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  1. White Council isn't great except as a smoothing card for solo game, but the cost mechanics are sound. It's the effects that needed work when scaling up. Arrows gets cheaper and far, far more powerful with more players added to a game. Goes too far in the other direction. Sure, but barring the use of Advance Warning, with more players it also becomes more difficult keeping all the enemies in the staging area until after their engagement checks
  2. No, archery happens at the beginning of the combat phase, same as dealing shadow cards, so you don't have an action window. They're not consistently 3, and in this case they aren't scaled to the number of players, so it wouldn't make sense to cost them that way. Instead they're costed by the power of the effect. The only time we've had X where X is the number of players on a player card that I remember is The White Council - which is a nice card, but one previous instance doesn't seem to give much cause for exclaiming "Whatever happened to" about it. It was never a general thing to have anything happen to it. It was better than this method. Maybe it should have been a general thing (feels like it's fairly common on encounter deck cards anyway). I quite prefer the multisphere approach they're taking now. I found the white council worked well enough for solo or two player, but once you got to spending 3 or 4 resources it just wasn't worth the cost.. The cost by power of effect makes much more sense and encourages interaction between players to boot.
  3. Good idea! My top 10, not in order: - journey in the dark - flight to the Ford - seventh level - helms deep - foundations of stone - wastes of eriador - fords of isen - escape from mount gram - battle of five armies - journey at the crossroads
  4. BH - Sam Gamgee BI - Beregond BJ - Gandalf BK - Aragorn (T)
  5. This is a great idea! Also I wouldn't mind taking a crack at #14
  6. Yeah, very similar to "successful black man", it is a meme contest after all
  7. I've only tried it against intruders in chetwood thus far (paired with a primarily spirit deck) and it crushed that quest, with faramir and visionary I had 51 willpower from the gondor deck alone, then leadership anborn swinging for 4 and the veterans from osgiliath for 3 each to deal with enemies. I thought about swapping Aragorn in but i had plenty of willpower without the sword that was broken, seemed like overkill to me.
  8. not a discard strategy deck but I paired him with leadership boromir and imrahil and went heavy on gondor allies, since they mostly cost 1-2 you can dump 3-4 allies per turn (up to five in a single turn with a very good tale!), then with visionary and boromir's bonus, they all get decent stats. Throw in a cloak of Lorien, some healing and a burning brand and you can make a reliable defender out of erestor too, if chumping is too risky.
  9. S- Galadriel T- Rumil U- Saruman V- Arwen W- Haldir of Lorien X- Gimli Y- Elrond Z- Orophin AA- Treebeard AB- Quickbeam AC- Legolas AD- Gamling AE- Anborn AF- Skinbark AG- Bill the pony AH- Gandalf (core)
  10. A- Eomund B- Gwaihir C- Rumil D- Ingold E- Arwen F- Bifur G- Hama H- Gleowine I- Bofur (spirit) J- Treebeard K- Faramir L- Quickbeam M- Legolas N- Boromir O- Anborn P- Skinbark Q-Bill the pony R- Gandalf
  11. Great idea! We've had quite the influx of unique allies recently too, maybe one could pull off the upset over gandalf/faramir. Or maybe it's finally brok ironfist's time to shine!
  12. My LoS is inbound in the mail, so if you're all still in the dark when it arrives I'll certainly post first impressions and such, though I'm sure someone will spill the beans before then. Also, Ian did a bit of an overview of the Gencon quest along with the second quest in LoS on his blog, ( https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com) so check that out if you're curious!
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