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  1. I'm merely an assistant to Sir Green Knight. It's his baby!!
  2. Hi xanderf, I just downloaded the previous version including the graphics pack to check the sizes and you are absolutely right 😄 I've maintaining my personal version of the graphics pack ever since (starting 2015) and never looked back. Since I have to review all images anyhow, coz some are still low res, I will also have a look into the card sizes. I'll check with @Green Knight to find a good and playable size. Cheers Rocco
  3. It is based on the last version provided by @JJs Juggernaut. Since the dev team around him seems to not find the time to add the new content I‘ve done it myself. I‘m not sure what kind of official proof you need for a fan based and non profit project like this, but be assured it was made with the best intensions to help players starting their campaigns without the need to proxy.
  4. @JJs Juggernaut & @ransburger pleeeeeeaaase .... can the RitR and SSD Cards get added ...
  5. @LTD I do not find a reference on how the navigation for the AI is done? did I miss it, or are all AI ships simply flying towards the focal spot, depending on ther mood (cautious, normal, agressive)??
  6. My bet is: Corellian CoRVette 😜
  7. I‘m curious to see the CC evolution/developement of this list 😆
  8. DCOs will be your Nemesis, coz it nullifies 36 Points you have invested!
  9. there is an active WhatApp Group for Armada in Munich. Send me a PM with your mobile number and I can add you.
  10. you´re also screwed if forced to be Player 1. Your fleet is very tanky, but lacks a real threat.
  11. I'm just doing the math if STM! is worth it?! if STM is only used for Admo, a Engineering token provided by a Transport is doing exacly the same. Changing STM! to EF, would make Admo even more flexible in its movements. and the Comms net Flot would give its eng token - which was before provided to Pelta.
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