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  1. sure, it's a matter of taste at this point
  2. sounds quite effective yet off the beaten path... anything that uses an Interdictor gets my interest.
  3. bah! But so good at the same time. My build I'm working on is Mothma with 2 TRC90s, 2 MC30s with the mentionned build and H9 on the MC30s to boot. There's enough room for a flotilla with 51 squadron points which leaves you with a 8 points bid.
  4. Watching the latest batrep from the guys who made "Mistakes were made" (great video btw), it made me realize just how amazingly tanky Foresight with Mothma and Major Derlin can be. Holy hell that ship can take a beating without having so much of a scratch. This is definitely something I'll try in a list soon (with Admo lando to make my opponent rage even more) Thoughts on the build? Similar combos that come to mind for the imperials?
  5. I like it. You have to admit, it's hard not to feel naked when you don't have a flotilla for a skip-turn buffer eh? I tried recently a similar list but with an AF as carrier, 2 MC30s and 1 Corvette
  6. I'll probably enjoy the hammerheads for my cracken lists. And the Quasar will probably show up in most flights that want easy fighter activation.
  7. they should really sell those range and distance tools... 3rd party suppliers just can't provide accurate stuff.
  8. I think this is better than MC30s honestly
  9. ok, that's exactly what I thought. Cracken is just not good with MC30s xD Thx for the input
  10. yeah, I had a speed 3 ISD-2 with XI7 rushing my at MC30s
  11. Who was the admiral? That's pretty much the build I used except I had enhanced armament so my scouts were VSD1s that can manoeuver. Problem is, I did not navigate them enough and they ended up not shooting for 2 turns after their pass.
  12. Well, I could go-on here, but I think the title covers pretty much the premise of the thread. I'm still trying to find a use for Scout frigates over torpedo frigates.
  13. thx, that's what I felt also. My 2 CR90s did wonders with him, while the MC30s, ehh, 3 decent shots at best.
  14. Gents, I wanted to ask about Cracken, specifically, how to use him correctly? Do you always go speed 3 and + , or do you slow down to 2 and less on occasions? I just did a game where I lost terribly and felt always trying to maintain speed 3 and + might be detrimental, especially with MC30s. The thing is, once MC30s do their shots, they kind of become irrelevant for the rest of the game. The thing is, if a ISD-2 with XI-7 wants to have front arc shot on you, it will happen eventually (perhaps not on every ship) and removing 1 die won't change much. Still, I feel he's a decent commander, but perhaps he's only good for corvette swarms because they can get in rear arcs and still get decent shots while MC30s can't?