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  1. Hawkstrike

    A wild idea to fix Generic pilot spam

    Maybe VTG should be limited to 2 or 3 ... there can't be that many veterans running around. Though I expect points will get tweaked so that VTG turret Y-wings get capped at four per list. But I agree that there are some upgrades that have a greater advantage on lower initiatives than higher. Barrage Rockets, for example, where it's easier to get a focus because you can't be blocked (or are harder to block), might make sense to have higher costs for lower initiative (likewise proton torps maybe should have higher costs for higher initiatives because it is easier to get the lock).
  2. Hawkstrike

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    Since the Dark Times ... Wave 5, when Phantoms and Fat Turrets ruled the Earth.
  3. Hawkstrike

    Name/Create a rebel squad is that is good in both formats

    Luke, Wedge w/Swarm Tactics, 2x Blue Squad Escorts (all w/Sfoils)
  4. Hawkstrike

    Quick Build Decks for Printing!

    I see X-wing draft tournaments being a thing with these.
  5. Hawkstrike

    Playing Poe

    Don't ... just ... always ... Yeah. You know when you think"should I go for it?" The answer is no. He who fights and Poes away, lives to Poe another day.
  6. Hawkstrike

    2.0 Errata-List Hall of Infamy

    Is the Quadjumper swarm still a thing? I've lost track.
  7. Hawkstrike

    What is the point of double modifications on tie interceptors?

    Extra cool points.
  8. Hawkstrike

    Imperial player needs help!

    Also: remember the game is won on objectives, not on units defeated. Use those speeder bikes to roll up a flank and focus on taking down your opponent's corps units while your stormtroopers suppress squads and seize objectives. Definitely use your snowtroopers. With flamers and grenades they are premiere assault infantry, you just need to move them from cover to cover to get into range one.
  9. Hawkstrike

    Imperial player needs help!

    If those Stormtroopers are naked, you're missing out on a lot of damage. Put DLT-19s in those squads to add two red dice and the ability to suppress at range 4 or split fire and suppress two units.
  10. Hawkstrike

    Next Imperial Corps and Support Speculation

    Hopefully Dewbacks -- the Imperial AT-RT. And Shoretroopers -- because they've been going all Rogue One. Small % chance of Imperial Army troopers (mud troopers).
  11. Hawkstrike

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Only on Resistance Bombers.
  12. Hawkstrike

    -less Talents

    All: Clueless
  13. Hawkstrike

    A cry for help from the Outer Rim

    Yeah, if you are not a modeler I recommend the Imperial Assault minis for Outer Rim.
  14. You spelled “alternate Luke/Anakin head” wrong.
  15. Hawkstrike

    Andrasta Day

    Arguably we have X-wing the game because of the novel/comic series, and we have the novel/comic series because of the X-wing flight sim. Here’s to the series!