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  1. Do we know who got the super buys (200pnt win) Duncan Howard was talking about? I rescind the question as I agree players don't need to be called out for getting a buy and it was not my intent to shame obviously good players.
  2. Ryedub

    Happy Friday

    While the R3s do add an additional means of getting their evade tokens I personally haven't had a problem maintaining my evade tokens. I'm usually willing to drop 1 of my evades a turn and it's not common for both of my X-wings to be major targets on a turn. Meanwhile Targeting Astromechs have been an unexpected staple to the list allowing the firepower of the list to be maintained through a K-turn or Talon roll turn.
  3. Ryedub

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday! My favourite list to fly is -Thane Title R2D2 Jan Ors Vectored Thrusters - Red Squadron Veteran x2 Juke Comm Relay Targeting Astromech Integrated Astromech
  4. Ryedub

    Wave XI Speculation

    The next big star wars event I know of is celebration in mid April. I hope we don't have to wait that long for an announcement but I wouldn't be surprised.
  5. It feels like they are skimping on the prize pool a little bit. I also really don't like not getting the alt art and tokens if you win. I mean not everyone can go to many stores to different tournaments.
  6. So the ship has small bomblets which one can argue aren't significant enough to do material damage to a spaceship. also do you want the ship do be more expensive and be a meh bomber?
  7. I play 2 times a week, 2-3 games each day. Unless I'm preparing for a tournament or someone wants to face something in particular I almost always change lists game to game.
  8. Yes, you could use either of those cards to help you decide whether or not to BoShek. Cassian and Intel Agent both trigger before any ships become active. BoShek happens when a ship that BoShek is touching becomes the active ship in the activation phase. He happens before "before revealing your dial". That's interesting combo but unless you have an ability to reposition before you execute your maneuver (i.e. BB-8 or Advanced Sensors), you're still going to bump into that ship (if you planned a movement to do so) and BoShek will still trigger because of the must. Right? You don't HAVE to trigger BoShek. Therefore knowing the dial before you have to decide to trigger BoShek is good. + cassian andor or AS boost can help you bump or not bump.
  9. Knowing the dial before you BoShek lets you maximized Boshek's effect. If they plan a bad maneuver you don't look at it, a good maneuver you can BoShek it up.
  10. So... If I pair BoShek with either IA or Cassian Andor can I look at the dial with their abilities then decide if I want to look at the dial with BoShek? Because if so... Cassian and BoShek is crazy good control.
  11. Hey everyone. Recently I have been playing the following list as my main tournament list. Poe Dameron (PS8) (31) Black One (1) Veteran Instincts (1) R5-P9 (3) Autothrusters (2) Red Ace (29) R2-D2 (4) Comm Relay (3) Integrated Astromech (0) Jess Pava (25) R2 Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) My Problem arises from the proliferation of tractor beams in my local meta (defenders and asaj mostly) but there is still commonly tlts. To counter this I have been considering the change of autothrusters on poe for seismic torpedoes on one of them, possibly red ace. Would this be an effective counter to tractor beams? Is it worth the loss of autothrusters (but gaining integrated astromech). Also If I do make the switch who deserves the torpedo?
  12. Ryedub

    Fly Backward

    so... I need to load my lists with seismic torpedoes now just to ensure i won't be rocked every tournament? Well I'm off to buy more ARCS *whistles*
  13. Thank you for your service to the community. I love your stuff.
  14. I think mine would be Tel Trevura. it's so disheartening to have destroyed a ship or have important crits on a ship that just go away and she's still there, shooting back.
  15. Ryedub

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday to you to.
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