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  1. Sybreed

    Thoughts on Rebels Current Meta?

    but hey, I forgot to add that to what I said, next time I play rebels I'll bring one or 2 mc30s for sure.
  2. Sybreed

    Thoughts on Rebels Current Meta?

    played imps in the last 2 tourneys xD
  3. Sybreed

    Thoughts on Rebels Current Meta?

    Rebel meta has always felt to be in a better place vs Imperials. Rebels have the Cr-90, Imps have the Raider. Rebels have the assault frigate and the pelta, Imps have the interdictor and the Vic. The ISD and the Quasar save Imps from being completely outclassed, but I think development wise FFG made a few mistakes here and there with the Imperials. Btw, glad to see MC30s are still used. I haven't seen one in my last 2 tourneys.
  4. Cthulhu Wars is my current favorite game.
  5. are people so eager to abandon in your areas? Last month we've had 12 people show up at a small local tourney... I guess we're a bunch of optimists.
  6. Sybreed

    I hear Tagge is good???

    Tagge would be better if not for its timing thing. If it let you recover 2 tokens at the time you want he would be probably a lot better. Same issue with Garm. Tarkin should affect big medium and small ships differently Same goes for Leia Eh, I still wish for a revision wave.
  7. Sybreed

    Armada Art - Which one is your favorite?

    Lando because Lando is beautiful
  8. lol? Slicer teams useless because you're limited at 2 flotillas? How many slicer teams do you need in a fleet to make them work?
  9. Sybreed

    What does armada need?

    new objectives and a rebalance wave.
  10. My fleet didn't have that... and no one played a kuat in that tourney I think.
  11. So, I wanted to tell about this fleet because it kicked so much *** and did something so unusual that I felt it deserved to be discussed. The guy I played against is a known MC80 lover, and since the FAQ, he had been trying to find a new way to make the MC 80 shine. Enter the Undying Death Pickle. I don't have the exact list, but here's what it is in short: MC 80 assault Cruiser - Ackar - Defiance - Walex - ECM - Reinforced Blast doors - X-I7 CR90-A Corvette - Jaina's light - TRC - Officer Leia - Projection expert GR-75 flot: - Repair Crews GR-75 flot: -Repair Crews 7 Z-Wings Lieutenant Blount 2 X-Wings Jan Ors His objectives were Ion Cannon, Solar Corona, Advanced Gunnery I picked Solar Corona with my Interdictor Double Glad fleet. I managed to drop all of his shield an put his MC80 to 3 HP, but next round, he used RBD, had the CR90 regen 2 shields with an engineering command and had his command changed to engineer as Leia also changed his command so he regened even more shield, and his GR-75s took care of the remaining damage cards. Long story short, anything I threw at the pickle wasn't enough. No one at the tourney was able to pick his MC80 off. The TRC90 was a big threat as it was always flying behind the MC80 in formation. My opponent deployed in a corner of the map, so formation flying was easy for him and made it extremely hard for me to squish in with my Glads to take something out without getting blown up by defiance. Bomber squads weren't enough against the swarm of Z-Wings. In short, his list was very effective and hard to play against. He finished 2nd at the tourney. I think I'll be able to upload a pic later. I ended up losing for a 78 MOV. I only lost a Glad and some squads, but I'm the one who performed best against him. Still, I thought his list was genius and very unconventionnal. edit: photos are too big, can't upload
  12. Sybreed

    Vader Interdictor Fleet

    yeah it's really not worth the 8 points. FFG greatly overestimated the value of "speed control"
  13. Sybreed

    Vader Interdictor Fleet

    an MC30 at speed 3 instead of 4 is still gonna be at black range...
  14. Sybreed

    Vader Interdictor Fleet

    and keeping yourself in the opponent's arc....