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  1. "Misfit Upgrade"sounds like a Rebel- or Scum-only slot to me.
  2. Dear FFG: Look, we know you're scraping for sources, when you break out the Azituck Gunship -- which as best as we can tell has been briefly in two sources, a snapshot in Rebels and the Vader comic. Why scrape when you still have ships from primary sources? Original Trilogy ones, no less. Take the Bespin Cloud Car -- wait, what's that you say? A thousand angry berds will rage if you put an atmospheric craft in a space dogfighting game? I have an answer for you. That Vader comic? The canon one, where you just mined BT-1 and 0-0-0 for Imperial Assault? Well check out issue #9, illo of the station on Athan Prime as Ark Angel makes an approach. Do you see what I see? Yep, Cloud Cars in a nebula. In space. Go ahead. Make my day. Yours, Hawk
  3. It's better, if not quite perfect. Attanni needs a look, the Contracted Scout, TLT, Sabine, Miranda, and maybe Biggs. Then Saboteur and Fel's Wrath need the boost we've all been asking for.
  4. Comboes well with Comms Relay and R5-P9 on Poe; when you don't need the Regen recharge Intensity. Or perhaps with R2D2 if you can live with the more limited dial.
  5. PS 9 Poe with R5-P9 and Comms Relay. Charge Comms Relay turn one; when you don't need to regen, reset Intensity.
  6. Don't fill the EPT on the Contracted Scouts. Then your conscience is clear.
  7. "That's stupid." Fine constructive criticism there, thanks. Why not? Two individuals, mindlinked, sharing abilities? Two cards come in the expansion, not three. Besides, from the lore: The name of the upgrade isn't "Aruzan Threesome" after all ...
  8. Proton Torpedoes and Guidance Chips.
  9. Caught some of the discussion, but had to break off before the game. Will the video be available somewhere for viewing? What's the impression of the new units after actual play?
  10. Right now you pay 3 points and 3 elite slots to give two focuses to two ships with the stress drawback, and it's so good it's defining the top tiers of competition. Drop that benefit to only two ships and it's unplayable? I don't see it. It's still effectively PTL for one ship for one point less and no immediate stress. Edit: The other benefit of my suggestion is that it doesn't break the distribution model. Two Attannis come with the Jumpmaster. Make it small ship only, and you're selling two useless cards with the expansion. This way it can still be used with the ship it comes with (Contracted Scout fixes being a different topic).
  11. Red Ace + R2D2 + Comms Relay; Hyperwave on a wingman. Red Ace starts with the evade, regens it every time she loses a shield, and then regens the shield.
  12. Attanni mindlink: Limit two per squad.
  13. So ... Jawas are fun, and IG-88 and BT-1 hit like trucks! I ran the list below at our store kit night yesterday, taking second (and really only losing the final game to a poor IG-88 move decision vs another IG-88). The eJawas with their surges did some serious damage -- I had them one-shotting Tusken Raiders when Focused. Salacious Crumb on 3PO was hilarous; admittedly now I'm wondering if a point isn't better for Devious Scheme -- but The Crumb did do 3 damage to an opposing IG in one game. The list: Elite Jawa Scavenger Elite Jawa Scavenger ▪ IG-88 ▪ Focused on the Kill HK Assassin Droid ▪ BT-1 ▪ C-3PO ▪ Indentured Jester + Salacious B. Crumb Elite Probe Droid The Probe Droid didn't carry his weight, nor did the HKs. I need more Jawas, but didn't have all mine painted, and they don't go on the board until they are painted! So I'm considering: ▪ IG-88 ▪ Focused on the Kill ▪ BT-1 ▪ C1-10P ▪ C-3PO Elite Jawa Scavenger Elite Jawa Scavenger Jawa Scavenger Jawa Scavenger Jawa Scavenger Jawa Scavenger Ugnaught Tinkerer + Junk Droid Possible variations: - Swap R2D2 for Ugnaught - Drop one rJawa (who hasn't arrived from CSI) for Devious Scheme and either Indentured Jester back on 3PO, or Trusted Ally on one of the other droids. Junk droid regen is tempting, plus that's still five droids for Triangulate and I already have 3PO to camp terminals (admittedly a much more dangerous tactic now with Chopper around), but it would be more thematic without the Ugnaught with R2D2 in his place. Now if we had R5-D4 ...
  14. So dipping my toe into the Mercenary faction after playing mostly Rebels, then running Dewback lists for a while. Jawas & droids have my attention at the moment. How important do Merc players find Devious Scheme? 2 of 3 of the Merc players I faced at Worlds used it (though I was down mid-pack, so hard to draw conclusions). I'm wondering if it's worth the one point, since in most of the lists I'm building it will cost me a Jawa to get it.
  15. Talk about Bad Santa! He should give a strain instead of a focus!