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    ProfessorDetective reacted to neosmagus in Arkham horror 4th edition?   
    It's not fourth edition, it's just another game in the Arkham Files universe, like Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness and Elder Sign. 
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to player630063 in State of the Game?   
    Does anyone know if there are plans currently for a new expansion?  I know the Daniella Card was released at Arkham Nights, but we haven’t had word on a new expansion since Omens of the Pharaohs was released last feb.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Steeljaw in New Storage insert released for Arkham Horror 3rd edition   
    In case anyone was waiting for a storage insert go7 gaming just released theirs.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Werepanda in Are we having fun yet?   
    I'm genuinely curious about who is having fun with the 3rd edition and ideally, why. I have nothing but respect for Richard Lanius and Fantasy Flight Games for the Arkham Files series but I feel like something integral is missing from AH3. My group has a complete version of 2nd edition and a complete Eldritch horror. We had fun with both of those games  and played them for a long time. The most fun we had was going through the three seasons of League play--even when we lost. And that's the crux for me. Playing through the 3rd edition hasn't been fun for me, win or loss. I think it comes down to the pressure of the action economy. It feels like we are always behind, even when we are playing smart/making good choices. In theory that should make for a good horror game but so far being on the receiving end, it feels frustrating with our wins feeling like they depended more on luck than skill/smarts. Our group always has played at the four player level, which was the cut off in AH2 and EH for difficulty progression.  Generally we tried to cover our bases in what characters would be played, even in the truncated character availability of League play (meaning we had a fighter, a gate closer, some kind of support, and then a wildcard). The first solution I thought about but didn't implement was messing with the Mythos cup in some way, either diluting it with blanks or having players draw less or something. Now that we have beaten all four of the starting antagonists (perhaps 12 games in total), we are returning to AH2 to see if we can pin point what the differences is. Normally we would play the game into the ground to make sure that we were playing "properly," but I just couldn't bring myself to do that any more. While there are things I liked in the update to 3rd ed. (the personal items that helped each character feel unique, as well as items and allies that can take damage/sanity loss) and I appreciate the risks in new ideas like the modular board and the idea of more cohesive stories, ultimately the game just didn't come together for me. Any thoughts from the community?
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to DMG in Very quiet on the release front   
    It's been very quiet on the expansion front.  Considering Arkham Horror is one of the "flagship" products for FFG, I'm amazed nothing has been announced yet...
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to guest455987 in New Investigators based on Dark Corners of the Earth   
    I'm not familiar with the video game, but from an AH perspective...
    I think Jack is pretty overpowered.  One Clue Token with every Mythos draw is a lot over the course of the game.  You might consider that with every Mythos card drawn he makes a Lore (-2) check and gains a Clue token if he passes.  At least then it's not a guarantee.  And +2 against all of those monsters is pretty huge, I think.  If anything, knock that down to +1 and reduce the pool of monsters, for simplicity's sake if nothing else. Also, for the sake of space I would remove the Guided by Yith ability and just give him a higher Luck range, or give him the Skill that gives you +1 Luck.  His starting condition, being delayed, and then going to the Asylum and being delayed again, may fit the video game narrative somehow, but it's a sucky thing to play as a character.  I hate being delayed as it is, much less twice in a row before you get to do anything else.  I would suggest finding something else to represent that or disregarding it altogether.  If that's meant to be a negative offset for
    The Yithian Crystal is pretty cool.  The wording might be a little funny, but I like how it functions.
    Lucas seems pretty good.  The only thing is you should clarify whether Information Sharing means that the First Player may gain one of his Clue tokens (what I think it should be) or just gain one.
    I like Rebecca quite a lot.  The only thing I can think to change is to remove the comma after "investigator" in the Devoted Conviction ability.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Musha Shukou in New Investigators based on Dark Corners of the Earth   
    So, I'm working on my own custom cards based on the video game Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth.  So I would like to submit my 3 investigators to this community to get your opinions.

    Images are copyright 2008 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Duciris in Return to the Dunwich Legacy   

