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  1. Thank you so much this will make it awesome to make some random games up with my mate
  2. Well Rogue One and Rebels are taking place around that time period so you would be safe to get that. I wouldnt expect anything prior to RO or post ROTJ for the foreseeable future
  3. One step further should anyone really care use the website above but at the end use the following URL add-on 1. /media/audio/sw/score/01_ESCAPE.mp3 2. /media/audio/sw/score/02_AHCH-TO_ISLAND.mp3 3. /media/audio/sw/score/03_THE_SUPREMACY.mp3 4. /media/audio/sw/score/04_ADMIRAL_HOLDO.mp3 5. /media/audio/sw/score/05_FUN_WITH_FINN_AND_ROSE.mp3 6. /media/audio/sw/score/06_CONNECTION.mp3 7. /media/audio/sw/score/07_LESSON_ONE.mp3 8. /media/audio/sw/score/08_CANTO_BIGHT.mp3 9. /media/audio/sw/score/09_THE_MASTER_CODEBREAKER.mp3 10. /media/audio/sw/score/10_THE_FATHIERS.mp3 11. /media/audio/sw/score/11_THE_CAVE.mp3 12. /media/audio/sw/score/12_REYS_JOURNEY.mp3 13. /media/audio/sw/score/13_A_NEW_ALLIANCE.mp3 14. /media/audio/sw/score/14_HOLDOS_RESOLVE.mp3 15. /media/audio/sw/score/15_CHROME_DOME.mp3 16. /media/audio/sw/score/16_THE_BATTLE_OF_CRAIT.mp3 17. /media/audio/sw/score/17_THE_SPARK.mp3 18. /media/audio/sw/score/18_THE_LAST_JEDI.mp3 19. /media/audio/sw/score/19_OLD_FRIENDS.mp3 20. /media/audio/sw/score/20_FINALE.mp3 Once you have entered this you will come up with the player, right click the player and select Save as.... that will then download the track
  4. Seen film twice in cinema, the in loving memory bit in credits gets me every time :'( met Carrie twice in the last 4 years, she was a wonderful eccentric person
  5. They stated they wanted to playing in the Galactic Civil war era, so that means nope for the Clones and nope for the First Order. We are literally staying between ANH and ROTJ
  6. From me to me Emperor Palpatine - Ian McDiarmid Autograph completing the tri-factor of Mark Hamill - Dave Prowse & Ian McDiarmid
  7. Literally before this game was announced me and a friend was saying if they made a SW mini game that allowed customisation and used a Warhammer/Bolt Action style play it would make a fortune. I think they only thing I am not really a fan of is the us of cards and upgrade cards. But I can see why they have done it, when it helps you keep a track of abilities / equipment you have bought for the squads. I am very happy with everything announced so far, I don't care about scale that allows FFG to make official Star Wars terrain to make the table top look more authentic
  8. General: Darth Vader with Saber Throw, Battle Meditation & Force Choke Squad 1: Stormtrooper with DLT-19, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes Squad 2: Stormtrooper with DLT-19, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes Squad 3: Stormtrooper with HH-12, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes Support: 74-Z Speeder with Long Range Comm-Link Heavy: AT-ST with Commanding Presence, Comms Jammer 790 / 800 points so 10 points extra to spend on the AT-ST when more in known about the extra attacks it will be able to make with the missiles and mortar
  9. The more I hear about this game it is sounding more and more like Bolt Action but with Unit Cards and different die to roll. I am going to love this game knowing it adds a bit of realism to it, a unit under heavy fire isn't going to get the time to plan anything since they are too busy being blastered to **** and back
  10. Again I said in my post that female troopers could exist in the game, but the armour they wear would not be "modified" to show the breasts as for example ; I know quite a few women in the costume scene that are scout troopers, and I have met the actual 1st female stormtooper on set of Episode VII and she wore the exact suit of armour the guys did on set. So no we would not need specially adapted models to "represent" female troopers, they are rank and file grunts. Yes you could argue for Imperial Officers of both genders and that is acceptable also as stated with Sloan and some others in the Rebels series. I know Gwendoline was Phasma but the person I refer to in Episode VII was Samantha Alleyne (www.imdb.com/name/nm7186328/)
  11. I have no issues with the Rebel side having female soldiers, they are a resistance movement of sorts, you could call them terrorists but that is another debate entirely, what I do care about is FFG is getting the correct Imperial racism in place, this was written so because the Emperor didn't believe non-human races were of any value other than to be slaves to work in the many Imperial production or mining facilities across the Galaxy. The Imperial army should be made up of Stormtroopers etc... that do not have any variation to the armour than what is seen in the movies, and btw I know females that have trooper costumes and they do not modify them in any way, in fact most female troopers tend to wear the Scout armour. So in the box and for future updates Rebellion Female and Male troopers Alien races Aged faces Bearded faces Variety of uniforms Imperial Screen accurate Troopers Human Male / Female Officers Grand Admiral Thrawn as the only None Human characters This would represent the Star Wars universe faithfully.
