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  1. Thank you for the kind words! I thinned down the grey so it became like a wash. Then, I carefully applied it "only" in the crevases. Thanks for the quick feedback. I am going to try it with a test mini this weekend.
  2. I understand why you would want to have cards for the movie heroes. At least for me though, I like the way they did it. By not playing the movie heroes whose participation wouldn't make sense in a lot of these missions - let alone in later time periods where Han is frozen in carbonite, Lando and Chewie have split up from the group, etc., it feels like your character's actions could almost be a part of Star Wars cannon as opposed to contradicting it. I am looking forward to eventually modding the missions for a "Rebel Assault" campaign. Though given this great community and the one on BGG, it is likely someone will already have it for us.
  3. I was talking about this to another guy at a game shop. We came to the conclusion that like Descent there will be deluxe expansions with 6 or so figures and a good amoutn of cards and missions to round out factions and big box expansions for each different time period (hopefully with new campaigns and different versions of the movie characters). Since we are in time period 3, I'm guessing the time periods are 1) directly prior to Start Wars, 2) Star Wars, 3) Current campaign, 4) Empire Strikes back, 5) between the movies around Shadows of the Empire (EU), 6) Return of the Jedi, and 7) leading up to the new movies. Either way, if FFG keeps the quality up and power creep minimal they will have my money for both X-Wing and Imperial Assault.
  4. Yours and Forensicus' comments are noted As I wrote in the post, I like my shading (especially on a mostly white figure) on the subtle side. I use Nuln Oil on almost all the other minis but not on the Stormtroopers. There I shade with watered down gray to keep it as white as possible. It is, of course, a very subjective matter of taste. Although I often like the dirty, realistic paint jobs on minis, I think the cleaner way you did your Storm Troopers really makes them look more like the movie. When you shaded them with gray, did you you thin it down to the consistency of a wash or ink? If so, did you wash the grey all over the model or did you try to keep it just in the crevaces? If not, how thick was it and how did you apply it? Thanks again for sharing; I think you have some of the better looking storm troopers out there.
  5. I believe there are different licenses for the original vs. The prequel. That suits me just fine as I am old and am happier pretending the prequels and special editions never happened. (::shakes fist:: Han shot first; now get off my lawn.) My guess is we will see "big box expansions" that cover the time after Empire Strikes Back and another after Return of the Jedi with differently stated ally cards - like Luke and Han - for each.
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