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  1. I have found the following useful for starting and managing games: theangrygm.com/ thealexandrian.net/ www.gamemastering.info/
  2. Other RPG systems more focused on what you're aiming for might give you some ideas (e.g. Technoir or Night's Black Agents).
  3. Thanks! The reason there isn't a critical hit sheet for the back is because I feel only the GM really needs that, so it's part of my half-sheet sized GM screen. I also wanted to do a similar treatment for vehicle maneuvers, actions, and such for the back. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  4. The chase rules explicitly state maneuvers may not be used to change relative distances. Page 241 in EotE core rulebook
  5. Silhouette matters for the cost of advantages to use knockdown on larger targets and adjusts difficulty to hit with attacks when the difference is 2 or more. As you're using Brawl for the attacks, aren't knockdown and disorient qualities already added to the attacks, per unarmed combat rules?
  6. You can find the character sheet I made in my sig - it has space for all three. It's designed for A4 paper, though.
  7. Honestly, it seems that you have the situation well in hand. And as long as people are reasonable adults about the game, not just using your rules to game the system, and willing to re-evaluate their characters should they become untenable, I think you'll be fine. You do like assumptions and having people make admissions that didn't happen. That's your opinion. As the importance of the content of the post is different in both of our subjective opinions that I doubt will change, I suggest we drop the topic. I can understand the desire to blame me for your mistake in not reading my entire post, but why are we arguing this? I have to admit I admire your tenacity.
  8. If you haven't come across it already: http://exploring-infinity.com/2011/12/23/leveragin-the-black-situation-generator/might help give you some ideas for heist-like adventures.
  9. Perhaps in your opinion. It's okay though; I've learned and revised my posting style for clarity and ease of reading.
  10. I would watch out for too many talents that provide a base numerical advantage (dedication, force rating, enduring, lethal blows, etc) purchased too quickly together, and maybe encourage building up more in already purchased specializations than cherry picking from numerous specializations. It would be more difficult for me to plan for as a GM, as characters will vary more between sessions than they might under the normal advancement rules, but you'll probably get a feel for the characters after a while and be able to plan accordingly to their capabilities. We're one for one on that count; I've only been responding. You stand on no higher ground. If I were you I'd tell you to go use the search function at the top of the page, but it was in my first post. Post 10, fourth paragraph.
  11. Please, help me find where he says "bradknowles has more experience than I do." I can't seem to find it. So this is your advice? It could be construed as supporting his idea, as their abilities shouldn't matter, and what should matter is the story that they create together at the table, independent of their character abilities, or in opposition to it - that aside from you implying they're free to just up and kill their characters. You haven't made one post that actually addresses the OP in a meaningful way. And when I offered my opinion on the OP, I did. Throwing it back on my response to your comments doesn't absolve you of anything, however. Not that I presumed to deign to offer you the benefit of my superior experience, anyway. Regardless, I'll stop cluttering the thread with pointless vitriol, as I've already given my answer on topic. Enjoy winning the internet with whatever pretentious witticism with which you choose to reply.
  12. It’s not “Holier than thou”. It’s “more life experience” and “more experience with this game”, and we’re trying to give the benefit of that experience to someone who doesn’t have it. Sometimes you can lead a horse to water. Sometimes you can’t lead a horse away from the box of dynamite. So you're assuming that you have more experience with the game and life experience in general and are now comparing the OP to a horse. You're right, not holier-than-thou at all. I'm sure that you got all of that life experience by other people telling you to not experiment with an idea and never trying anything yourself. It's possible to "give the benefit of that experience" in a simple manner without the condescension.
  13. What is with this holier-than-thou attitude? You guys have gone beyond bad-wrong-fun to bad-wrong-living-your-life to "jump straight to the end". How does a more competent character equate to the death of that character? Not every story is a rags-to-riches, the humble farmer saves the galaxy ordeal. If the story is truly engaging, what experience point value at which the characters start shouldn't matter. You know nothing beyond the fact that they have short campaigns and haven't gotten to realize character concepts aided by some of the higher tier talents and abilities, stop making assumptions about how they play and enjoy the game. What if they play by the rules and have engaging stories, but tend towards the short story equivalent of the role-playing game storyline and never get around to higher level play? I would advise against just allowing the purchase of any talent within the specialization as that could break the game (or unbalance the individual characters from one another in a weird way) in ways that might be difficult to reconcile or predict. I would just start your players off with enough experience points to (mostly) realize whatever concept they wanted and just adjust the game and adversaries accordingly. Maybe 500 xp or something - after the usual character creation rules, of course. You might also want to then slow xp gain after initial creation as a counter balance.
  14. My single player is accruing a crew for her ship. I use them for flavor, to fill in skill gaps (rather than having a favorite doctor she to whom she returns the doctor comes along instead), and to buffer combat a little. However, she often decides what they do and always rolls their dice. If any of the crew are with her it's only one, occasionally two - they've got their own things to do.
  15. The sidebar on page 242 in the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. Next to the Taking Damage subsection of starships.
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