  12. The game as only just been announced, how the h.e.l.l does this subject even come up. Queen Amidala - Prequels Hera Syndulla - Rebels Sabine Wren - Rebels Ahsoka Tano - Rebels / Clone Wars Jyn Erso - Rogue One Princess Leia - OT Mon Mothma - Saga Adi Galia - TPM Depa Bilaba - TPM Yaddle - TPM Numa - Clone Wars Mara Jade - Legends Aayla Secura - Prequels Luminara Unduli List goes on... When Star Wars was being made in the 1970s the role of a female in the military was that of a support class (analyst, nurse) but kept away from front line, this is why when you look at the rank and file of the military make up of the Imperial Army (which was heavily influenced by the Nazis in the 1940s) you don't find (if any) Female characters in the uniform. This was later addressed in Books, Comics, Games and of course Episode 7 The main women of power in the Original Trilogy were in politics, which again is why there is a distinct lack of "Military" leader, back in 1977 Carrie Fisher made Princess Leia a kick *** female lead! the actual character was written as a support, purely through her acting skills. This then in turn laid the paving stones for actors like Sigourney Weaver to portray the kick *** character in the Alien franchise. Star Wars was also guilty of not utilising actors of different race either, with Billy Dee Williams being one of an handful of actors of race been seen in the film. Although there were background artists portraying Stormtroopers, Imperial Royal Guards, Gamorean Guards etc... The change in female character leads is only coming about now because of the SJW's claiming they are marginalised and miss represented and you should also be happy to note that the new era going forwards will introduce characters of different race, sexuality and gender which will become more fore front and shoved down our throats to make sure that the tick boxes are filled so that the SJWs don't march against Star Wars and/or Disney. But before creating the post about a game that isn't released, set in an era that was written in the 1970s when the world worked differently, maybe just hold the brakes and do the research. I would imagine FFG will do what they have done for Imperial Assault and make up characters to join the squads.
  13. Now a lot of people are waving around the Warhammer 40K banner for trying to compare this product to it and to work out what potential costs are, however, reading and watching the demo game play through thoroughly this game stops being similar to Warhammer 40K at the point of building and painting a model. In fact this game shares more with Bolt Action by Warlord Games, using units that move together in a squad and can fan out, using soft and hard cover. The only differences is instead of a Command Die with the orders on you get a token and perform IA style actions Move + or Aim + or Dodge then Attack. That leads to a different thinking for unit pricing etc... So lets talk turkey, how much (could) this game actually cost us long term? Imperial Assault Models sell anywhere between £7 - £15 with box sets costing in the region of £25-£70 depending on size (Twin and Bespin were £25) so we can safely see some reasonable prices emerging. Bolt Action starter box set of an army is £70 In the UK we can pre order the base Legion between £70 - £80 with % for pre-order Bolt Action Expansion Armies are around £36 Bolt Action Infantry Box Set is £24 Enough plastic components to make 25 British infantry miniatures. Includes a host of options to allow for different weapon configurations and command models. So looking at this we could probably looking at: 1x Hero figure (possible alternative attire / pose - between £10 - £15 depending on size 5x Stormtroopers / Rebel Troopers around £15 2x Recon Vehicle (Speeder Bike / AT-RT) £20-£25 containing 1x Light Vehicle (AT-ST / Snow Speeder) £30-£35 1x Heavy Vehicle (AT-AT) £45-£50 800 Point Army Generic including Generic Commander, Troops, Vehicles £65-£70 Light Terrain pack £8 - Barricades, Trees etc Heavy Terrain pack £16 - Ruins etc... Modular Building £15-£20 This would keep the game in a decent price bracket allowing for those hardcore, and none hardcore to be able to pick up and play along.
  14. My game board at home is 4x4 so we will be adapting that for Legion and I will just get roll out mats
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