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  1. Leaving space for a cult that sacrifices enemy cards?
  2. A two honor swing that makes you scared to dishonor a character against crane. Thematically brilliant.
  3. http://www.strangeassembly.com/2017/preview-noble-sacrifice-l5r-lcg-core-set New card!
  4. Normally that's true, except L5R is a game of fluff and story. Taking away the story from l5r is like taking away Jedi and star destroyers from Star Wars, it doesn't work and leaves an empty shell of a product. many people played the old l5r no matter how broken and disfigured it got, because of their love for the story. Ffg will have a bigger problem than gameplay if they ignore the story and fluff of the cards.
  5. I agree, but Anything helps right?Rieekan tends to be overbearing even without that combo in my opinion.
  6. So a friend and I were playing armada and thought of an interesting idea. What if Rieekan only worked with ships that had unique titles (aka unique ships)? For us at least, when you bring a ship you usuallly bring a title with it. So it's not to much of a nerf, but it also stops the 6 cr90 shenagins. Someone might have already said this, but what are the communities thoughts?
  7. How lore savvy do you want to get with it? Such as making tie fighters worse because they aren't built for the atmosphere. and are we talking about something more of a certain objective or a whole new type of game?
  8. Does anybody have an idea of when the next spoiler will come out?
  9. I would like to see some gambling from his ability. Could get annoying but would be thematic. In the same way that I want to see Thrawn to mess with objectives.
  10. I like the idea, might try it in our casual games. Something like you must have a certain ratio of the wave one stuff before taking defenders or other more limited things
  11. I'm sure car racks and dreadnaights are coming out eventually but I doubt the lancer will come saying we already have the raider.
  12. I could see some Paragon shenagins being fun with boarding parties
  13. Actually, as I reread it. Boarding cards say your value, not what you are getting from a token so it would work to its fullest extent even with a token also, when you spend a token you could use an exhausted one correct? (Little bit of a new player and a little fuzzy on some of the wording still)
  14. True, so instead a command. Not as scary but still
  15. Can you imagine an isd, getting the token from a flotilla, using boarding parties to strip your defense tokens before unloading into you?
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