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  1. Answer Received: Hey Phillyraider215, Only one trooper per round can gain “Assault” through that ability. Additionally, keep in mind that Assault doesn’t actually give additional actions. While I suppose you could technically move a trooper to within 3 spaces of Fenn and give him Assault, it’s not going to do any good unless you played another card that could give him additional actions/attacks. Assault only negates the limitation for non-hero figures to one action used to attack per activation. Thanks, Justin Kemppainen Assistant Board Game Manager Fantasy Flight Games
  2. And thats my dilemma , It does not state only one trooper at all, but does state that "after a friendly trooper", which to me implies "ANY friendly trooper within 3 spaces may gain Assault, but only once a round". I take "a friendly trooper" as the qualifier to which models may gain the condition, not how many model troopers may gain it. And "once per round", to prevent reactivating the troopers and gaining it twice in the same round. Isn't this similar to the executor rule for Royal Guards and Squad Training for Stormtroopers? Any FFG designers present?
  3. ("After a friendly Trooper within 3 spaces resolves an attack, it may gain "Assault". Limit once per round.) Does this mean that: A.) Every Trooper within 3 spaces would have access to assault, meaning they would activate and be able to attack twice. B.) Only one trooper within three spaces can gain assault, meaning he only would gain assault. C.) A Trooper model activates, moves to within 3 spaces of Fenn, attacks a model, then gains an additional attack from Assault. We have some wild theories about this in our group.lol
  4. Has there been an Official statement regarding using regular z95 dials for the scum z95's? specifically in tourney play? I know the dials are exactly the same, but well yanno for the lawyers among us?
  5. Is anybody running the campaign with all 6 players? Does the missions become too easy with everyone playing?
  6. The book says that you may build up to 40 points with the following restrictions: 1 unique Deployment 2 Elite (red card) Deployment 4 grey card deployment So, in the case of AT-ST(red), if I were to field 2 AT-ST (red and Elite), could I also field General Weiss(red and Unique) as a 3rd AT-ST? All three cards are red, but Weiss is also unique... And this is provided we are playing at 50 points.
  7. I bought the battelfoam insert.. HATE IT ALREADY!. It does't exactly fit without stressing the box. Of course, you can not sleeve your cards, the double space gunners have a hard time fitting and finally, no expansion room.
  8. I would substitute pierce 4 with reach and (push +2damage) instead of (+3 damage)
  9. lol..we'll see once more people start playing skirmish
  10. Jonnyb815, IT does't have a hard time moving around at all. It moves through ALL TERRAIN without penalty and has line of sight always. It can push your mini out in the open, step back and then shoot you to death.
  11. That would make maps irrelevant and Break the game to have massive minis run all over the board with no restrictions whatsoever. I am sure there is someone on here with more insight into this...
  12. So guess we should assume that everyone will need their own core set for tournaments. That eliminates the splitting of core sets...lol
  13. On the reference cards, it states that minis with the (massive) designation may not enter interiors during a campaign. What about in skirmish? Are massive minis allowed in interior maps?
  14. playing 4 characters should be real easy for anyone whose played a skirmish minis game
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