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  1. Hawkstrike

    What Are You Taking to Store Champs?

    X-wings. Season to taste.
  2. Hawkstrike

    How Many Copies of Rebel Commandos?

    I'm hoping we'll get a preview soon with pricing for the heavy weapons to equip the small Strike Team. I've preordered one set, but might have room in my current preferred list to fit in two Strike Teams depending on upgrade costs.
  3. Hawkstrike

    Store Championship canceled... what to do?

    Offer to buy the kit from the store, then hold the championship off site. Use the store's name in the event so they still get the benefit of the advertising but don't have the pain of hosting.
  4. Hawkstrike

    Scum and Villainy 75: 303 Squadron

    Good read; thanks for sharing. I don't agree with all of it; while I mostly had fun watching the movie I was disappointed by many parts of it -- so much so that it's the first Star Wars movie I haven't run out to buy the DVD of as soon as it was available. Great characters, largely, I think let down mostly by editing, distracting universe-jarring elements (Mary Poppins Leia, the lightspeed torpedo, cell phone joke, etc) and some elements that could have been much stronger (I hate the Finn-Rose side story. I love them both as characters and think they are great together; I just think they could have used a story that fit better into the overall narrative while exploring Finn's issues more deeply). While I wouldn't have chosen to do Luke quite the way they did, I can certainly acknowledge it as a particular vision -- and think the three-way relationship with Rey-Kylo-Luke was done particularly well. I liked Solo; I'm certainly looking forward to Episode IX so that I can judge the sequel trilogy once complete. Perhaps TLJ is a victim of expectations. ESB is my favorite Star Wars movie and I certainly went into TLJ with high expectations even after seeing the weaknesses of TFA.
  5. Hawkstrike

    2018 Store Championships

    Ran out of beer, brats, and cheese?
  6. Hawkstrike

    The Rebel Scum - Palpatine Initial Thoughts

    Thematically I hate it. The Emperor should not be rolling around in some platoon-level ground skirmish. I can see him as the BBEG in an Imperial Assault campaign since that game is more RPG-like for special operations squads, but Palp is just not Legion to me. But I'll buy him and the Guards anyway, 'cause I'm a slave to FFG's Star Wars marketing machine.
  7. Hawkstrike

    Oh Nooooooooo it’s Friday....... Happy Saturday

    An Academy Pilot with an 88 point bid. (It was a core set demo.)
  8. Hawkstrike

    Lets create fun joke upgrades

    Nova Squadron (Title) At the start of the activation phase, spend the next 75 minutes describing a battle report from your last tournament. Do, or Do Not (Talent) When you declare a target in the engagement phase, roll an attack die. On a [hit] or [crit] result, your target is destroyed. On any other result, you are destroyed. **** of a Pilot (Talent) You do not set a dial in the planning phase. When you activate in the activation phase, you may set your dial before you reveal it.
  9. Hawkstrike

    2018 Store Championships

    7/14 Eternal Games in Warren MI 15 Players, 4 rounds with top 4 cut. 1st: Nate B (1st Swiss) - Miranda w/Rey, TLT, Bomblet; 3x Rookie Pilot with FAA, IA, Renegade Refit, Sfoils. 2d: Matt C (3d Swiss) - RAC w/ Palp. Kylo, VI, Engine Upgrade & Quickdraw w/Title, Harpoon Missiles, Guidance Chips, FCS, VI Lost to 1st: Glenn D (4th Swiss) - Luke Skywalker w/R2D2, Vi, IA, RR, Sfoils; Hobbie w/Targeting Astromech, IA, RR, Sfoils; Ezra w/R3-A2, Snap Shot, Hera; Cavern Angels Zealot w/Snap Shot, FAA, IA, RR, Sfoils Lost to 2d: Andrew S (2d Swiss): Edrio Two Tubes; Benthic Two Tubes; Wedge Antilles; Cavern Angels Zealot (did not get upgrade list) Nine X-wings in the top 4 isn't a bad thing ...
  10. Hawkstrike

    Let's predict X-Wing 2.0 Wave 2!

    Yep, Resistance and First Order Conversions likely out next, with a ship or two re-released per month. Next new ship prediction: Resistance A-Wing (so the resistance has more than 3 ships).
  11. Hawkstrike

    Rebel answer to Palpatine and Royal Guard

    Chewie + Ewoks.
  12. Hawkstrike

    Bringing more Legends pilots into X-Wing 2.0

    Dozens of X-wing pilots is a problem because ... ? What's it say on the box? Bring back Rogue Squadron! Wes, Hobbie, Tycho ...
  13. Hawkstrike

    Scum and Villainy 75: 303 Squadron

    A WWII podcast with a Star Wars intro is fine, periodically. Next up on Scum and Villainy: Is Star Wars X-Wing better represented by the movie Dambusters or 633 Squadron? (Can't find things to talk about? The last couple Mynock casts have been line 2 1/2 - 3 hours each. We can't shut them up!)
  14. Hawkstrike

    What’s left for this year

    Put some Em-nu on that pistol belt, man!
  15. Hawkstrike

    Rise of 1000

    Veers: targeting rabble, Maximum Firepower.