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  1. No Distant Suns?

    I'm a new TI player and I have to say that TI4 is fantastic. I wouldn't be keen on a distant suns type mechanic - the game is long enough and complex enough already, and RNG is evil in a player vs game sense. What I would like to see is minor races - but deployed at game start like the rest of the map. They'd be on a single planet and you could conquer them or otherwise diplomacy them. It'd need to be dirt simple though, like a token with some requirements on it. I really liked this from star trek ascendancy, even if that was the only thing I liked..
  2. Ah but there were two generators.. My opponent had determined that the rebels can win by digging in under the new combat system and then proved it.
  3. It's turn 6 and I know where the rebel is. He knows it too and has made no real attempt to hide for the last turn at least.There are now many rebel units at the base and by the time I get there this is the lineup:2 x shield generator1 x ion cannon3 x speeder1 x turret7 x troopers2 x anti-tank troopers3 x AT-ST2 x AT-AT6 x storm troopers1 x tankImps are 5R, 5B, 1G.rebels are 3R, 5B, the non-cinematic combat system, the rebels would have a +2 hand size advantage in cards but the Imperial would have the benefit of rolling first, potentially allowing card collection and spending with sabers.I think this is a relatively even the cinematic combat system, the rebels put down tow-cable.The imperials put down armoured patrol - prevent 2R & 2B.The imperials roll a few sabers they cannot use.Immediately thereafter, the rebels use their shield generator to play tow-cable again. thats 8 red hits in two rounds just from cards. The imperials are absolutely destroyed.I don't know if the intent of the cinematic combat system was do favout the rebels but I think it does to a pretty huge extent.I'm actually wondering at this point whether it is possible to beat a turtled rebel who intends to fight and win, or die in one big fight.Todays experience has really turned me off the new combat system.
  4. How does combat work...

    I disagree that the alterations are minor, i think the new combat system provides quite a large defender bias which is entirely the opposite from the old system. it means there's an extra 16% on each die of that die being useless. While I agree that combat is not the main focus of the game for the most part is IS how the game is won or lost. The new combat system favours the defender, typically the rebels, by about 16% which, at least to me, is not minor.
  5. How does combat work...

    Yeah the manual in the expansion is poor. I say manual. Large sheet of paper. Really, an extra two sheets before would have saved so much agro later. Even the setup is cumbersome as you now have to reference both pages at the same time, figure out which no longer applies, etc.
  6. How does combat work...

    It is interesting that the previous advantage the attacker had (pick up more cards with a lightsabre) is now switched to a defender advantage (the attacker may waste dice and cannot use a lightsabre). That doesn't feel right at all. I actually feel that you should save your lightsabres until last. The rules are really not clear on the designers intent here and are even less clear on how to perform the new combat mechanism.
  7. How does combat work...

    Ah. That's not what we concluded yesterday. We had both players 'saving' lightsabre results until the end of the combat and then using them. I'll read it again. This paragraph from the rules seems to suggest you can keep them for later "Since units are not destroyed until the end of the round of battle, a player may be able to save a unit from being destroyed by removing damage. Example: A unit that has 1 red health is dealt 1 damage. Later in the battle, a player spends 1 red 󲅑 to remove 1 damage from the unit and prevent its destruction."
  8. Using ALL the cards

    Or maybe get a larger draw so you can go through the cards. I guess if you both have the cards then at least it'll be out of balance for both sides ;0
  9. If I disregard the 'play with one set or the other set' and just shuffle them all, what's the impact? Is it just that you'll have a more random deck and potentially therefore not pull some of the powerful character cards?
  10. Rebel Vehicles

    I'm on the fence about the whole thing.. i already have a good sci-fi skirmish game. it's a shame it wasn't something I don't already have (like a large battle epic scale type thing) but being FFG I have no doubt it will be a good game
  11. As seeing the 'proper' assault frigate just makes me sad. The space potatoe is so horrendously ugly.
  12. Fighter Creep

    Yes, capital ships really cannot defend themselves against fighters at the moment. Maybe against TIEs or other hit-3 units, but tie bombers are so resilient they can ignore AAA and just continue to bomb. Though, I'm not sure thats a bad thing. Squadrons are the other half of the game.
  13. Fighter Creep

    Maybe so but then it's this cycle of everyone trying to take the 'right' characters to kill the other guys characters. It's more that I just don't get why Rhymer helps everyone else, or has no downside, for the 6 points why would you not want the cruise missiles..?
  14. Fighter Creep

    Yeah I think so too. It's like 5 or 6 points for a generally very nice ability, and defence tokens on top. And Rhymer.. I really hate his ability. It's way too powerful for the measly cost