown well. As the guy is a pervious regional winner so had no hope there. game 3 against bodhi, Nora and jan ors. Guy came in super aggressive with bodhi and got 4 x xwing a at R1, so yeah he died pretty quick. Then cleaned up jan, Nora held on for awhile and took out Biggs but got corned and hammered by the remaining 3. so overall pretty happy with the result. Granted I think the list caught some people off guard never having played against tarn mison and stress hobbie klivian, although I think it has the tools to punish attani lists, big ships and swarms. I think if I want it to be competitive though I will need to address arc dodgers either with a high ps xwing or TLT y-wing.
  2. I do love me some r2, just wish I didn't have to buy more y-wings. will give the list a go at league tonight and let y'all know.
  3. Biggs cancelling down to 2 x hits is powerful though. bar an ordnance list people have to shoot him, as otherwise hobbie will just evaporate in the first engagement
  4. Got pounded at a local tourney recently. So having to rethink my squad list as I think the meta has shifted somewhat in my area. A lotta 2/3 ship lists So until I buy a few more ships looking to give this a whirl. biggs darklighter r4-d6 integrated hobbie klivian r3-a2 integrated tarn mison r7 integrated rookie r2 integrated any improvements besides jess? wanna keep em t-65 old school
  5. I was actually thinking about this today ie use out of black one title. And an astromech I've always wanted to use. poe ptl r7-t1 black one. R7-t1 allowing a TL & boost hence use of black one plus ptl for focus. I sweat though not having r5-p9 on him though but can't wait to try it out. maybe situational but I can see it triggering fairly often. ello could get use out of it with the white t-roll also Provided conditions are met, obviously without ptl thoughts?
  6. Could try the good old Han shoots first! han solo Veteran instinct c3po gunner engine mf title 60 for a squad mate maybe Luke for regen shenanigans Luke skywalker lone wolf r2d2 shield upupgrade 38 problem being you'll be missing lone wolf and c3p0 as they come with the yt2400 and rebel corvette but its more a fun list anyway. as for something more tournament legal and competitive unfortunately going to need more expansions/cards. hopefully the more learned xwingers on here can suggest something better with what you've got.
  7. Have you considered r5-p9 & recon spec on shara? also VT all the way. Wanna be able to block/reposition some turns imo.
  8. 4 x t-70 xwing with r2 astromech and integrated astomech
  9. I ended up taking plasma on poe and kept flechete on corran. game one vs duchess,kylo ten & carnor no ship lost, killed Carnor & duchess, half points for kylo 80-0 win round 2 Omega leader, ryad & vessery. no ship lost, ryad sole survivor on 1 hit point, if hadn't gone to time woulda ate it as flechetted her for 2 x stress. 64-0 win game 3 parratani had half points for manaroo. Then stupidly did a 4k in front of asaj to be double stressed which snowballed into loosening both ships. That single manoeuvre cost me big! 0-100 loss game 4 double ordnance k wings & Biggs. Led the k wings on a goose chase chasing corran whilst plinking away with Poe. Copped a few Connors but foresaw them so usually had a suitable manoeuvre set. 100-0 win 3-1 for third place. 1st was the parratani 2nd was a fenn,teroch, manaroo attani list. cant think of anything to change really, bar PTL on Poe to see if that's any good with more use of the black one title. all in all very happy with the list.
  10. Hi guys. Just looking for feedback on a rebel regen list. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!196:98,-1,78,204:39:15:;75:18,36,34,3:-1:3:&sn=Super Corran%2FPoe i originally had a cheaper vi Poe with captain Rex but found using a tie fighter... Underwhelming... He just gets one shotted unless I'm super lucky with rolls. My previous tourney consisted of dengaroo, parratannins and super dash/Miranda as the lists to beat, as a returning players these look to be the dominant lists in my local meta from what I've seen. i regularly flew super corran but have always struggled finding a suitable wingman. Hoping Poe works out. i have a tourney to attend this Saturday so will be taking this unless I do something stupid and take my u wing block list with tycho/jake with prockets. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!236:71,-1,199,99:47:4:;86:27,73:7:15:U.18;29:27,73:7:15:U.18&sn=Block Proc party!
  11. I've been experimenting with something similar. I have mauler Mithel with stealth & veteran instincts to pinch stress from rebel captive and have a 2 pt iniaitive bid. Good in theory, yet to actually have a game with it against rebel captive though. Just rebels... Great damage dealer but dependant on dodging shots/green dice like most glass cannon lists, but all three ships are great to fly. Actually enjoy using whisper now that it isn't so broken.
  12. Yes but those cannons cost more on an already expensive ship. We would actually see flechette/ion cannons in use as a cheap way to mitigate range bonus & hand out stress/ion to boot. With something like that I would run both the named guys & give an ion flechere combo. It would give imperials a more viable control list instead of space cows & bounty hunter IMO. It's a great idea & hope ffg take note.
  13. On a serious note, I always found it ironic that the defender have bugger all defensive abilities besides focus.
  14. Lol. Mulan goes to tie school
  15. I've found squad leader & experimental interface on vader very good. Usually have maarek stele with wingman next to him to ditch vaders stress. This allows focus evade on both tie advanceds while they get target locks early on some high priority target to get their advanced targeting computers to kick in.
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