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  1. Goldilocks, got it. Flies a Y-Wing with an EPT.
  2. So how is Star Wars perceived in Japan? I'm interested as I've come across a great (or at least, what I think is great) Star Wars figure collection: Takara Tomy's Metakore Star Wars figures. About 3", mix of metal and plastic, nice weight, good detail. There are about 30 figures released; you can get some via Amazon, and a few more via Japanese shops on eBay. What I've found interesting is the particular choice of figures. Rather than be heavy on the heroes of the movies, the collection seems to be heavy on figures wearing helmets. There are like 4 figures with normal human faces (Luke x2, Rey, Han); everything else is a droid, stormtrooper, or something else with covered (or nonhuman) face. In the most recent Rogue One-related release, the closest to hero figure is K2-SO (no Jyn, no Cassian, etc), but there are two variants of Death Trooper plus Sandtrooopers. Since I assume their collection choices are driven by what would sell best in Japan ... what's that say about Japanese Star Wars fans? Preference for robots or things that could look like robots (stormtroopers)? Curious...
  3. It's all relative. Right now is much better than when I joined the game, when TIE Phantoms and Fat Han ruled the Earth, and everything else was prey. What needs to continue to shift, and how do you know when it's right?
  4. What does a "just right" meta look like, anyway?
  5. Yep, Armada is the armed panda of Star Wars games: eats, shoots, and leaves.
  6. Triple Deadeye Missile Scurrgs, or Quad Lightweight Frame TLT Aggressors ...
  7. First triple-faction ship!
  8. I miss Star Fleet Battles. Kzinti drones and Hydran PFs with Phaser Gatlings were so much fun.
  9. 1. Aim where the ship is, not where it will be. 2. Mass ships, not arcs.
  10. Biggs runs away ... he protects everyone at any range, and everyone must shoot Biggs regardless of range. The whole game becomes one game of "Where's Biggsdo?"
  11. Is this the right time to deploy a Chris Crocker "Leave TLTs alone!" meme? I totally don't mean that.
  12. Krassis Trelix with Slave-1, Ion Cannon, Ion Bombs, Ion Pulse Missiles, Ion Torpedoes, and Ion Projector. Season to taste.
  13. Or think it can bring back the triple Deadeye missile boat list ...
  14. Dantooine. They're on Dantooine.