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  1. Is it though? When picking an ace is such a no brainer vs the non ace there is reason to question the balancing. Just as having rhymer was an auto include before the nerf. Imo the tokens are undervalued for the fact that they can double or triple a squad longevity. And I haven't even started talking about the special effects. Imo limiting to 4 aces per list would force people to be more creative in their lists Building.
  2. I think people are overestimating the SSD by a bunch. Yes it'll be nice, but it won't change the basic competitive game and if the next wave is that alone I'm pretty certain most people will think the game has gotten very stale by the time wave 8 hits.
  3. ya know, if it's Armada 2.0, I'd be pretty **** happy. Rework the not-working stuff. Oh yeah.
  4. what? Why would Armada be ending? It's still the top 3 wargame seller in the USA (I don't count those D&D minis )
  5. well, in that case that probably means no article for us for the next few months, again.
  6. I think the game has taken a step in a good direction. The discussion seen here is pretty constructive and I agree with a lot of what was said. My personal gripes with the game are still these 2 things: - Activation advantage is still too much of a deal IMO, to the point where big ship fleets need filler activations to remain relevant. And filler activations are just not much fun. - Some older cards really need a rework. Again, an "errata" pack would be most welcome.
  7. maybe the "assault" adjective throws the devs off guard...
  8. Reading different sources of material, I often noticed that there were more differences between variants of the same ships than what we're really seeing in Armada. For example, the Vic-2 is considered to be a faster ship than the Vic-1. Yet, in Armada, we see both using the maneuver charts and speed. ISD-1 vs the ISD-2 also had different "speed values". My question is: Why is FFG so adamant on making both versions as similar as possible? I wouldn't mind seeing 2 variants with different speed charts and top speeds as well. That alone could have helped the Vic-2 before wave 6 happened. Food for thoughts!
  9. derp, my bad
  10. ?? it's the brace that is easily locked. It has 2 redirect has it not?
  11. oh wait, no, I remember in my Imp pack II, I was missing both Tie Phantoms and a plastic stand. Even after contacting FFG and sending them pictures, they sent only 1 TIE Phantom and I had to contact them again.
  12. I've had a bad plastic base in the best and that'S about it I think
  13. well, that's good to know. Never played the objective myself, so I don't know all the intricacies of it.
  14. I was honestly wondering if Fleet ambush would work with a 2 Vic 2 fleet. Even if you have an MC 80 or ISD in front of you, that's still major firepower coming its way.