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  1. Next in the line to get done are the Stormtroopers we spent a while other night going over the 'legacy' squads and the result will be interesting. The new thread will no doubt take you on the journey. P.S the guy who said use the 'loom' child bracelet making elastic bands to keep the cards segregated your a genius!
  2. Final highlights and shading applied to the gloves and the Royal Guard are now battle ready!!
  3. First coat of highlight applied and simple details are picked out, ready to be tidied up.....
  4. First coats of basic highlighting and details are painted on.....
  5. I am not taking credit for these, this is a W.I.P from a friend of mine who loves painting Minis so my Royal Guards went for their paint job Poor camera images but least you can see whats happening Friend: After using a craft knife and needle file to remove any mold lines, these miniatures get the usual white primer. Primer Dry, I apply two coats of Cadmium Red acrylic paint. Once the base coat was dry I mix 8 parts Cadmium Red ink to 1 part Ultramarine blue and apply generously over the entire model..... TBC
  6. 1. Played that right then 2. No action logo on the card it just tells the Rebel what to do and then discard
  7. Again something to highlight and I have read rules regarding but it doesn't state much. When a Rebel player collects a crate they hold the crate in their possession and take the loot card which remains with them during the mission and discarded / returned to deck at end of the mission. 1) If a Rebel is carrying a Crate and is wounded during the mission, does he/she release the crate from their possession effectively loosing 50 credits. 2) When a Rebel player chooses to use the loot card be it healing or a stim does this count as one of their actions for their activation or is this in addition to the two actions per activation.
  8. OK here is something that is bugging me, I am probably over looking something somewhere but running through our campaign today we come to the point of discussing how we Focus is applied on Surge. With Surge it says the effect must be done during the attack which that is fine, but Focus by definition is an effect that goes into the next activation. I and my friend have 2 out put on this so one of them as to be right A) On deciding the surge is successful and you choose the Focus option you are then able to roll the Green Die in addition to the result. B) The figure becomes Focused and then must wait for his next activation in which to spend said Focus
  9. Yes you pick your deck and then before the 1st mission starts you obtain like the Rebels do anything free of charge to your forces Show of Force how I read it basically is one use per round and can be given to any Imperial unit, which is fun when you you attach to the E-Web first hit with focus second hit without it is devastating
  10. 1.) The first thing was open groups, I was only selecting grey deploy groups for open groups, not elite (reds), this is something the imperials can do correct? I have used Elite Probe & E-Web on our missions, I wont use Vader, IG-88, Weiss or Champion Guard because they are characters so I am waiting to see if they unlock somehow. 2.) After reading the forms if my deployed group dies I get to redeploy it if I have enough threat (oops, guess I was going easy on them). Can I grab non-imperial deploy cards like Trandoshan Hunters? The campaign states that Mercenaries and Imperial are hostile towards the Rebels so I don't see why you can't use them 3.) Influence, after I spend it do I get it back on the next mission? I think I've been cheating and getting all this back. In which case I wouldn't of spent it in the first place because I need to do my side missions. No your Influence is spent. You will regain Influence completing or competing in the missions, but you don't recoup anything you have spent 3 missions spend 3 influence you will be on 0 until the end of the 4th mission 4a.) I wasn't letting them move through there characters but they can based on what I've read, but also can they move through my characters? You can move through friendly figures at no extra movement cost, you can move through enemy figures at a cost of +1 movement so to move 4 spaces you would need 5 speed were as if your going to move 4 spaces through friendly units you only need 4 speed. 4b.)We also had a discussion about one of the scenarios I had two imperial guards side by side in a T intersection, could they have moved past me and me pas them? If they can move diagonally then yes, the edge of a wall does not impede their movement
  11. would spoil the surprise if they knew where we was coming from
  12. Another stunner! you should be proud of that pal and rightly so!
  13. So basically for the Imperial Officer commanding another unit with the ability, it is done in the Officers turn and the target figure move their usual speed correct
  14. kk still learning curve.... so all text before the "mission brief" is done there and then and after that revert to normal unless it says otherwise underneath the brief
  15. yea i did that 0 threat then added 4 for the round in which you gain the threat
  16. Question 1 Since optional deployments happen after round 1 when you can put threat on the counter does this mean that every round thereafter the threat level is increased by twice the threat for the mission? We started with 2 threat due to being the 1st side mission so that meant 4 threat and we went on the assumption that 4 threat each turn because you can deploy up to 3 optional groups. Using the above assumption this would make Skywalker +8hp to his original starting hp give him 18. - Is this right or did we go wrong somewhere Question 2 Imperial Officer ability to move a friendly target within two spaces, does this happen only in the Officers turn or can it be done during the friendly target's turn and how many spaces are the units moving just the 1 or the units speed Just need them clarifying so far we are drawing heading towards Under Siege
  17. That looks awesome pal, if the rest come out that good your onto a winner! Take a bow mate
  18. Spoiler You would be correct in getting 2 influence for your victory over the Rebel scum
  19. Then you can't use Quick Draw against the Champion because it isn't his turn, it is indeed worded like an Interrupt.
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