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  1. Hawkstrike

    Detroit Area X-Wing Wave Kit Events

    Thirteen pilots turned out last night for Extended format. We continue to see new faces. Come on out and join us! We've added Resistance and First Order Quick Build cards to the prize mix. Next event will be Friday 25 JAN at 7 using Hyperspace format.
  2. Hawkstrike

    The “Hondo” operative thread

    Kallus, first, please.
  3. Hawkstrike

    Why is John Branon missing from X-Wing?

    If you're asking that, why is Davish Krail missing? Or John Tyree? Stay on Target! Stay on Target! ... Lost Tyree, lost Dutch ... they came from ... behind ...
  4. Hawkstrike

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    While I like challenges coins, you can't actually do anything with them. Give me stuff I can use in game or with the game. Cards, dice, tokens, templates, a template tray, an alt-paint miniature, alt art damage deck, fancy card sleeves, a tournament tray, etc.
  5. Hawkstrike

    Hyperspace: Trip Upsilon or Trip Firespray?

    Generics, no upgrades.
  6. Well, back in the day I always wanted to get the GW Fellowship of the Ring minis and game. It was pretty pricey and I did not have any hobby skills. Even if the game is poor, this looks like a good way to pick up a lot of LotR minis that might work for a future skirmish game, do double duty in Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep, support a D&D Adventures in Middle Earth or One Ring RPG game, and so on.
  7. Hawkstrike

    Hyperspace: Trip Upsilon or Trip Firespray?

    3 Upsilons + Muse is a beast. We had two at our event last night and they went 1st and 2d. I beat one ... barely. So much beef ... **** black space water buffalo.
  8. Hawkstrike

    Detroit Area X-Wing Wave Kit Events

    The Catch the Wave Leader! challenge continues. Next week, 18 JAN, will be an Extended format event. Skids up at 7 at Eternal Games in Warren!
  9. Hawkstrike

    How many ships

    At least 4.
  10. Hawkstrike

    is 800 points to small of a army?

    Nope, 800 is about perfect. It forces tough choices in list building and keeps the game duration manageable. Nothing stops you from playing with more, but I would not like to see the "standard" format get any larger.
  11. Hawkstrike

    Scum and Villainy 87: Roger Roger

    If not ... I will make it legal.
  12. Will there be a printed (or pdf) scenario book? I want to know the game can be played without internet access, and when the game inevitably dies and the app is discontinued, that the tabletop game will still be viable on the table. I OK if you can't get more adventures/expansions without the app, but if it can *only* be played with the app, it's a hard pass.
  13. I'd like more details and a review first. But otherwise looks promising and I have a family member who might love it ... depending.
  14. Hawkstrike

    Points! Not today - January 28!

    Just easily offended by clouds.
  15. Hawkstrike

    Dewback Attack!

    Add to that Kowakian Lizard Monkey cavalry ...