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  1. Lost in Tactics

    Game of Thrones card game on PC or Ipad

    Battlelore just dropped on iOS as a universal app - and what a beautiful game it is. Let's hope, Fantasy Flight has plans for Game of Thrones Living Card Game as well to bring it over to iOS as a universal app. My money, is ready.
  2. Lost in Tactics

    How's the PC version coming?

    Hasn't crashed on me once! Running it on a iPhone 6+ This game is gem! Addictive! Reminds me of XCom Enemy Within for my iOS (Tactics & Strategy Wise) FFG -> Bring Lord of the Rings card game to iOS please
  3. Lost in Tactics

    This is cool... but the fans wanted an expansion.

    When you say expansions OP, I am not sure if you mean the app or tabletop. If it's tabletop, I cannot speak there for I do not play tabletop. App wise though, it clearly states expansions coming soon in the store section of the game. I guess that's good news?
  4. Just started playing the iOS version. Very deep and wonderful game. Is there a listing, regarding the various terrain types and how they alter unit attributes?