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  1. Sadly, don't know. Another question: can this be played solo?
  2. Gunboat format: All lists are all gunboats! Seriously, though ... we could have an X-Wing v TIE Fighter format (per the video game): X-, Y-, A-, B-, TIE, TIE Adv, TIE Int, TIE Bomber, TIE Defender, Lambda, Gunboat. Any I missed?
  3. Both in the same list.
  4. I'm not sure what problem this is solving.
  5. Last Jedi-themed Crait playmat.
  6. Go thematic -- Han with Chewbacca (or vice versa). Or maybe the Ghost & Phantom with appropriate crew, escorted by Phoenix Squadron A-wings.
  7. Check out the Coruscant Campaign rules in the alternate formats thread.
  8. Lame.
  9. The Coruscant Campaign (Crossover campaign game with Carcassonne: Star Wars)
  10. Drunken Palpatine (or Yoda, or Jabba) 1. Obtain copious alcohol. 2. Palpatine is banned 3. 100/6 otherwise as normal. 4. Once per turn, after dice are rolled, a player may take a shot to change one die to a result of his or her choosing.
  11. No Uniques, No Duplicates: the usual rules, but within a list there can only be one of each ship/card, and no unique pilots or upgrades may be taken. Optional: Allow mixing of factions in the above.
  12. Whack-a-Gorth
  13. Objective Play:
  14. Political Escort Tournament:
  15. I have a bunch, so I'll post them one-by-one here. Ace of Aces: