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  1. Hawkstrike

    Building a small collection- What to buy?

    They’ll re-release everything eventually. The Firespray is already out ( but now Scum only).
  2. Hawkstrike

    Cream of the crop.

    Dash, meet TIE Swarm and Jonus Bombers.
  3. Hawkstrike

    What is “Dark Side”

    Luke will be a pilot in the “Crashed X-Wing” expansion.
  4. Hawkstrike

    How to use Bounty with Veers

    Those are two different command cards. How are you using both in the same round?
  5. Hawkstrike

    Rebels First Impressions

    X-wings are great fun, Luke is a beast; Y-wings are tough and downright scary with Ion turrets and veteran gunners.
  6. Hawkstrike

    quick build cards

    Quick builds are available as a pdf at the FFG 2d Edition x-wing site..
  7. Hawkstrike

    2.0 Dash?

    Hits hard, threatens swarms with Bistan, melts under focused fire. No donut but can't kite like he used to.
  8. Hawkstrike

    T-47, Yay or Nay?

    I'd like T-47s. And T-16s. And Bespin Cloud Cars -- all movie canon ships we deserve. In one of the Vader comics, Cloud Cars are shown operating in orbit, so I couldn't care less about the "Waaah, they're airspeeders!" crowd.
  9. Hawkstrike

    Anyone else...

    Yep. And since 1.0 that the top E-wing pilot is one most associated with an X-wing ...
  10. Hawkstrike

    New player question

    Pick up the 2.0 core set and experiment. It's going to grow from there, depending on how you like it. If you want to invest slowly, there are three expansions available in 2.0 (or 2.0-compliant) for each faction right now, and more to be released. If you're going to make a big purchase (say 10 small-based ships) then buying 1.0 ships with conversion kits is a better deal financially. Or, find a store that sells a 1.0 ship with 2.0 upgrades, like my FLGS BTW -- IA can be intimidating initially, but is pretty good, and you can play cooperative campaign with the app. Once you get used to the idea of base unit + upgrade + special dice, moving from X-wing back to IA will be fairly easy.
  11. Hawkstrike

    Anecdotally, are your launch tournaments seeing many swarms?

    Two of ten TIE swarms (one Howl/Iden/Academy, one Howl/Del/Alpha/Academy).
  12. Hawkstrike

    I'm curious: conversion kit tokens off-centre?

    Yeah, I have a number of bases off-center so the arcs are not even. Luckily for me they are on ships I don't use much.
  13. My FLGS still had three on the shelf when we closed up after our launch event last night. The other FLGS I frequent also has a bunch in stock.
  14. Hawkstrike

    Michigan Gt

    Not sure about the Escalation event on Friday (that's using Threat ... so I assume Quick Builds), but I believe the intent is "Eternal" -- all legal 2.0 content would include the conversion kits.