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  1. Hawkstrike

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    Oh, I agree with you about what Legion is *supposed* to be, but here are the rules from Adepticon's page for the Legion High Command event (from which the top 8 attend "Worlds" at FFG HQ, so this is the only path to Worlds).
  2. Hawkstrike

    I need a rebel list

    Wedge-Jan-Dutch (torps)-Blue Sqd Escort went 1-2 at the Michigan GT. I've personally done well with a Wedge-BlueSE-2x VCT Ion Y list and a Luke-Wedge-2xBlueSE list.
  3. Hawkstrike

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    Well, if you want to compete at Worlds, apparently you'd better paint, because the Adepticon guidelines for the High Command Invitational require painted armies with at least 3 colors.
  4. Hawkstrike

    Star Wars: Legion High Command Invitational

    That last bullet seems a bit unfair as it is not an FFG tournament rule. Besides, Stormtroopers only have two colors.
  5. Hawkstrike

    What are the differences between factions?

    I didn't say which was which.
  6. Hawkstrike

    Battledroids. How many, how much?

    10 per squad, white attack and defense dice, no surges, no upgrades.
  7. Hawkstrike

    What are the differences between factions?

    Some factions are scrappy freedom fighters, some factions are fascists, some are criminals.
  8. Hawkstrike

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    Gaming trumps painting. If you show up to play, I'll play regardless of how your army looks, and be happy for the opponent. Yeah, I paint my stuff and appreciate a good paint job, but that's gravy. // Painting attitudes kept me out of miniatures games for 15 years. My first exposure was to Warhammer at a GW store. After expressing interest, I was then told how expensive a "competitive" army was, how the manufacturer dumped on it's customers all the time by changing rules to make things incompatible, and I was then told to be able to play I have to have everything painted in at least three colors. I'd never painted a mini in my life, so the idea of making a major investment in something that would go obsolete and to learn a new skill and put in a whole bunch of work before playing my first game ... well, you can see how welcome that would make someone feel. Get them into the game, expose them to good painting by example, then if they decide to try painting encourage them -- that grows communities.
  9. I've won pretty handily with a list that is 4X's ... Luke (w/R4), Wedge (w/R4), 2x Blue Sqd Escorts. Yeah, probably improved with Biggs/Selfless, but I don't find the damage spreading game to be much fun. Might swap an escort for Sabine though.
  10. At the Michigan GT 1st and 2d were mirror 4-ship Rebel lists (Wedge, Jan, Dutch, Blue Sqd). I also made the top 8 cut with a 4 ship Rebel list (Wedge, Blue Sqd, 2x Gray Sqd Vet Gunner/Ion Y-wings). I think there was at least one more 4-ship Rebel list in the top 8 there. All in what you build and how you fly it ...
  11. Hawkstrike

    Crew upgrades depicted with the ARC

    If Mace Windu is in your squad, flip Palp to his Sidious side and resolve the effect.
  12. Hawkstrike

    A New Type of TIE?

    Heavy TIE from Solo. Give it ordnance and cannon slots.
  13. Hawkstrike

    Jedi Livery

    Anyone think we'll also get Anakin and Obi-wan in the Eta-2 expansion when it comes out?
  14. Hawkstrike

    I'm missing today's festivities (Pre-Launch)

    No. Only one deck list, for which a good selection of cards were missing, then a bunch of cards from a different deck.
  15. Hawkstrike

    I'm missing today's festivities (Pre-Launch)

    Well, bummer for you. I went to the event at our FLGS, played a couple of games, and had fun. I did have the weird experience of getting a defective deck, though. Opened it and 2/3rds of the deck was from one deck, the next 1/3rd was from another deck. Different art, two unique names, and everything. Unfortunately the store's pre-launch event was sold out so they could not give me another new one to open, but they did have some demo decks they had been using so they gave me one of those.