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  1. I keep meaning to try this but haven't gotten to it yet (I've been running Snap/R3-A2 Nien Nunb): Rey (58) YT-1300 (45), Swarm Leader (3), Kanan Jarrus (3), Finn (5), Millennium Falcon (Segnor's Loop Version) (1), Smuggling Compartment (0), Inertial Dampeners (1) Green Squadron Pilot (21) A-Wing (19), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Juke (2), Snap Shot (2) Green Squadron Pilot (21) A-Wing (19), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Juke (2), Snap Shot (2)
  2. The Political Escort mission.
  3. Why not both?
  4. Two Bandit Squadron Pilots
  5. Nope. I do love flying Poe, too -- trying to decide whether to keep a light Poe or the more heavily loaded Snap.
  6. Beach, shore, tomato, tomahto ... they must be from Jersey.
  7. Rebel Captive. If Jan shoot first, she can't boost Rey; if Rey shoots first, she can't Expertise.
  8. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times ... We have a small but growing IA community in Southeast Michigan -- we have a couple SC's here, another in the middle of the state, and a couple on the west side of the state. Our schedule had two on back to back weekends. So last weekend I went to the event at RIW in Livonia ... hour drive, get there early, wait a bit. No TO. I'm the only registered player. They decide to postpone the event -- which I can understand, given low turnout. But for the TO not even to show up, no announcement, nothing ... The guy behind the counter, who has nothing to do with running the event, is apologetic; they give me the participation prize and I drive home. I'm pissed -- there were two other SC's an Armada and an X-Wing, that I could have gone to instead, but by then it's too late. SC #2 is the next weekend at my home store, Eternal Games in Warren. We have 13 people show up -- more than we had at the Michigan Regional! Lots of space, well run. They decide to do four rounds with a cut to top 4, which is a bit odd for that number, but whatever, that's potentially two more games of IA. Unfortunately we had no Imperial lists -- everyone ran either Rebels or Mercenary, but there was a fair amount of variety in the lists. I ran a Droids/Jawas list -- Devious Scheme, IG-88, BT-1, Chopper, C-3PO, an Ugnaught, 2 eJawas, an rJawa, and at the last minute chickened out and swapped Vinto in for two rJawas and Indentured Servant. Round #1 was against Nick with a Jedi Luke, Alliance Rangers, Rebel Troopers list on the Anchorhead Map. IG and BT laid down the fire and forced Luke to withdraw -- victory (1-0). Round #2 was against Tom on the ISB map; Tom had a Bossk-Trandoshan-HK list. He was pretty unpracticed with it and made some sequencing errors that my high activations had a significant advantage against, so after BT and IG took Bossk down in one round, it kind of fell apart. Victory (2-0). Round #3 was against Brian, who drove three hour from the west side of the state to play. He had a Merc list with Boba, Onar, 2x eWeequays, Hera, C3PO, and we played on Jabba's Palace (the stash control mission). It was a back-and-forth seesaw battle. IG hit Boba hard, Boba hit back and ran, IG chased him down while BT, the Jawas, and Vinto tried to work over the eQuays. Very close game, I ended up winning (3-0). Round #4 was against Allen, who's the core of our local IA group, on the ISB station control mission. He had a five activation list that I've faced (unsuccessfully) before: IG-88, Onar, Vinto, Jedi Luke, and Chopper. I managed to double-zap Chopper at a terminal and kill him and take Onar off the board pretty quickly, but then a poor series of command draws, plus his Vinto scoring a Dodge at a clutch moment against a BT attack that would have leveled him turns the tide, his IG kills mine, and I lose (3-1). So at the end of Swiss I'm seeded 2d, Allen 1st, Brian 3rd, and Logan (whom I hadn't played) 4th. We hand out prizes through the top eight, plus there were additional Bantha alt arts left over from a prior even that were handed out as participation prizes, and there was a drawing for some acrylic tokens and other