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    ProfessorDetective reacted to phorcys12 in Arkham Nights 2018   
    I think the answer is YES. Because if this is a character only released at Arkham Night, they should have named it " promo character " and not " preview character " . So I think this should coming in the year, with 3 others all-new gators. 
    Thy haven't done anything with the dreamlands, or Dunwich, and we have some tropical material from the last cycle of the LCG, and we would see all new places, like the Severn created by Clark Ashton Smith,  Asia ... If FFG want to continue, so they will. After all, the last expension of Eldritch just come with a package of new gators, So Elder Sign would have the same treatment, like a final gift for the followers of the game.  
    And you just told us that, 7 new characters in two years, so like 3 by years. So, 3 more aren't so irealistic. If they want to add more dynamism to the line Arkham, they could doing that by make a bigger bag of playable character. Exemple : If they want to release something like deluxe expension for the LCG but not in the principal line, something like Saga expension, which not need pack to add, just tell a story from deluxe to deluxe, for a bigger campaign like Mask of nyarlathothep. So, they would add some player cards, and perhaps one or two gators by box. So if they do, so they should have to release no the 15 gators in 2 years ( because 3 cycle / 2 year for now ) but 17-19. And at the point we are, the game is really a victory, every cycle is better than the precedent one, so the game would be more living than just 6 years. And when they will be at this point, they should start to see the end of the list of avaible gators, even without make real my idea of deluxe expension. 
    Just a reminder, the game just start in november of 2016. the next month, he will be old of 2 years, and we already are at 21 gators, and two month later will be at least to 26. The half of the gators will be released at this point. For compare, the Lord of the rings LCG, who is not a more stronger IP for FFG than Arkham, is here from 2011. 8 years so, and we already know that they will release another cycle after the actual one, he is not on the point of dying, and Arkham would follow the same trail.  Ok, they really slow down the release of product, but even with just 8 cycle and one core ( the point Lord LCG is now ) in 8 years, with a classic number of gators of 5 by cycle and core, they should be to 65 gators. and we will not count what would be in Saga box because we don't know if this should coming. So Yeas, make growing up the gator list isn't a bad idea at all.
    Another thing. The novella seems to make a lot of money for FFG. And the can release one by existing investigators. So, one more, is more to add in product and more novella to sell out. Creation call money. Money call creation. the circle  will not be undone.
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    ProfessorDetective got a reaction from JohnGarrison1870 in Things new players should know?   
    I'd personally recommend grabbing Unseen Forces and Grave Consequences first since they add mechanics and cards without expanding the scope of the game beyond the Museum. After that, you'll want to grab Gates of Arkham to give yourself a taste of a wider game with bigger stakes and challenges and then get the Omens series if you want some advanced, specialized campaigns.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to mwmcintyre in Arkham Horror 3rd? Why?   
    Frankly it looks like a VERY different game except in flavor and theme. The rules of gameplay and the board have been entirely revamped, so your 2nd Ed is still perfectly viable as a board game. Up to you whether you want to replace it/get rid of it/whatever.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Tolheim in Arkham Horror 3rd? Why?   
    I'm not fantasy flight, but if you have a complete Arkham 2nd edition collection then congratulations, you have the definitive experience of a classic old school game that is still wonderfully playable, narrative and enjoyable in its own right. Since it's a good old fashioned cardboard game, without servers or other company specific resources required to run it, you can play that game until the components are no longer functional.
    There isn't any "updating" from Arkham 2nd edition to Arkham 3rd. It's an entirely new game. If you don't own the LCG or Eldritch Horror I would argue it's definitely worth picking up and trying, since the experience has evolved a lot since 2nd edition. The game plays a lot faster, is narratively tighter, and less random. All those things are both good and bad, depending on what you're looking for.
    I own a complete 2nd, and I'm not throwing anything in the trash. I also intend to buy this game after demoing it. When I have a whole day to set up a game, eat snacks around the table and make lame jokes about motorcycle riding, whiskey swigging nuns I'll set up 2nd edition. When I want to put a game together for an evening I'll set up 3rd.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Well, this was....sort of unexpected.   
    So, this is my first post outside of the LotR LCG forum, but can someone explain FFG's logic behind re-releasing a game they themselves killed (with Eldritch Horror)?
    Is it official, or is this just understood through lack of content, etc. Sorry for my cluelessness, but I'm a fish out of water discussing anything not LotR LCG!
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Duciris in Arkham Nights 2018   
    October 19-20, 2018.  Gift bag to include:
    Preview character (card and token) from Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Preview character (card and token) from Elder Sign 6”x9” black drawstring velveteen bag with imprint Bag of acrylic wound tokens Bag of acrylic sanity tokens Arkham Horror: The Card Game deck box Special Arkham Horror: The Card Game Scenario Set of Arkham-themed d6s They announced it on Twitter.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to spoonman2084 in Arkham Nights 2018   
    Awesome, I was a little surprised she was not in the last xpac to be honest. Maybe we will get her and a few more in the future. For now I will just be jelly I can’t attend arkham nights. If anyone is going and does not play elder sign I would be happy to take that card off their hands
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Duciris in Arkham Nights 2018   
    It's Daniela Reyes, the mechanic.  She's the only investigator not in ES.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Sinthioth in Other Masks of Nyarlathotep   
    So I just picked up the Omens of the Pharaoh expansion, and as I was looking through it I realized most of the mask monsters were really old Chaosium-era pulls. Which is fine, but is a little on the dated side. Since I've never seen these all listed anywhere else, I thought I'd post a few more modern avatars that have been cooked up since the old days, just in case FFG wanted a little more gas for a future expansion. Also, potential spoilers for some pretty good videogames, so read at your own risk. If anyone else knows of some oft-overlooked Masks, post them here as well!
    (Specifically Darkest Dungeon, Witcher 3, and Persona 2)
    The Walkin' Dude, Randall Flag (Stephen King's "The Stand" and others)
    Gaunter O' Dimm, Master of Mirrors / The Man of Glass (Witcher 3, Heart of Stone DLC)
    Great Father (Persona 2: Innocent Sin)
    Heart of Darkness (Darkest Dungeon)
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to DerDelphi in Well, this was....sort of unexpected.   
    The dice are definitely still a part of the game, and I would bet money that the blessed and cursed system is also here to stay.

