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  1. Find the rank codes here : http://starflirts.net/tag/star-wars-rank-insignia
  2. It is true but unless you are a SHOP and can prove this then you are not buying from a distributor
  3. These still sell http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291409180231?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Find a venue and advertise away pal
  4. Mine would be Vir Mortalis - Sith 15 cost 10 Hp Defefence 2x Black Dice Attack 2x Red Dice Pierce 2 (s) Recover 2 Ability - Force Choke Ability - Force Push
  5. My understanding is this Open Group None Elite Imperial or Mercenary Elite Imperial or Mercenary Can use a Named Villain after completing the mission and unlocking said Villain Place starting unit cards face up Place reserved cards face down Take # equal to the # of open groups available and place them face down next to the reserve group Imperial deployment cards not being used then are put back away
  6. I dont believe the Imps can negate their movement point activation to use Shoot and Ability
  7. I would imagine December time to co run with Episode 7 release, with the packs being made available around March-April next year
  8. There is an alternative AT-ST? Thought it was Luke & Stormtrooper... And yes Ashley Stones of Zone Out in Doncaster is hosting a tournament soon https://www.facebook.com/groups/1428821057400923/?fref=ts
  9. The wording on Elite Officer is actually simple it says Your options with this guy are the following Move & Shoot Move & Move Move & Use Executive Order Imperial player unless stated can not perform abilities twice
  10. When you have concluded Aftermath you will get the Rebel player to choose 2 side missions, Aftermath will tell you to put a new story mission into play. Once the Rebel players have chosen the 2 side missions they then pick 1 of the following, this mission is played directly after Aftermath
  11. Personally would love an ATAT but the maps are too small so it would be a case of this. AT-AT All Terrain Armored Transport 20 cost Accuracy +6 - (s) Blast 3 - (s) Pierce 3 Restricted - This deployment card does not activate, and does not gain movement points, at the end of each round choose two targets within line of sight and perform an attack Awkward - can not see targets within 2 spaces of any corner 20 Health - Defence B B - Attack Dice Pool R B G Y
  12. OK so far the games have been close contests, Imperials are winning overall series but what annoyed me recently was this mission. My friend taking control of the Rebels goes Luke Skywalker, Smuggler, Jedi, Sniper and Wookiee that is his line up most matches, we set up and I have enough threat to deploy Mr Vader which I thought would be great because the saboteurs would be freed and I would be able to brutal strike them job done. So as I predicted the objective to unlock the door happened Vader did the 'boom' and wait what! not withdrawn but incapacitated, they can perform 1 action in their turn move or shoot take your pick! WTF!! I don't often get annoyed in this game, I am competitive and we have little heated discussions mid match but that is nothing compared to this! the saboteurs are literally UNDEAD!!! you can't do sod all about them. So low an behold the Imperials might as well have gone home at this stage can't stop them and you have the normal Rebels doing their bit as well. Seriously ruined the game for me in that mission! At no point have the Imperials thus far had a "oh your not dead you just incap but you can still move or shoot" This coupled to the fact that the Smuggler is overpowered with Quick Draw. I have been happy with the game thus far but this mission broke it, I can't wait to end the game now and move on to the next campaign when me and my friend will trade places.
  13. Maybe if the company they work for wasn't a cheap ass and trying to get blood out of the stone and gave their workers better working conditions and pensions the staff at the place would resume their work.
  14. All looking good though they should be Red and higher cost to deploy
  15. Look at it this way. Show of Force make a figure focused, it doesn't say attach on it so you can use this card on an imperial unit. So as long as they dont declare and attack before using the card then yes it will gain the green die... EG Stormtrooper activates Stormtrooper figure moves 4 spaces and finds himself in a position to attack a Rebel Imperial declares he is using this round the SoF card on that figure Stormtrooper declares the attack Imperial player now roles B + G + G the additional green for SoF SoF is now exhausted and cannot be used by the remaining Stormtroopers in that squad
  16. I am doing a 1v1 with my friend, he as 4 rebels and so far its going ok though the smugger is getting over powered a little she can 1 shot troopers which is annoying
  17. We are playing this as Reach can be used against terminals and doors. Simple reason if you can hit a figure two spaces away, your not going to miss a standing target anytime soon.
  18. The order would go Rebel Imperial Rebel Rebel Rebel If he was to pass then that is it until the next round
  19. With several Projects on the go the Stormtroopers have been put to one side for the last couple of days but today they are back in the cross-hairs of the paint brushes The white Troopers will have sand flock and have some dirt staining, The Nova Troopers will shine
  20. After my friend had completed the Royal Guard he opted for the 9x Stormtroopers, we had sat for a couple of nights discussing the paint schemes for these since we know the troopers are white. However, the 3 squads will have their differences noticed by the following paint schemes. 1st Stormtrooper Squad - White with the left shoulder Orange (E-11) 2nd Stormtrooper Squad - White with the left shoulder Yellow (Rifleman) Elite Stormtrooper Squad - Nova Trooper Black & Gold Over to my friend. Started on the next batch. Storm trooper squads, all models were given a white undercoat as on the left. Two squads of 3 troopers will get a Nulln wash as in the middle set, the black squad on the right will be our elite squad "Nova" corps. ..... please exuse the crap photo, there is some bad lighting in here ^^
  21. My friend is a great painter, I just give him source material to use and he matches the paints and does the detailing, the Royal Guards are screen accurate
  22. And with the use of my Nokia camera here is a better image of the Guards
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