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  1. I play both games, competitively and non. In my opinion only: - I find X-wing less fiddly (fewer list components) and faster/easier to set up. - X-wing play is much faster, especially in competition. Three rounds of X-wing is a decent evening tournament; three rounds of Armada is an all-day commitment. - Playstyle is different between the two; X-wing is more reactive and more list dependent; Armada is more thoughtful in planning, and has wider swings based on objectives (though objectives would be a great add for x-wing) - Lots more X-wing players and venues - Lots more variations right now in casual play for X-wing. There's a campaign for both, but there are X-wing missions in various sets, and the doesn't appear to be analogues in Aramada of things like Dagobah Dave's Trench Run, Escalation, Hunger Games, or other type games.
  2. Get Your Game on, Pontiac, MI; 14 players, 4 rounds no cut. Results (to the best of my memory) 1st - Cody, 4-0 Quickdraw w/Swarm Tactics, LWF, FCS, Title, Cruise Missiles Vessery w/ TIE-D, Tractor Beam, Expertise, Cruise Missiles Epsilon Pilot w/ Targeting Synchronizer 2d - Matt, 3-1 RAC w/Adaptability, Palpatine, Intel Agent, Engine Upgrade Whisper w/Agent Kallus, FCS, VI, Advanced Cloaking Device 3d - James (lost to 1st in final game) 3-1 Quickdraw w/Expertise, FCS, LWF, Title Vessery w/TIE-D, Ion Cannon, A Score to Settle Sienar Specialist w/TLT, LWF 4th - Nick, 3-1 Asajj w/Attannni Mindlink, Latts Razzi Ketsu w/Attanni Mindlink Inaldra w/Attanni Mindlink I hear Imperials are a dead faction ...
  3. So ended up 6th of 14 and 2-2 at a Store Champs using: “Snap” Wexley (34) T-70 X-Wing (28), Targeting Astromech (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Intensity (2), Integrated Astromech (0) Jess Pava (31) T-70 X-Wing (25), R2-D2 (4), Pattern Analyzer (2), Integrated Astromech (0) Nien Nunb (35) T-70 X-Wing (29), Black One (1), R3-A2 (2), Primed Thrusters (1), Snap Shot (2), Integrated Astromech (0) Lost to the eventual winner (Quickdraw/Vessery/Epsilon) in round 3 and the eventual second place winner (Whisper/Palp RAC) in round 4. Both close games -- common to both was losing Nien without getting much value from him (no Snaps; only one R3-A2 use in the last game). Four-action Snap was good fun; came close to pulling it out in both losing games in 1v1 vs Quickdraw and Whisper, but not close enough!
  4. Three options still available from the OT: Snowspeeders, T-16s, and Bespin Cloud Cars.
  5. Frankly seems like an easy solution that could be appended to the tournament rules. But ... I doubt we'll ever see it.
  6. X-wing's a fun game, right? Had a blast last night running a triple T-70 list against an old school Palp Aces list (Soontir/Vader/PalpShuttle). As much of an NPE as ol' Soontir behind Palp used to be, it was still tremendously fun just dogfighting ... predicting where the opponent would go, trying to set up traps with arcs, trying to bait your opponent with maneuvers, picking blocks to stop arc dodging. Good times.
  7. I'd be shocked if a Rogue One-based box with some bumps to X and Y wings isn't in the offing near term. There's been enough development time since the Rogue One release to get one out. So many pilots ...
  8. Still playing the triple T-70s periodically ... last night ran VI/R5-P9 Poe with Snap Stress Nien and M9-G8 Jess. Won against a Fenn/Dengar Inaldra list and against a traditional Palp Aces (Soontir/Vader) and lost to Death Rey (Jan Ors would ... not ...die!). With all the bombs, turrets, Jumps, Nyms, Mirandas, etc about I actually found it really, really refreshing to face the Palp Aces list. Traditional dogfighting -- predict flying, watch arcs -- is the most fun for me (even against Soontir backed by a Palpatine safety net). There's a store champs Sunday ... now what should I try next? ================ 2Snap Regen Jess ================ 100 points “Snap” Wexley (34) T-70 X-Wing (28), Targeting Astromech (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Intensity (2), Integrated Astromech (0) Jess Pava (31) T-70 X-Wing (25), R2-D2 (4), Pattern Analyzer (2), Integrated Astromech (0) Nien Nunb (35) T-70 X-Wing (29), Black One (1), R3-A2 (2), Primed Thrusters (1), Snap Shot (2), Integrated Astromech (0) < OR > ======================== Double Comms Relay T-70s ======================== 100 points “Red Ace” (36) T-70 X-Wing (29), R2-D2 (4), Comm Relay (3), Integrated Astromech (0) “Snap” Wexley (35) T-70 X-Wing (28), Targeting Astromech (2), Comm Relay (3), Intensity (2), Integrated Astromech (0) Jess Pava (29) T-70 X-Wing (25), M9-G8 (3), Hyperwave Comm Scanner (1), Integrated Astromech (0) Durability on the second one is nice but I like the action economy of the first with Pattern Analyzers.
  9. For Intensity I really prefer Snap ... the free boost means you get a lot more actions, so you can tank with focus/evade or go offense with focus/TL while having a regen droid on board -- or take Targeting Astromech and get four actions off of a T-roll or K-turn!
  10. X-wing's a fun game, right?
  11. Of the two, the first. You want more guns and to spread fire; plus APTs are a trap. If you had a point to shave, I might consider Ops Spec on Thane instead of Jyn (maybe by dropping the Tala to a Bandit to use as a blocker). I'd really prefer to get Rex back in, though, so perhaps drop Jyn for Hera. Put Chopper on the 'tuck -- may as well for 0 points. I've played Lowhhrick/Jan and found it lacking in offense so went to Lowhhrick/Rey personally, but YMMV.
  12. Came across the following video on YouTube, and it finally explained why I was so dissatisfied with the beginning of Rogue One and the end of TFA, where conversely I enjoyed the beginning of TFA and th end of Rogue One.
  13. Sure! X-wing is a fun game, right? Big tournaments are a great way to get a lot of games in -- it's all about playing games.
  14. Make him generic so you can have a whole squad of Fel's Wrath. He's not a person, he's a call sign!