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  1. Sybreed

    SSD article up!

    nav commands
  2. Sybreed

    2 articles in 5 days.

    so am I. Much wow.
  3. Sybreed

    Will there be a 2.0 Armada?

    feels bad to see how FFG treats this game... and it gives me a feeling that I should have gone into X-Wing instead of Armada in some aspect....
  4. Sybreed

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    Raiders... never made them work properly..
  5. I once played against a guy who forgot his shuttles, so he used a Y-Wing proxie instead... And I was fielding Y-Wings as well... even with the small token you put at the base of the squad to differentiate it, it created a lot of confusion, and caused me to never attack it. I didn't lose because of that alone, but it sure as **** wasn't helping.
  6. This thread gives me a feeling of déjà vu...
  7. Sybreed

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    Redundant shields : 1 point cheaper. You can recover and move a shield. It's even thematic with the name.
  8. Sybreed

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    I've asked for that for the last year and people just tell me "eh it's fine to have useless stuff in a game". Ugh.
  9. Sybreed

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    it depends on what he flies against. Against imperials and front arc ships, he'll circle around and use Ackbar a lot. Against other types of list (like my Mothma list), he'll go for double arcs. It made his CR90s super dangerous and his peltas as well. Even when I got close to use my MC30s, he could still throw 4 reds and 2 blacks. The way he flew, all his ships were close to each other. It was impossible to have a ship survive more than 2 rounds. My own Admolando died after getting shot by the 2 peltas.
  10. Sybreed

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    trust me, it's very brutal...
  11. Sybreed

    SSD Spoilers, from reddit

    Inspired by scp?
  12. Sybreed

    my take on Sato

    haven't had the opportunity. I tried a Mothma list which was fun, might actually bring it to the regionnal. All my friends think Sato sucks and I shouldn't bring him to a major event... so I'm still very undecided...
  13. Sybreed

    Armada 2.0

    but, their new system is flexible enough so they can correct by buffing or nerfing a ship through the App. Armada has always needed that, like most games do. The imbalances are not as bad as in X-Wing, but we've received a lot of "bandage" balancing which is honestly not the best design ever.
  14. Sybreed


    he's pretty much only good for low number of big ships lists. MSUs wouldn't like him a lot.