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  1. Feel free to tweak, this is just a fun thread to see how good we could get Palpatine
  2. 20 Cost - Emperor Palptine - Sith Lord (Imperial Logo) [image] +1 Defence + Weaken Surge 1: Recover +2 damage Surge 2: Stun Ability: Master Force Lightning Target an hostile figure within line of sight, roll 2 Red Dice, the hostile figure suffers that amount of damage. Hostile figures within 4 spaces also suffer +2 strain Ability: Holding Vader's Leash If Darth Vader is deployed he now as +2 movement speed. Ability: Guarded When you deploy a Royal Guard group as an optional deployment -2 threat from the cost When you are reinforcing a Royal Guard group -1 threat from the cost Ability Intimidation Hostile figures within Line of Sight at the end of the round will begin their next activation weakened. Any hostile figure within 4 spaces need to perform a (eye logo) test if they fail the Emperor controls them until the round is over, they can perform one attack and one movement action and are considered hostile enemy figures (if more than one hostile figure is within 4 spaces and line of sight the Emperor can choose only one of them) HP: 15 Movement: 2 Attack: None Defence: White Adding the Weaken trait to him and expanding upon it more as a passive ability and trading off 5 HP to counter this
  3. When the Imperial player is given "x XX the Threat Level" for optional deployments. Does this threat last on start of Round 1 if the Imperial chooses not to spend any of the points in this section.
  4. OK We are getting closer to the film line for him to start making some form of appearance, which will be fun if FFG do indeed decide to release. So here is what I would imagine his stats to read (sorry dont have a blank template card) [Campaign) 20 Cost - Emperor Palptine - Sith Lord (Imperial Logo) [image] +1 Defence Surge 1: Recover +2 damage Surge 2: Stun Surge 3: Gain +2 Movement Ability: Master Force Lightning Target an hostile figure within line of sight, roll 2 Red Dice, the hostile figure suffers that amount of damage. Hostile figures within 4 spaces also suffer +2 strain Ability: Holding Vader's Leash If Darth Vader is deployed he now as +2 movement speed. Ability: Guarded When you deploy a Royal Guard group as an optional deployment -2 threat from the cost When you are reinforcing a Royal Guard group -1 threat from the cost HP: 20 Movement: 2 Attack: None Defence: White Thoughts for this? Would this be too over powered? What would you change and why?
  5. The initial post was probably harsh, and worse still is the mitigating circumstances why I was both annoyed and less tactful to the least. This is inexcusable I would agree, I have stated so above that my initial post clearly left some things to be desired. I understand that fully. This is why I focused on the main reason for the rant. Let’s put into perspective of my contribution to this forum, though not as intense as the highly popular Fizz whom I respect as a strong poster for rules and understanding, I wrote one of the 1st newbie campaign set ups which sometimes gets the often use. I remained silent over the Wave 1 delay because hell everyone is entitled to go to work and be valued, even though this delay as somewhat favoured my counterpart in our latest campaign as he as the full Imperial forces to unlock whereas I had the core pack to start with. But alas I couldn't care less about that. I can fully understand this and hopefully with time FFG's Production to Distribution network will strengthen as they send their main supplier the stock needed and to the correct warehouses and have a system in place that will allow them to fulfil stock orders in the initial shipment which means retailers can hit the ground running not only fulfilling any pre-order requirement but also have the stock on the shelves for the joe public to take away with them. I am also fully aware that the UK and other countries have staggered release dates, this has been the case for decades, America will always get films released in cinemas first and the dvd/blu-ray will be available there first too, again this is part of international trading agreements which do sometimes effect the British purchaser but hell that doesn't faze me in the slightest either. Again as stated above it comes when it comes. Basically the rant which [edited to remove the later part] is still that FFG have to give enough product to the distribution hub to allow countries a chance to stock the item and well, and it was advantageous for FFG to release Twin Suns at GENCON which beggars the question any of the stock taken to this event eating into the quota of other countries and going on the "rob Peter to pay Paul'" phrase. Now the conversation and topic as finally resumed to normality and that a discussion can be taken place on how FFG could improve their effectiveness in the future and yes the merger with that European games company looks to be a viable route but as long as they support that distribution hub with the correct stock levels from the word go. Now yes internal transfers of shipping and customs checks will add delay to this procedure but having enough stock in one go regardless of time of arrival would mean that the customer base are then not waiting for the shipment behind to go through the process, IE send twice amount through first then allow the shipments behind to follow course because by the initial "overstock" you have pretty much effectively sorted stock levels for each country that will retail the item and still have back up stock within the shipping system.
  6. Yes that's right, somone bring up a topic that questions FFG production and distribution and the level of replies lower in IQ with every passing commnet, some of the responses on here have been great and insightful, however, you sir are a ..... Had their been issues with product to not reaching the distribution then FFG could have forewarned the customers that look we have sent but not all retailers are expected to carry, this was the case with Wave 1 when the Industrial Action laid the wave completely AWOL for several weeks. I said boo to a goose on this because I know, that the lives of the poeple working on there are humans too and they were defending their jobs and / or trying to have better conditions, I recall this thread brough out some of the worst bitching I have ever encountered and this came from others not me. I have stated I have waited since May and thought little of how long it would take to arrive, it would come... when it comes. The issue I have with the following is that FFG who supply their distributor with product clearly didn't give them a chance to ship to everywhere and hell have completely blanked other countries! But again feel free to insult on post the more it bumps the more FFG might actually read and see that they have a gaping flaw in their Production to Distribution.
