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  1. Push Some abilities push figures. The player resolving this ability moves the figure the specified number of spaces. • The figure can be moved in any direction. It does not need to move directly away from the figure using the push ability. • A pushed figure is not voluntarily exiting its space. • Pushing a figure requires no movement points. • If a non-ability effect pushes a figure, such as a mission rule or if a door closes between two spaces occupied by a large figure, the player controlling that figure determines its placement. • While pushing a large figure, it cannot move diagonally and cannot be rotated As much as it makes no sense whatsoever the Push will grant movement to the target in any direction even if it would mean Pull so that clears up that one for you Page 21 RRG
  2. Performing a move does not move the figure; it only provides movement points that may be spent during that figure’s activation. This means that a figure may use its first action to perform a move, followed by an attack, and then spend the movement points. It may even spend some movement points before the attack and then some of them after the attack ​Interpretation: Performing a move does not move the figure You basically telling your opponent this is the unit your going to use It only provides movement points that may be spend during that figure's activation You gain 'x' Speed to move your figure in your turn This means that a figure may use its first action to perform a move Your figure will use 1 of its 2 action to make the physical movement followed by an attack, and then spend the movement points. It may even spend some movement points before the attack and then some of them after the attack You are given 'x' movement (lets say 4) you move 2 space and using the 2nd action you attack the opponent no matter of the result you then use the remaining 2 movement points to move 2 more spaces. Conclusion You can use both actions for a turn to allow you to Move & Shoot You can use both actions to Move twice You can use both actions to Shoot twice You can use 1 strain to move 1 additional space this is not an action and can only be used twice per Hero activation
  3. I can see why you would ask this, as you could shoot the Wookiee for it to gain focus pretty much every other Round. But like stated no you can't purposely target your own figures. Don't be put off asking about other rules you may need help with, only an handful of people will respond negatively the rest of us will endeavor to answer them for you and point you in the right direction in the literature so you can follow up for your own reference too.
  4. Since setting up the 1st campaign can be a daunting task for anyone new to this style of game (myself included) here is something I think might be useful for you. Remember the aim is to have fun so I would recommend a dry run first before committing to the campaign this way you can see how the mission plays out. Remember the Reference Cards, Rules Reference Guide and Learn to Play books will be invaluable and always the forum is here to help you with any advance ruling. Upon getting your very own copy of the SW:IA game take everything out and organise into piles, leave the cards inside their plastic container and the figures for the time being, what we are doing here is sorting out that you have the tiles, they have come off the blister pack ok and that you have the correct amount of items needed using the Learn to Play for the number of items in each section. With the map pieces I did 1-10 11-20 21-30 and so on and then put them in separate food bags (temp for now) which means you can easily find what your after as the mission continue. Now since you are playing the campaign and not the skirmish you can be picky with which cards bring out of the packaging (ideally all cards will be sleeved to protect them). For the campaign you will need; Rules Reference Guide (RRG) Campaign Guide (CG) 6 Hero Cards 39 Deployment Cards 3 decks 10 Story Mission Cards 14 Side Mission Cards 18 Agenda Cards 5 Reference Cards 54 Hero Class Cards 6 Decks 9 cards each character) 27 Imperial Class Cards 3 Decks 9 cards in each 36 Item Cards 3 Decks 12 cards in each 12 Supply Cards 18 Reward Cards 12 Condition Cards 3 Decks 4 cards in each 45 Damage Tokens 35x 1 damage 10x 5 damage 8 Terminal Tokens 8 Crate Tokens 1 Entrance Token 35 Strain Tokens ID Tokens for multiple groups 20 Mission Tokens 8 Rebel & Imperial and 12 Neutral 15 Condition Tokens 3 Types 5 of each Ally & Villain Token (Replace when you get the model) 4 Activation Tokens 11 Dice 1 white die and 2 of each red, blue, green, yellow 4 Door Tokens with stands 1 Threat and Round counter Opening up the additional Packs for Luke & Vader you will get some more cards which will slot into Story, Agenda and Reward decks You notice you have some assembly to do the Threat & Round counter needs putting together and the AT-ST will need some assembly, following the instructions on page 2 of the Learn to Play guide you should have no issues doing this. Now that you have sorted all the bits your ready to get cracking with the game. Choose who will be the Imperial and who will play as the Rebels and choose the Heroes that will take part in your campaign. Each hero will then be give their class deck which contains 9 cards, each