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  1. Looks fun! I’ll come up with something for this
  2. Sure thing, hope you find it useful! Feel free to PM me if you've got any questions
  3. I used The Quiet Year (https://buriedwithoutceremony.com/the-quiet-year) as a base. We’d play one round at the end of each session. In that game the players introduce their own events (someone goes missing, the life support systems malfunction, etc), and the settlement has some resources in abundance and are hurting for others. Those two things made it easy to come up with stories. The players did all kinds of things, including dealing with a blue shadow virus outbreak, dealing with food riots, establishing an illegal/unlicensed YT-2400 production line, and negotiating with traders to get some commerce going. At the start I kept the item rarity modifier jacked way up, and they slowly improved it. Hilariously it took one player 4 sessions with terrible rolls to find a weapon sling, so apparently strips of fabric were very hard to come by.
  4. I’ve had the good fortune to be able to run consistently for a great group of players for a while now. We’ve gotten through five and a half “seasons,” each of which is a complete story: 1: The beginner box and follow up PDF module. We learned the system but I didn’t write anything of my own. 2: The players are hired to track down a shipwreck by triangulating its position based on a burst of radiation it emitted when its hyperdrive failed. The players got a list of six sensors that could detect the signal, they had to pick three to steal the log data from. The ship was an ancient Sith warship, and the campaign ended in a big fight over the wreck between the Empire and an ascendant Sith warlord, with the players caught in the middle. 3: A whole bunch of random adventures, but the players did manage to goad the Sith warlord into glassing Saleucami with orbital bombardment. 4: The Rebels ask the players to help them hijack and Imperial Nebulon-B, and then I ran a loose adaptation of the Far Orbit Project. This ended with them being part of a fleet going after the Sith warlord, who had built a jump gate to bring in Sith reinforcements from the Unknown Regions. The players used the gate to fling their frigate to a random point in the galaxy, told the Rebels to take cover behind a planet, and blew up the gate, triggering a nova-scale explosion and ending the Sith threat. 5: The players’ frigate ended up half inside an asteroid. They established a new hive of scum and villainy there, and this campaign was about town building. Eventually they get big enough that the Empire takes notice and invades. The Rebels come to assist and help the citizens evacuate. 6: This is the one we’re in the middle of now. The Rebels ask the players to help with the invasion of an Imperial world. It’s in a black hole cluster and the hyperspace lanes are only open for a few hours every 61 days. The Rebels think this means they have 61 days to secure the planet where the Empire can’t reinforce them, but it turns out there’s a planet-based prototype superlaser that makes short work of the invasion fleet. The players’ ship crashes in the jungle, and the players have 61 days to find repair parts and escape before the Empire arrives to lock the system down. This is a hexcrawl, kinda like the Kingmaker D&D adventure. Foraging takes time, travel takes time, etc. We’re about halfway through and the next session is a week from Saturday!
  5. Just wanted to say thank you for streaming this, it was fun to watch
  6. Anyone know when this kicks off? Are these prizes already available?
  7. You don’t need it but it’s a nice way to ease into the system. There’s a pre-written adventure that introduces rules as you need them, so you can learn the game by playing it instead of by reading the book before the game. If you’ve already got the core book you don’t need the starter, it just greases the wheels for the first session and gets everyone up to speed
  8. The WEG version is a more traditional RPG. I’d recommend the FFG version, I’ve found it’s much better and making the game feel like Star Wars and it’s better at keeping all the players involved and interested. The starter box for whichever setting you’re interested in is a good way to get into the game. You get the special dice and an adventure that will teach you how to play so you don’t have to learn the game ahead of time. That’s how my group started and our game has been going for over 4 years now
  9. Pretty much so that the players could locate him 🙂 He had a prepared position that kept him tough to find. The session was based on the famous Billy Singh duel from WWI, well worth a google if you’re not familiar
  10. I ran a session that was all about hunting a sniper that was devastating a Rebel force on a jungle planet. I gave the players a topographic map of the area, and they used that to help them triangulate the sniper’s position based on the holes his sniper rifle left in soldiers and equipment. They had a Rebel artillery team drop smoke rounds on the sniper and then they stormed his position and took him out in a hand to hand fight. Good time!
  11. Congrats PT, and thank you for running this CaribbeanNinja!
  12. Despite not playing I still managed to get all my ships destroyed somehow, while doing minor damage in return. Victory goes to BYE, 400-57 ?
  13. Cael squeaks out a victory against Captain ICT with him being first player and choosing my Advanced Gunnery objective, final score 277-242. It was a brutal slugfest with 2 Liberties on each side and no squadrons. He destroyed both of mine, but my MC75 arrived late game to finally put its expanded launchers to use.
  14. Madhatter501 beat me soundly, I think the final score was 400-26 (he destroyed all 398 points of my fleet, I just destroyed a 26 point GR-75). Neither of us were sure about the scoring, if we reported that wrong please let me know and I'll edit the post!
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