  7. How old are you? Twelve? You're having to wait a full week longer than you thought for Twin Shadows and because of this you're threatening to throw the towel in on it all? Get a life. The issue isnt about waiting the extra week at all, it is the fact that FFG underestimate their International customers, case in point Denmark not even have a release date, and for the countries outside of the US to only send 6 of each unit per item for each store. They knew in advance that IA as been a commercial success in other countries and this showing on their 1st expandion doesn't put a good light on it at all. I have waited since May, you will notice the initial release that the company I ordered from slated was June and it is in an earlier post elsewhere, I wasn't optimistic of such an early release. It isn't a childish rant, its a rant that the people that have the ordering numbers need to realistically stock from the outset, this one might be lucky but I would imagine doing something like with X-Wing would revoke similar these are popular lines, not limited edition so they should be stocked up ready to go with their first shipment. Clearly you lot have the rose tints on regarding "how long i wait" I couldn't care how long I wait, what I don't want to hear is the company is only shipping 6 of each item on its initial shipment. So no i am not a "12yr old" I am someone that understand supply & demand I shall leave it that, people will understand that I am looking from this as a business point of view, as for myself and frustration that will be for me alone, and probably at the time of writing the post sleep may have been the better answer and come back with a fresh head. Lets say I would like to have played Twin Suns before the next Expansion hits .... is it reasonable to end on that .
  8. 1. TaunTauns are looking likely. 2. T-47 Snowspeeder would be a large mobile figure. Need to be careful due to smaller maps that vehicles dont ruin to much of it but keep 6 squares should be ok like the ATST
  9. You can stand in GEN-CON and flap your gums about how great you are doing but when you completely underestimate the demand in other countries you will start to loose player bases!!! I have 2 parts of my order coming which will be completely useless because I am waiting for the Expansion!
  10. Me and a friend run 2 man campaign we both have 4 heroes with "bonus" cards, it is my turn with the Rebels but since we finished his run I have had the wave 1 packs come so he can unlock more Imps meh
  11. It would be nice, but not fitting the timeline. I dont want to go back in time to the Clone Wars and at the current timeline he as been dead some time. I think there is enough bust, figures and other merchandise for Count Dooku available on the market. R.I.P Christopher Lee
  12. Not everyone as the time to dedicate to the tournaments and so would miss out on alternative arts and other nice things for their IA collection, so I believe KITs should be made available to all. I dont have any time to go to them either I bought my KIT off eBay from a place in the US. I have added the Luke and Trooper cards to my decks and hung the medal up on wall as a kool SW collectible, the counters have been added to the other counters and I use the pouches as additional storage for dice and counters.
  13. That above plus Kir shot a Tie Pilot through the cockpit window with a blaster! enough said
  14. It never showed in stock for me, it just said release back end of June
  15. Just found the IA Expansion on ChaosCards website http://www.chaoscards.co.uk/board-games-c800/a-z-c801/s-c824/star-wars-imperial-assault-twin-shadows-p119349 They have the Boba Fett, Trooper and the Droids too
  16. Our Imperial Assault Painting Paint Credit to Tony (My friend) Due to the forum not allowing to post our images, please click the image below to view the gallery Thanks for viewing
  17. My friend is currently painting my set, with a design brief what I would like, this is the 1st of the Trandoshan Hunters. 1st Elite as been painted like Cradossk the next Elite will be Bossk and will have 2 generic ones for the standard
  18. I don't really want Starkiller in the IA game to be fair, I want them to either be original or already canon established characters from ANH onward
  19. Doncaster Railway Station Executive Car Park Station Court, Doncaster DN1 1PE, United Kingdom Head south 128 ft Turn left toward Trafford Way/A630 180 ft Turn right onto Trafford Way/A630 66 ft Sharp left toward W Laith Gate 79 ft Turn right at Trafford Way/A630 23 ft Turn right toward W Laith Gate 46 ft Turn left onto W Laith Gate 308 ft Turn left onto St Sepulchre Gate 0.1 mi Continue onto Baxter Gate 479 ft Continue onto Market Pl 328 ft Turn right to stay on Market Pl 256 ft Turn left onto Sunny Bar 164 ft Turn left to stay on Sunny Bar 43 ft Turn right onto Nether Hall Rd 210 ft Turn right toward Coopers Terrace 180 ft Turn left onto Coopers Terrace Destination will be on the right 184 ft Doncaster DN1 2PX, UK
  20. Ashley is running it Mazz0 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1428821057400923/) it is a bit down the page, he is hosting X-Wing and Armada as well The AT-ST one seems to be a US thing from FFG direct
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