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  1. When we start our campaign properly my mate I know for a fact will pick 2 range 2 melee so I am going to be in the thick of it with the Imps
  2. Since Officer can make a figure move without using that figures movement pool then I would imagine it would work on the same par, the figure isn't activated at the point of you using the Officer so when the Officer orders the target figure to perform the Interrupt then it wont draw on that figures actions for its next activation.
  3. Forensicus is right there are no card sleeves for that style, the Yellow and Green relate to the other cards inside the box, Laminated or document wallet might be the ones. FFG would need to produce their own style sleeve for these games since it is only their games I have seen that have hero sheets that size, the TCCG games I have played in past just used normal size sleeves.
  4. Like I stated elsewhere on the forums, there as sometimes when another perspective on the rule can make it click in your head, just because the RRG gives the A-Z doesn't mean everyone will get it the first time.
  5. I can assure you it is sturdy, it needs it getting the chin gun in place lol
  6. If Imperial player makes his unit 'stand' on top of the terminal the Rebel player may choose which to target, this as been discussed elsewhere on the forums and the general consensus is you can see both Unit and Terminal. RRG Page 6
  7. My AT-ST is sat on my desk next to monitor and printer rest are in bags atm
  8. Cheers means a lot, I still open the box and look at the cards and think what the hell did I let myself into
  9. I am mistakenly reading this ruling then - Apologies
  10. Luke and Vader should have come in the card set with the Rebel and Imperial logo not the expansion pack Learn to Play Page 3 - 39 deployment cards (3 decks) If you checked the cards in this deck then contact FFG using the following link http://parts.fantasyflightgames.com/
  11. Not for multiple attacks, I believe what they are implying is that the figure defending may have natural defense, plus additional from something else and you are then enhancing the defense result further. I have not looked through all the crate cards but I would imagine there will be something in there that will no doubt enhance defense.
  12. Would be nice if there was a way to make this an online version too, I am sure someone out there with the know-how could do it
  13. If you watch Team Covenant video they re-rolled after the result of the Imperial player had rolled.
  14. Looking at the comparison I think FFG have got it right, the larger one doesn't look right with the skinny legs
  15. Can we have the Ewok on Speeder bike for the comedic value
  16. Looking at the RRG Page 11 which refers to what you can do with deployment under the control of the Imperials you can use whatever the hell you like as long as you have the threat in which to use it. Vader is 18 threat so in the early rounds you wont ever muster that much. But you can certainly deploy Elite Stormtroopers Remember * You can spend threat to replenish squads (smaller number on card that cost is per figure) * If a given deployment squad is defeated you keep the card because you can redeploy with threat * If an open deployment is defeated that is discarded
  17. Page 27 RRG Figures that occupy two spaces (8) and figures that occupy six spaces (9) can rotate their bases 90 degrees for one movement point. A figure cannot rotate into a position where it would occupy less than half of the spaces it occupied before the rotation (10) I saying as a if you had to make a 180* turn you would need two, but like stated in my post that I would imagine there is a targeting system onboard the AT-ST and the side weapons have the ability for 360* rotation allowing for the rear shooing arch. The rule states you can use any point of the model so what I put was if they had decided against it with the AT-ST you would be using 2 movements to spin the bloody thing around lol
  18. What you could have done had you any strain available done activate model, move to next to the Imperial model depending how many movement points that spent and what was left paid 2 strain to move use the movement through the Imperial then used the remaining movement points to get the hell away.
  19. The AT-ST will have some form of camera system that shows whats behind them and the guns even though not articulated in the model would be able to rotate 360 so it would be able to shoot behind itself. The turning though it hard to imagine because you need to use 2 movement points to make it turn to face what is behind it.
  20. No worries dude I also looked up Pull this ruling doesnt exist oddly enough
  21. I would say ETA-2 for the Jedi those give A-Wings a run for their money
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