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  1. I like them, but it's making me regret my basing strategy. I base my squads with common bases, but differing between squads, so it's easy to tell the squads apart on the table, but means the whole army has a variety of base finishes. Makes it hard to mix & match ... now I get an expansion that encourages mixing and matching. First world problems.
  2. I bought a great little assembly kit for about $7 on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GH6B3Z6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). Snips, X-acto, tweezers, files, all in a small case. It's a perfect set of tools for mini assembly. I find snips are quicker than an X-acto, but the knife is good for cleaning up mould lines, flash, and sprue bits.
  3. No rush for me. Rebel Vets and Tauntauns will be plenty to keep me busy painting until Dewbacks and Shoretroopers release; haven't decided if I will pick up Clone Wars yet.
  4. Conditions Mud. Ground units have their speeds reduced by 1; Difficult terrain becomes impassable. Precipitation. All engagement ranges are treated as one range band farther. Missions Annihilation. Destroy 75% or more of the opponent’s units (by points count). Decapitation. The last Commander active on the board wins the game. Capture the Flag. After placing units, each player places a token on the board to represent his or her flag. At the end of a turn, if a player has more units within range 1 of the opponent’s flag than the opponent, that player wins. Seize the Plans. Place a Plans token at the center of the board. Each player then selects an edge of the board to be his or her goal edge. The mission is to seize the plans – move a unit on to the token and spend an action to pick it up – then move the token to the friendly goal edge. Order 66. Each player secretly selects three friendly units to be Jedi (or Sith). A Jedi or Sith may only be revealed by a Reconnoiter action (special action in Range 1). A player wins by being the first to eliminate his opponent’s Jedi or Sith units. Players must reveal when a Jedi or Sith unit has been destroyed. Setup Meeting Engagement. Players set up in opposite corners, within range 2 of the corner. Hold the Center. One player sets up within Range 2 of the center of the board. The other player sets up his forces within range 1 of the short edges of the board, placing at least 25% of the force along each short edge. Assault Landing. One player sets up anywhere on the board. The other player then chooses a location and sets up all forces within range 2 of that location. Reinforcement. Players alternate selecting one long edge and one short edge of the board. 2/3ds of each force (by activation count, round down) starts within range 1 of a long edge of the board. On turn 3, the remaining 1/3d of the force enters on the player’s short board edge.
  5. Silly DewbackScout. That's a sweater, not a fur coat.
  6. I've never used high velocity or seen it used. Sharpshooter + pierce + unlimited range = near certain ability to remove a single model per shot.
  7. Two potential fixes: 1. Pass mechanic. If your opponent has more activations than you, you may pass your activation. 2. Armies must have a minimum of four unit types, in addition to the limitations on number per unit type (So you can't have only commander, corps, special forces ... you need a fourth).
  8. Me too, along with the T-16 Skyhopper and T-47 Snowspeeder. Unfulfilled OT iconics that could be faction flexible. But the nerdrage ... "those aren't spaceships, those are airspeeders!" Nerd boy, they're plastic toys on a table. Let me have my fun without you labeling it badwrongfun.
  9. Wow, almost all triple snipers. That’s a little boring. I’m all for a sniper or two in a list, but that’s taking it a bit too far.
  10. Huzzah looks great for both X-wing and Legion; I missed the event there today due to house hunting. I did stop by Curio which seems very tight for playing X-wing. I'm also trying to find the NOVA X-wing Facebook group if there is one.
  11. 1/8" drill + 1/8" magnet + Spleemo = Spleemo T. Magnabutt
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