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  1. Han and defense dice

    White per the card.
  2. Who is next?

    Matt the Radar Technician.
  3. Using the third dimension

    So what might be good types or mixes of terrain to introduce good height options - especially if flexible or repositionable? Link pictures for examples if you have them. I’m trying to figure out what I should be considering building having just done some of my first-ever wargaming terrain.
  4. Using the third dimension

    Checking out some cool new landing pad prototypes at Imperial Terrain while at Adepticon got me wondering: how do you get the most out of the third dimension in this game? Sure, there are rules for climbing and clambering. But there are no bonuses or penalties for holding higher/lower ground or shooting up or down. With only six turns, taking time to climb probably means not going over big obstacles. So how do you make use of heights more interesting? What terrain, what placement, and what tactics best bring three dimensions into play?
  5. Bye-bye Armada for me. Plus maybe Arkham Horror LCG.
  6. Stop with "scum and villainy" faction

    Not just a Scum & Villainy faction ... more factions in general. The GCW period is my favorite, but the Star Wars universe is to diverse to just have two wargame factions if this game is going to last.
  7. Imperial Army/Navy Troopers.

    We definitely need them ... I'm surprised they haven't been released for IA yet. Heck, the "Death Squad Commander" was one of the first 12 Star Wars figures!
  8. Crashed Stuff

    Beautimuss! The Bandai Snowspeeder is an ideal size at 1:48. So is the Revell Snap-Tite Resistance A-wing. I'd like a 1:48 X-wing wreck, but the $100 kits I see are not worth it.
  9. Interesting video on Star Wars space combat theory

    Nah ... rule of cool and needing to gt multiple ships into one shot.
  10. Openers

  11. Suppression on Vehicles

    Probably the same reason they omitted "ranged" from the suppression section while it is in the LtP guide. Sloppiness.
  12. What do you fix models to/with for painting?

    Poster putty to a piece of 1"x 4" dowel.
  13. Outlandish Stormtrooper schemes

    Power Rangers and Ponies.
  14. Adepticon friend list and love fest

    I'll be there in 3 days. At dawn, look to the east ...
  15. My take on the Michigan Regional

    Did anyone get their alt art card yet?