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  1. Mandalorian Mercenary with Fearlessness, Autoblaster and whatever crew you like could be a mean 41~44 points. A bit expensive but you get the benefit of the rear arc.
  2. I'd move a ton of stuff around on Interceptors. Leave Fel, Carnor and Fel's Wrath as they are. Swap Turr Phennir and Lorrir, as well as Kanos and Tetran Cowall. I feel like Lorrir's and Kanos's ability work better with an EPT, while Turr's and Tetran's ability don't necessarily depend on one.
  3. Ideally you'll block your target ship while maintaining a shot on another ship, but rarely is that the case As others have pointed out, you want to block a ship to deny actions while keeping it in your other ships' firing arcs. As far as "man" or "zone" goes, it depends on how well you know the enemy ship's maneuvers and tendencies. Soontir Fel is a great example -- he is usually going to pull a 2-speed maneuver to clear some stress after Pushing the Limit. You can use this to your advantage to throw a TIE in the path of a 2 turn, bank or forward, and probably forcing the opponent to make a less-than-desirable move. Use asteroids and other lower PS ships to your advantage to force your opponent's maneuver options to only one, then throw your blocker there. Of course this is easier said than done, but it's something to think about. Other ships, like the Defender (especially with Ryad) or an Advanced Sensor B-Wing / IG, have a myriad of possibilities for maneuvers. Usually you'd expect a 4K turn with a Defender, but their green straight maneuvers (or banks with TIE MkII) make it difficult to assess where they will go, so you usually have to throw a ship in front of it and hope for the best. IG can Boost and then Segnor, while the B-Wing could Barrel Roll before pulling a 2K. In those cases, it might be better to play a "zone" block given the board state. If you want to get good at blocking, I suggest flying a mini swarm of TIEs or A-Wings / Z-95s. TIE Fighters are much better blockers because of Barrel Roll, however, so maybe you could start with them. The A-Wings have Boost, but Boost doesn't give blocking nearly as much of a... boost... as does Barrel Roll. Z-95s have nothing and may the Force be with you. Once you figure it out with multiples of a ship, try to whittle one or two out of your list and make room for the beefier ships you enjoy playing. Speaking of beef, the Lambda can be a great blocker with that stall maneuver. Also, as you learn a ship's dial and your local players' personality, you'll get a better sense of what they might do on the next few turns. You'll get the hang of it!
  4. Good point. Considering that 2 out of the 3 HWK pilots all got a Crew card in later waves, it's a little odd that FFG didn't follow suit for the Lambda pilots I would imagine this is because, until the Decimator, the Lambda was really the only viable Imperial crew carrier, whereas the Rebels had HWKs, Falcons, B-Wings, etc. We also haven't received any new standard format Imperial ships with a built-in crew slot since the Decimator, creating fewer opportunities to introduce new Crew options. Hopefully that'll change later!
  5. I think this says it all. Also Scum have an endless amount of useful crew, you really can't go wrong with any options.
  6. It is exactly how bombs worked in the TIE Fighter PC game, though, which seems to be the number one inspiration for Imperial Veterans. And Rogue Squadron / space combat in Battlefront 2! No, Battlefront bombs fell downwards. Relative to the capital ships, not the planet they were in orbit, no less. It was bizarre and physics defying even for a setting in which a bomb intended for space combat relies on sound*. Tie Fighter bombs flew (slowly) towards the enemy. I never played the console-only Rogue Squadron games, so I can't comment on how it handled bombs in space. Maybe I wasn't clear enough -- I just meant that there was forward movement on the bombs. Bombs in both games worked pretty much the same way: a bit of forward movement before falling. Certainly they didn't shoot straight out like torpedoes or missiles, but they definitely got ahead of the delivery ship. Maybe this is shown more by something like Deathrain's effect. Skip to around 1:20 in the video to see:
  7. It is exactly how bombs worked in the TIE Fighter PC game, though, which seems to be the number one inspiration for Imperial Veterans. And Rogue Squadron / space combat in Battlefront 2!
  8. Night Beast is good. He is... a beast, dare I say? With TIE MkII his dial is huge and he has basically a free PtL effect. You still have great maneuverability and are almost always guaranteed two actions. Kir Kanos, I believe, is as close as he has ever been to viable. With the introduction of the TIE Shuttle allowing mind-numbingly cheap Crew support for Imperials, Fleet Officer is more usable than ever. Use Fleet Officer to dish out a Focus to Kanos, take his Evade action, and now your opponent is facing quite the ship on offense or defense. Definitely not "competitive" for the cost of it all, but there now exist at least a few niche lists where his ability can be used without turning him into a piece of tissue for return fire, whereas previously there were none.
  9. This only means 007 will eventually come out. Golden Gun OP plz nerf.
  10. I'm pretty sure the new Tech is defensive in nature. I see from the card fan... "When def... spend a... change... results..." So maybe spending a Focus or TL to get some defensive benefit, I guess? Unless my eyes are deceiving me, but I don't think they are.
  11. I always imagine epic games as being thematic, so for that reason I would stick purely to TIE Interceptors and Lambda Class Shuttles. Colonel Jendon (46) Emperor Palpatine (8) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) ST-321 (3) Fire-Control System (2) Captain Kagi (42) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Reinforced Deflectors (3) Fleet Officer (3) Systems Officer (2) Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2) Royal Guard Pilot (30) x6 Push the Limit (3) Royal Guard TIE (0) Hull Upgrade (3) Autothrusters (2) Captain Yorr (29) Darth Vader (3) Fire-Control System (2) Total: 299 No, it's not competitive at all, but **** I would love to see it on a table. Set up the Shuttles all in different areas each with 2x RGP escort. It would be beautiful.
  12. I'd be willing to bet that it is an activation phase attack... but with a caveat. Maybe something like: Snap Shot During the Activation Phase, skip your Perform Action step. Instead, perform an attack on a target inside your firing arc, then discard this card. You may not attack again this turn.* *This part I'm not sure about. Is two un-modified attacks worth it? Or how would this work on a ship with FCS? It might get out-of-control on Corran who could then have THREE attacks per turn.
  13. With super-defensive ships, try to focus fire. If your first attack strips the defender's Focus and Evade (Poe is a special case with his shenanigans, I realize), your second and third attacks have a much better chance of doing damage. Another issue is all the 2-dice attacks you're playing with! Two red dice against high-agility or token-stacking targets have a really tough time doing damage. I think you also made a good point: in 100 point games, there are more ships and more upgrades to allow damage to go through.
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