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    1st Tourney

    Well I competed in my 1st tournament today and result wise I think I can be happy with. My Build: Soontir Fel - Royal Guard Title - Push the Limit - Autothrusters - Stealth Device Carnor Jax - Royal Guard Title - Push the Limit - Autothrusters - Shield Upgrade Tirr Phennir - Royal Guard Title - Push the Limit - Targeting Computer 100 Pts 1st Game: Won on modified win condition, the oponent was running Decimator and Juno eclipse and in the last roll of the dice Soontir with 1 health left survived a range one shot from Juno meaning my earlier kill of the Decimator was enough to see me through. 2nd Game: Came up against a Dash and 2x B-Wing having made work of Dash I soon lost Carnor but th B-Wings were no match for a rampant Fel and Phennir 3rd Game: Lost to a mini TIE swarm the player had covered every angle it made it hard to do anything 4th Game: Total dice fail =( I just quit after Fel and Jax went down after each other. 14 players took part, 1 dropped out and I ended 9th with 8 points in total Vault 14 Store Tournament in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England
  2. Royal Guards are in Spring kit Sabs are in Summer Kit
  3. The game wasn't based on skirmish as the main game mode, unlike X-Wing which is Skirmish 1st Campaign later. The campaign is what got me into the game in the first place.
  4. Hi all, I am selling on eBay (UK only) Alternative Art Cards from Spring, Summer & Winter 2015 tournament packs. Stormtrooper - Spring Trandoshan Hunters - Summer Rebel Trooper - Winter Each have been marked up at £3.00 each with free delivery again selling only within the UK If I have posted out of term then please feel free to delete this post.
  5. Big thank you to my friend Tony who paints these models for fun, I supply him the equipment and he turns out some wonderfully painted models. I am picky when it comes to detailing so I am happy he obliges, the ruling for the paint scheme goes something like this, it must be a close representation of the hero sheets or box art, for canon character it must be accurate to A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back Imperial Assault Core Heroes Imperial Assault Core Allies Twin Shadows Allies Imperial Assault Core Imperial Forces We used variant Officer Uniforms wit the Elite taking Grand Admiral Thrawn colours The Elite Stormtroopers are painted in the Novatrooper colour scheme Being generic mobs my friend was given creative license I asked for both to painted like Cradossk and Bossk Being a generic creature again freedom was given Being a generic creature again freedom was given I asked for the Champion to be painted like Kir Kanos The Elite E-Web was given a Swamptrooper colour scheme Luke Skywalker will be the next model to be completed once my friend gets round to redoing, but we have all but the Bantha Rider and Alliance Smuggler models to do since those two are still pre-order in UK
  6. From what I understand the plan was two fold, have a strong ship that would be able to dish out the damage and hopefully win, if not the "extreme" defensive Echo would play out to a points win or loss instead of a full Loss
  7. I couldnt challenge it because I don't know them cards to well, I got the Phantom last night but had not opened it, I was playing on the whim he knew what he was doing since by the sounds he had played other matches using the same setup he was just trialing the Punisher as a back up to Echo
  8. I played my 3rd friendly match last night at a local store my build is still in the get the sip stage so I went with Soontir Fell * Royal Guard Title * Push the Limit * Autothruster * Stealth Device Carnor Jax * Royal Guard Title * Autothrusters * Marksmanship * Targeting Computer (Don't Judge I am still getting cards) Turr Phennir * Royal Guard Title * Targetting Computer * Expert Handling I was up against a TIE Punisher and 'Echo' , now my question come with Echo, the player had used Echo * Advanced Sensor * Stygium Particle Accelerator * Recon Specialist * Push the Limit His turn with Echo was something like this 1. Decloak - Barrel Roll / Boost 2 bank as stated on card 2. Recieve a free Evade for the Decloak 3. Push the limit for a Focus token to get another one with Recon and gain stress 4. Reveal a Green move to clear the stress 5. Cloak and gain another Evade token My question is this, can Stygium give off 2 evade tokens in the one turn he just had? Battle Report: * Punisher misjudged a boost and left the field leaving behind a bomb that did nothing * Carnor Jax was killed by a crit that needed rolling for each combat phase lol * Echo finally bit the bullet when Soontir and Turr got her in Range 1 both sides and just went to town
  9. Just been watching the latest video of Paul Heaver taking his Rebel swarm on agains a Imperial Jeremy, mid way through noticed that Paul Heaver's dice are not the standard Red and White, which ones his he using?
  10. Think replacement cards as and when should be included in the next available expansion boxset it wouldn't be hard to do eg: Next Expansion from Return to Hoth will include the altered cards for the ones recently changed but you will only get the amount of cards that those came with in the initial print, the models for these characters would not come in new Expansion you would simply be getting the replacement cards and a new rule book with all the amendments printed
  11. Well I am probably like a lot of the UK players waiting for the Bantha herder to bring us the late running Bantha and Smuggler packs but onwards to guessing the next expansion Return of the Jedi themed > Forest Moon exterior > Death Star 2 Interior > Crix Madine (Hero) > Emperor Palpatine (Villian) > Scout Trooper > Ewok Warriors New Core Rule book with amendments and replacement cards for those changed equal to the amount supplied in core set 1.0 with packs including; Name Scout Trooper Lando Calrissian Speeder Bike
  12. Next months wage then it will be a new Core Set TFA due to the 2.0 damage deck and having some nice looking ships and cards to boot, I have ordered TIE Interceptor and Imperial Aces pack already they are on their way so that will give me 3 Interceptors. Then after that will look at additional 1 or 2 smaller ships like TIE Adv etc to build up.
  13. OK I bought an ex-demo starter box off a retailer I know, I missing a couple of things but that wont effect game play yet since I am waiting for my new 4x4 board to arrive, I have ordered a new base card for Biggs which was missing and he is going to replace the last missing Tracking token, the plus side instead of getting 1 X-Wing and 2 TIEs I ended up with 2 X-Wings and 2 TIEs and an host of other cards that wouldnt normally come in the core which include extra Determination, R5 Astromech, R5-K6, Expert Handling, Swarm Tactics, Extra 2x Marksmanship, extra Proton Torpedoes and 2x additional Stunned Pilot damage cards further more ended up with Wedge Antilles and base, 2x Rookie Pilot cards, 1x Black Squadron Pilot, 1x Obsidian Squadron Pilot, Gray Squadron Pilot, Gold Squadron Pilot, Horton Salm, "Dutch" Vander (no Y-Wings in this box) and some extra tokens. Ordered some acrylic templates for movement and range since them cardboard ones dont look all that great so on the way is a black set with Imperial Logos Question: 1. The core set is designed for 2 people, which is great and since I gained an additional X-Wing it will be 2 on 2 in combat, Damage deck contains 33 cards do both players share the one damage deck or is the damage deck split and each player have 16 cards with 1 left doing nothing. I have to say I am impressed by the detailing on these models and can't wait to try my Howlrunner & Mauler Mithrel vs Luke and Wedge against my friend
  14. HOK: IMPERIAL SQUAD 100 points PILOTS Darth Vader (35) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Veteran Instincts (1), Engine Upgrade (4), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Soontir Fel (35) TIE Interceptor (27), Royal Guard TIE (0), Push the Limit (3), Stealth Device (3), Autothrusters (2) Omicron Group Pilot (30) Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Emperor Palpatine (8), Tactical Jammer (1) So just a monthly play by play in meantime I can get the core set and get used to the game, the rules whilst i put the bits together for the squad =)
  15. I would just build up the Squad month by month, I am in the UK some of those prices are greatly reduced thankfully due to conversion. I love the idea of the Imperial Shuttle with Palpatine
  16. Fel uses Stealth , Autothrusters, Push the Limit OK so the Academy Pilots are not worth the extra boost thanks And Vader doesnt need an extra target lock Right now to find Han Shopped First post much appreciate the help guys
  17. VirMortalis