hero will automatically get a weapon given to them these cost 0 xp and are available from the start you will notice the weapons are basic, these cards tell you what you will roll when it comes to attacks and your character sheet will show you the dice to roll when defending. Again all covered in the Learn to Play. The Imperial Player will have the Campaign Guide and not show the Rebels anything within, he/she will set up the mission placing the Tokens as they appear in the diagram and deploy his troops where they start, taking the card for the deployment from the Imperial Deck and placing them face up, the reserve cards for the mission are taken out and faced down so the Rebels can not see what they are. The Imperial player will read out the Mission, what the Rebels need to do in order to win and what the Imperial player needs to do in order to win, and if there is a timer how many Rounds it will take before the Rebels automatically loose. The Imperial player will put 0 Threat on the counter and turn the round dial to 1 for the first round, and the Rebels will begin, at the start of round 2 the Imperial will gain threat equal to the value found on the campaign log Since nothing as been exhausted prior to start of round your able to commence into the action, this means you can opt to do the following Move once and shoot Shoot twice Move twice Move and interact with a terminal, door or other mission token You can spend 2 strain to move 2 additional places, this doesn't count as an action! also note you can move - shoot - move as long as you have the movement points to do it, eg you have Speed 4 you move 2 spaces, shoot, then you use your remaining 2 spaces to move depleting your movement points for the round. Once you have performed any 2 actions your character is exhausted and the Imperial player will get his turn. Reminders: The ( ) logo on the black and white dice cancels 1 surge You can only use the surge abilities once per attack You can use unspent surge on recovery this will remove 1 strain per 1 surge if no strain 1 damage per 1 surge You have to use an ability to interact with terminal, door and tokens If you are wounded you will drop any tokens your carrying and are not able to pick anymore up Once wounded any strain is kept but any strain over your new limit is removed Imperial players can spend Threat to replenish lost units from the initial set up these are deployed in or as close to the initial set up as they can get also replenish Stormtrooper at the cost of 2 threat per model as shown to bring their squad back to 3 these models are deployed as close as the remaining trooper As you play through mission you can interact with crates, these crates give you items to use in the mission being played, they do no carry over. The crate however at the end is worth 50 credits. Once you come to the end of the mission depending who won the mission you follow the CG each Rebel hero will receive at least 1xp and 100 credits each and the Imperial will get 1xp and 1x Influence depending on the mission. Win Bonus will apply after as stated. So you have 4 Rebel heroes in play that is 400 credits earned, you collected crates at 50 credits each and you get a win bonus of 100 credits per hero you can potentially earn 1000 credits to spend on your team. The Campaign Log will show you which reward decks your allowed to draw cards from, your will get the I II III decks shuffle the I deck and draw 6 cards then you choose to purchase from them cards. Using the XP gained look at character deck and see if you want to buy anything from there, remember you dont have to use your credits or xp point you can bank them to get better items. The Imperial player will then check his XP and Influence and purchase Agenda cards and upgrades. Bring out the next mission card and then using the side missions the Rebel player chooses 2 at random and then picks one to play you will have 1 active story 1 active side missions and 1 side mission in play Remember to keep a record of XP, Influence, Credits and purchased rewards and cards etc...
  5. Upon being Wounded you drop anything you are carrying token wise and it gets place under your wounded character, they can not pick up anything whilst wounded. Sympathy for the Rebellion Rule Book Pg 13 Rule Book Pg 22 Hopefully that will clear up the question a little
  6. You cant avoid imperial entanglement in Campaign, I don't get how anyone can complete a mission with objective without engaging each other. The rebel player is forced into making decisions that will account for a surgical strike, the Imperial player will deal stall tactic, and in some of the videos I have seen the Imperials have been drawn into a Wookie trying beat the holy crap out of the main imperial unit at hand, this making it easier for the rebels to move around the conflict zone and try do the mission. Yes the game is set up so the Imperials will win on the looks of things but if you play it right you should have no issues, me and a friend have done a dry run got a few rules wrong and we have addressed them over facebook and know next time we try again how it works, but even getting the rules wrong on Aftermath is was on the last dice throw of Turn 6 to complete the mission. I think FFG have made an excellent product, and as players we just need to make a resource tool that will demystify any rules or tactics
