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  1. I hang my head in shame and await the moderators scowl of disapproval. Actually a funny coincidence: I've ran out of bacon in the house and have to get more.
  2. We the people of the FFG forum are committed to they creation of the following sub-forums: Painting and converting Tactics and list building and the most popular one of all... Complaining, whining and arguing
  3. I'll take your ships, cards and tokens. That way they won't be wasted. If generosity isn't your thing there's always ebay.
  4. If yes, what is considered to be off the off-topic topic? What is weird is that I'm now spending more time here than the rest of the X-Wing forum. Because it's more fun.
  5. I'm mostly visiting YouTube for music. Lindsey Stirling is awesome. Though her Star Wars medley wasn't as good as it could have been. I also found myself listening to whale songs. Good for chilling.
  6. An off-topic thread without a bacon reference would just be a right pigs ear of a post.
  7. NCIS and Ice Road Truckers are the only TV I watch. I plan to get Clone Wars and Rebels at some point, along with a Red Dwarf's collection, but probably downloaded to a tablet.
  8. I had salad today too... ...if the tomato on Pepperoni Pizza counts. Pepperoni Pizza is second only to Bacon-Butty in my opinion. That's why salad really needs help to inspire me to collect more. I tried bacon with salad but it just didn't work for me. But a baked potato did increase the chances of a salad win. With a Cathedral City Cheese upgrade.
  9. Agree. For what it brings to the table, a cost reduction is a must. More salad on the table should ensure the opposition get creamed.
  10. That would be some tasty ship. I think a bacon-painted Y-Wing would be the bomb.
  11. I don't use any dressing. I eat my salad naked... Instant win as nobody dares to enter the room. Hence they forfeit.
  12. I can certainly agree that it is bad form, since not everyone wants huge ships, and that the Transport X-Wing and Raider Advanced should be made available as expansions on their own. I for one love the Raider and the Advanced so I don't mind.
  13. When I have nobody to play with I play with myself.
  14. Because I just couldn't resist doing it.....a parody of the parody in a new forum just for off-topic topics. I feel that because bacon is such an awesome and powerful list, salad has been made all but obsolete. What should be done to make salad a viable option? Or has it been nerfed by poor expansions like tomatoes and cucumbers?
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