    New to X-Wing

    Hello All, I have been playing Imperial Assault (none competitive) since it was released and recently got watching lots of X-Wing vids on YouTube with Team Cov and really got interested in the game. I am going to be picking up the core set in the next couple of weeks and want to build a squad I can have fun and maybe enter store tournaments with. I was using XWing-builder.co.uk website to create a squad and this is what I came up with for 100 Points. Darth Vader (33) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Veteran Instincts (1), Targeting Computer (2), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Soontir Fel (35) TIE Interceptor (27), Royal Guard TIE (0), Marksmanship (3), Stealth Device (3), Autothrusters (2) Academy Pilot (16) x 2 TIE Fighter (12), Engine Upgrade (4) Bare in mind I have yet to play this I was just reading what the cards do using the site and watching the videos. Feel free to give me any advice possible before I make the plunge and what sets I need to get to acquire any cards needed. Again thank you for your time in helping a newbie
  18. Maybe have FFG produce the new cards and ship them to all the stores that stock so you can exchange old for new
  19. They are sending out new cards in future OP kits In the meantime there is this PDF too https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1355055/IA%20December%20Erata%20%2B%20Smuggler.pdf The cards in the PDF does that effect Campaign too?
  20. That's fine just refreshing up on stuff again.
  21. 1. Great to hear you are wanting to join the ever expanding world of Imperial Assault 2. Yes FFG seem to like the Card formation from X-Wing and Amada (if it aint broke...) they require Yellow and Green sleeves so that will give you an indication of size. 3. I play campaign more and not tried skirmish but run down for campaign is http://iacommand.com/campaign-beginners-guide/ 4. Campaign mode differs in that the Imperial Player is the GM and will set up the mission and have access to what is coming, Rebel players are just trying to do objectives within so many turns. 5. Nothing stopping you building your own map pieces, just make sure they are of the same size and shape and build away. 6. Skirmish - depends on the player, Campaign can last hours 7. Similar by all accounts 8. Reading the rule book can leave you scratching your head. Best to have this forum up when playing so you can filter through Q+As
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