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  1. You're right. Also, paintings don't match with those in the preview
  2. That's the problem! Maybe some sort of Poe/Miranda?
  3. Just a small hint: did you ever try to kill a green sq pilot (ptl/wired/at) with turrets?
  4. Tycho. Psycho Tycho to be more precise... but nowadays he simply doesn't work
  5. Just buy a Black matte acrilic spray can, put your bases in a cardboard box and you're done! Just spray in a well ventilated area and let it dry properly before touching
  6. And high PS. attack, get the lock, arc dodge
  7. i mean that when the first die was rolled the Rebel Player had almost already won: the scum ships were totally out of position, close to a edge and with many rocks limiting their movement options
  8. .. and the Rebels took the championship! (easily, i'd say... mainly because of a big positional advantage that influenced the whole game)
  9. ...but if Poe is on his last hull point he can fly on the rock and be sure to survive as long as he chose a green move
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