items, so everyone got multiple prizes for attending. We do the top four cut, and adjust the seeds so we can each play someone we haven't yet -- I play Logan and Brian plays Allen. Logan and I face off on the Jabba's Palace map, crate mission. He has a Rebel trooper list -- Jyn Odan, 2x eHoth Troopers, Alliance Rangers, Gideon, R2D2, C3PO. He plays the troopers very well, and I underestimate Jyn, who is interrupting and shooting; some stuns go into IG-88 and BT at inopportune times, and though it's a battle I eventually lose. Meanwhile Brian loses to Allen. Brian and I have a rematch to decide 3rd on the Anchorhead Cantina map. He once again gets Boba in a precarious position and IG-88 blasts him in an end-of-round/start of round combo. I flip all four patrons, and just need to do a little more damage to win (about six points short of victory at that point), when the eQuays and Onar push back some of my smaller units and Brian flips the patrons to score the points for himself. He takes the rematch win with the mission objective, for 3rd overall, and I end up 4th. Logan goes on to face Allen in the final; Allen wins. Good event -- makes up for the fun missed at the first SC, and a good example of how to make showing up good for everyone. Looking at my list and play, I know it could be stronger, but the mix of Jawas, droids, and the junk droid running around being obnoxious is just too fun. Command card draw made a huge difference -- in the first three matches I had very timely draws of cards like Blaze of Glory, Draw!, Assassinate, and Tools for the Job, while in the later matches those cards seldom came up. Utinni! and Triangulate didn't come out all game, so I lost out on some list synergy, and I didn't make the best use of line of sight blocking with my smaller units to allow BT to fire from behind cover when I drew his command card. I had also toyed with dropping the rJawa for a Targeting Computer on BT (which would have helped once or twice) plus put Indentured Servant back on C3PO (being obnoxious with Salacious Crumb, so 3PO can have an attack on his activation, is fun) -- not sure in hindsight if that would have been a better trade as that rJawa was useful in chasing mission objectives.
  9. Yoda! More droids for my Jawas! Ewoks Scout Troopers and Speeder Bikes Beach troopers Grand Moff Tarkin Commando Leia
  10. Why do I suddenly hear flutes?
  11. 3 rocks (and all my opponents had 3 rocks) -- my goal was to get them in a diagonal band across the board, and get through quickly to engage my opponent just on the far side, where I could turn in the clear and he would be forced to turn through the rocks. Worked in two of the three games; in one our engagement was in the rocks, with Snap flanking the rear. Faced: 1. Patrol Leader/Vader, Carnor, Omega Leader (opponent had initiative, so Black One shut down OL pretty well). Focused out the Deci, but the two TIEs were pretty tough -- won on points with Nien and Omega Leader on the board at time. 2. Bombing, TLTing Miranda with a PTL/Regen Norra with Sabine & Cluster Mines. Focused Miranda down quick, but Norra did heavy damage with two cluster mines before she died (lost Snap, Nien and Jess were both on one hull at the end). 3. PTL/Regen/Jan Ors Norra, Biggs, Ten Nunb w/Tractor beam. Ten tractored two ships onto rocks losing shots, but at one point my opponent bumped himself trying to K-turn which resulted in the T-70s getting behind and getting two essentially free rounds of shooting for a 100-0 win.
  12. I like the Gunrunner art and horizontal positioning, though I'd prefer the icons in different positions. The suggestion about an exploding Quadjumper (movie still?) as an alt art is hilarious and should be done. Jess looks great -- looking forward to seeing the full card. She's one I wish we could get an official alt art card for.
  13. A guy at my FLGS runs a Rey/Jan build from time to time, and runs Jan with TLT, Chewbacca, and a Shield Upgrade. It makes for one tanky HWK! I love the Rey Falcon, but prefer her along side Poe, 'cause I just like the T-70.
  14. You get the idea. FFG can tweak the text.