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  1. I doubt we'll have any kind of announcement on that date either.
  2. ahahah agreed. Even though I have my doubts about the Executor, it's hard to look at anything other than that.
  3. feels bad to see how FFG treats this game... and it gives me a feeling that I should have gone into X-Wing instead of Armada in some aspect....
  4. I once played against a guy who forgot his shuttles, so he used a Y-Wing proxie instead... And I was fielding Y-Wings as well... even with the small token you put at the base of the squad to differentiate it, it created a lot of confusion, and caused me to never attack it. I didn't lose because of that alone, but it sure as **** wasn't helping.
  5. Redundant shields : 1 point cheaper. You can recover and move a shield. It's even thematic with the name.
  6. I've asked for that for the last year and people just tell me "eh it's fine to have useless stuff in a game". Ugh.
  7. it depends on what he flies against. Against imperials and front arc ships, he'll circle around and use Ackbar a lot. Against other types of list (like my Mothma list), he'll go for double arcs. It made his CR90s super dangerous and his peltas as well. Even when I got close to use my MC30s, he could still throw 4 reds and 2 blacks. The way he flew, all his ships were close to each other. It was impossible to have a ship survive more than 2 rounds. My own Admolando died after getting shot by the 2 peltas.
  8. haven't had the opportunity. I tried a Mothma list which was fun, might actually bring it to the regionnal. All my friends think Sato sucks and I shouldn't bring him to a major event... so I'm still very undecided...
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