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  1. Upcoming page says Wave 6 is shipping now
  2. exactly. I feel like people are overreacting with the TRC nerf.
  3. cool, start making videos again
  4. yeah... Demo nerf is kind of unwarranted? It's not like he was as gamebreaking as before? Anyway, you don't need to put Engine techs on demos now, so I guess you just saved points there.
  5. agreed, that makes sense. I have a friend who likes to play Rieekan with 6-7 activations lists and no squadrons. He usually loses a ship per round, so I feel like the Rieekan nerf is really targeted at ace holes lists.
  6. TRCs made MSUs putting out way too much dmg imo. I'm okay with this one.
  7. Rieekan is harsh... and that's coming from a Rieekan hater. I feel like his cost should be readjusted.
  8. I was at the Entreprise Free Game tournament, it was actually on June 11th because more people could attend (but then 3 had to bail out last minute) It was 4 Imperial players, 3 Rebel players. Winner was a Rhymer ball with 2 VSDs-1 and 2 Gozantis with BCCs. I was 3rd place with an ISD-1 with RLB (which was totally useless ahah) and a rhymer ball. 2nd and 4th place were also Imps I think, last 3 were the rebel players.
  9. well dang... had I known...
  10. Nice article! Sums up what I think about most of the upgrades... There's something I ain't sure with RLB, namely this sentence: If you choose to drop off squadrons but not activate them during that squadron command, subsequent squadron commands from other ships work on them just fine - they can move and attack. Are you sure that they can move if another ship activates them? I thought that for the entire round they would not be able to move and only the round after they could (say, I drop them on round 2, only on round 3 can they move via activations) If you're right, that would mean I played this pretty poorly during last weekend's store championship...
  11. The fact that some people responded seriously confused me.
  12. That's a joke right?
  13. see? That's what I mean by saying the flotilla meta is extremely boring. All you do is activation padding until your 1 big ship can do something. Put yourself in your opponents shoes. Let's say he has 4 ships, even after he activated them all, you still have 2 flotillas and the Liberty to activate. You must be extremely boring and frustrating to play against. So, thank you for proving my point that flotillas when taken en masse bring stale and boring gameplay.
  14. the only healthy meta is no meta. edit: no need to be obtuse and tell me that there always will be a meta. I know that. But, in the end, having no strong meta where anything is viable is the best scenario for any game whatsoever.