  7. Sometimes it takes another way of describing something for it to make sense.
  8. Me and a friend started a new campaign today and came across several queries Tokens: When you collecting token (IE Spice etc) how many tests of strength can you perform Chewie Side Mission: Does the Imperial get x2 threat as long as the 2 Trandoshans are active or is it when they die double up
  9. Depends on the mission, but you get the item for the duration of that mission unless you exhaust that card and then you get the amount of crates converted as credits so if you have 4 crates that is 200 credits Most Missions give 100-200 credits for lose/win condition so really makes them worth grabbing.
  10. Like stated above To the Imperial 3 troopers make 1 squad To the Rebel 1 trooper makes 1 unit so to kill the squad you need to kill the 3 troopers Imperial Players can use Threat to re-bolster the squad if I read that correctly
  11. im going with might when we start our 2 man IA story nowt say die rebels like extra attacks
  12. Was on the TC video when they did a preview, when a figure come within 4 spaces of him, he moves then away 3 spaces to keep his 'cover'
  13. From what I gather is this. The Hero Cards are the Rebel Deployment and you only need the normal cards for heroes like Chewie etc, each hero as their side deck to keep alongside them so as they gain experience they can acquire a new card to improve their abilities. Imperial Players only need to source the Deployment card stated in the campaign book since you know what and where your placing the troops. The crate cards are left on the side in easy reach during the mission because the Rebels can interact with crates to get cards. The status effect cards are there as a reminder that you have the effect, so you can leave them in box and pass them to the rebel player as and when the effect takes place. The Reward cards are for the end of the mission so they can stay in the box until said time. The Side Mission deck confused me when reading through I know the game runs STORY - SIDE - STORY so I will need to re read this bit again. The Imperial player chooses one of the 3 decks and he keeps that for the entire campaign and as he gains influence he can buy new commands for his troops. Other than that I have the general jist of how it runs
  14. no but each crate is worth 50 creds for end of the mission to add to your credits
  15. Looks like each Mini release will include the skirmishes - then they will continue to come with the release of new minis
  16. Lets break it down, You buy this game because you like the look of it, lets look the average disposable income in the grand scheme of things £60-£70 is not going to be a big hit to someone with a well paid job, factor in someone that is say a child or a student who finances are limited that is a big outlay right there. Now unless your good, confident and happy painting you wont do it simply because in the blank state they are in there isn't any way of spoiling the mini and you can quite happily play the game with your friends. The suggestion to pay someone to paint the models, OK say you buy the paints from games workshop lets say average of £3 per paint your needing base coat / primer Red, Black, White, Metal Grey, Green, Blue, Skin Tone, Brown etc so lets say that all comes up to another £30-£40 then you would be looking £15-£20 per model for a good job to be done maybe more. Before this poor chap can sit down he as spent the better half of £300 to be to go near a game board. I like to see fully painted models as much as the next guy, I come under the cat that I cant paint and wont try because I would more likely ruin the model, I am lucky in that a few of my friends are decent mini painters and can help me out. But FFG made a game with unpainted minis and purposely put stickers to represent squad they should then allow the tournament to be used with the stuff that come with the box, and for those that are snobs when it comes to it, your there to have fun, so is the other guy so what makes you any better to have fun? who knows the unpainted dude might be the best player you have ever come across.
  17. Test taken from : https://boardgamegeek.com/image/2344948/star-wars-imperial-assault
  18. To get an attack you must be able to draw a line from 1 of your squares corners to 2 of the target, if your stood directly on top of it then you can't draw the line so that would mean NO you can't attack the target whilst directly on top of it
  19. Hmm only thing about same space is If a figure is in the same space as the token, the figure and token are targeted for attacks independently. Neither the figure nor the token block line of sight to the other
  20. Why would you be 'on' the terminal if you are wanting to attack it, Melee can attack it from 2 spaces away and ranged attacker can do so from range with the accuracy test
  21. I don't hate the prequels pal, but still would like to see this game stay in the Rebellion - Empire era its going to serve well coming up to the new films
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