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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Duciris in Well, this was....sort of unexpected.   
    9 for the base game, plus 3 for each of the 3 board expansions.
    It's the clutter and chunkiness of the 2e mechanics that causes my eschewing of the game.  And setup.

    Just noticed, La Bella Luna is going to be in the new version!  It was one of the locations from the LCG's Dunwich deluxe expansion.
    * * *
    The Dunwich expansion has me wondering, we were hoping (and pleasantly surprised when it materialized) that FFG wouldn't go down the Dunwich, Kingsport, Innsmouth checklist for the LCG.  For this, I'm curious if those locations won't just add new districts that can be added via a railroad connection from one point in the Arkham locations.  It'd beat the heck out of having 18 location-event decks, but it may not scratch the hugeness itch for those into that sort of thing.  (Amazing how quickly this community jumps to expansion speculation after a game's initial announcement.)
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to KBlumhardt in Well, this was....sort of unexpected.   
    There doesn't really seem to be any reason to continue releasing EH products with this coming.  Even with all the differences between the two, they both occupy the same 'sphere' of long, moderately heavy, thematic co-ops.  EH (my favorite game) had a great run, but it makes sense to bring back AH with a fresh coat of paint, especially with the departure of Nikki Valens from FFG.
    It seems likely that after 3-4 years and 7-8 expansions, FFG will circle back around with EH 2nd Edition.  Then, a few years and EH 2E expansions later, we'll be back to AH 4th edition, etc...
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Shirys in Well, this was....sort of unexpected.   
    I think this could actually be a really good, polished game. Looks fun and solid.
    What i really like based on what i see in the article is, of course the scenario/mystery based objectives, but also the reduced amount of decks swarming on the table. You just setup the district decks you need for a specific scenarios instead of all district decks (was it 9 or 10?) which half of it ended up being drawn from only once or twice during a normal AH 2nd ED session.
    Thing is, with all the EH horror similarities found in that game (investigator sheets, mysteries, objectives, etc...),  would this mean the end of the line for EH products?
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Duciris in Well, this was....sort of unexpected.   
    AH and EH have always been different spheres - Arkham is small & local, while Eldritch is global.
    Thematically, I view Mansions closer to Arkham than Eldritch is - small local events & maneuvering around streets & buildings.
    The thing that they improved the most when creating Eldritch Horror was narrowing the story focus.  They changed the monster pool (via elite enemies) to be more thematic with the Ancient One, as well as the random monsters spawning in locations that were thematic with them.  They also changed the random events to be tied to the AO so that each event felt appropriate.  The location decks still had their own event happenings so not everything was tied to the main story, but largely, taking on Hastur feels different than being obliterated by Azathoth.  That isn't as uniform in AH2.  The more recent expansions for AH2 did add these elements, but there were so many different components going on by then.
    To me, adding a board or expansion mechanic to AH2 is a serious undertaking.  In EH, it is fairly seamless.
    AH3 doesn't look like it will take the place of the AH:LCG, but it looks to be lifting a few mechanics - mythos cup = chaos bag, the codex looks like the agenda & act decks in one.
    All of this should bring AH into the modern era of gaming.  I got AH in '05 or '06 and it was my first big game.  It was too much for me.  I've gone back and played it again with a decade's worth of gaming, and it's not more difficult or random than my normal endeavors.
    When it was released, AH2 was one of the few cooperative board games.  Now, there are hundreds.  It always felt a bit clunky to me, and its mechanics haven't kept pace with those newer ideas in cooperative gaming.  I think that the core feel of the game can and will survive, and that updated mechanics will allow for more streamlined play, less clutter, and a more dynamic game.
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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Phoenix_FFG in Horrific Journeys   
    This is definitely not the best picture, and doesn't show everything, but it's something:

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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Duciris in Horrific Journeys   
    The real question then, is if he can walk through walls?

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    ProfessorDetective reacted to Phoenix_FFG in Horrific Journeys   
    I think you both are definitely on the case about the Monster with the stick potentially being a Warlock (gain 1 Clue each).

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