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  1. Oh, man, I so miss those toys ... good memories.
  2. It's X-wings all the way down.
  3. Those die-cast minis were some of my favorite Star Wars toys -- I had the whole Hoth set. Sadly, my folks decided to throw out a bunch of my Star Wars stuff when I moved out, and I was only able to rescue about half of the figures, and none of the playsets.
  4. Painting IA got me ready for painting Legion.
  5. You as well for your expansion!
  6. No shipping notice, no email. I did check the Asmodee site and sure enough, it's reported as shipped with a tracking number. But the tracking number has no report as to where it is, just "in transit to the next facility" for three days running.
  7. Oh thank goodness. Went to Adepticon last year, was too busy playing X-wing to stand in line to get a con-exclusive. When they announced more exclusives this year,I figured I'd be out of luck again, and then doubly so when after canceling the event, they said they'd open up on line -- in the middle of a workday where I can't get online to buy anything. I'll take a reservation code, thanks. How about some System Open alt arts while we're at it too, FFG?
  8. I wish we could have got comic adaptations of the novels. I'd love to have seen the renegade Rogues' custom X-Wings in some official media. I'd like a movie, or a TV Series. Rogue Squadron would be perfect for it -- Star Wars meets Top Gun meets Black Sheep Squadron.
  9. I do thing the X-Wing series is the best EU Star Wars. Rogues, Wraiths, and Starfightrs of Adumaar.
  10. Mercy Kill does not deserve to be an X-Wing book -- there are a bunch of other very good X-Wing books. RIP Aaron Allston.
  11. Those are the Villainy faction ...
  12. Ditto. And my Vader and Imperial Stormtrooper upgrades, which I stupidly bundled with my B2s and clones.
  13. Shoot, I'm still waiting on B2s and Phase IIs to come into stock. And to make that worse, my Stormtrooper upgrades expansions are in the B2/Phase II preorder.
  14. Rounds 1, 3, 5 and 7 should be Hyperspace. Rounds 2, 4, and 6 should be Extended. You must run a different faction each round.
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