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  1. So basically you want an ISD xD
  2. Honestly Independance has no place in the game right now. Just rework the title completely. edit: Maybe something like: Squadrons activated can go up to speed 4. If they do, their attacks on targets (squadrons or ships) are considered obstructed. So, that way B-Wings can't go all the way to mess everyone up with their super attacks. Still useful though, IMO. Anything that doesn't use 2 anti-ship won't want to use it.
  3. Oh, then his ability should read : If Konstantine dies by getting rammed, the ramming ship always gets destroyed even if it has all its hitpoints.
  4. who is Konstantine?
  5. Point defense reroute : While attacking squadrons at close-medium range, you can reroll once any results. So, say I have a black/blue AS at close range and I get a blank/hit, I could reroll the blank...
  6. Redundant shields : At the end of each turn, you can renegerate AND move 1 shield to and from any hull zone of your choice.
  7. reading this thread I can't help but think "man we're nerds"
  8. Tournament in my own city... bets are off that ill work that weekend
  9. and that's a situation created entirely by FFG. Game still sparks interest here. I was glad to see at the last tournament 2 new faces and someone who came watch just for the sake of it because he started playing last week. If FFG supported their product normally, none of these threads would pop up.
  10. sorry to necro the thread, but what's the general word on this one? Since I don't seem close to be getting a Q2 one, I might just order this one. It kinda looks nice but pictures can be deceiving.
  11. I just hope Wave 8 happens
  12. unforeseen circumstances... I hate that kind of empty talk...
  13. where I live we used to have a store tourney every other month, but we're getting tourneys at half the rate now because less people show up.