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  1. X-wing in certain matchups can be really hard to determine who is winning. If you lost a strong piece, but your opponent is out of proton torps/barrage rockets/etc you might be technically losing on points but winning in board position. CIS in specific is a really strange faction to weigh winning and losing: between discord missiles, other ordinance, networked calculations, and the general fragility of their ships you often will start winning before you are technically winning but it's easy to fall into a funk looking at the hill you need to climb.
  2. oh carry on then, hypothetical sadness isn't on my to do list today. I'll check back later when someone steps up and lets us be mad at them for whatever reason
  3. I'm not sure what we are mad about today. At first glance, it would seem someone is mad about losing ships but I'm not actually seeing anyone take that perspective.
  4. I, for one, am SUPER INTERESTED in the opinions of everyone on whether or not they like [insert format]. I rank it right up there with folks who create forum threads to say they are leaving the game and people who threaten to get me fired because I didn't want to capitulate to their whackadoodle demands. My condolences to everyone forced to play not their preferred format because the NPCs at the store are playing something else.
  5. Wait, you mean unlimited offensive and defensive mods, tied to range one which he has an unprecedented level of control over with medium base boost on top of being I5 and having a 1 point dial change upgrade and access to Force along with 180 degrees of 3 die attacks on a body that has two agility and ten HP to resist alpha strikes is a problem?
  6. How many other pilots have a rap song about them?
  7. Hyperspace looks like they started with cutting anything not reprinted in 2.0 Then they created a list of pilots and upgrades that they couldn't cut Then they cut anything not on that list that looked remotely like an auto-include Then they prayed to the balance gods they didn't mess up.
  8. We've finally found the weakness in your hyperspace plot armor. I expect the castle to start crumbling any day now.
  9. Ember's real problem is that the ability isn't as useful as Holo, has one less initiative, and only costs two points less. Much better to cut 2 points elsewhere in your list and bring Holo. I can't imagine many circumstances where I'd want both either, which would be the other way out of that.
  10. This All Day. I'm still absolutely baffled at the people who refuse to play a Hyperspace legal squad vs someone playing an Extended legal squad. Unless the Extended player is super sweaty and playing strictly meta lists and soul crushing some janky Hyperspace test build on casual night it shouldn't matter. Even if the Hyperspace player is "trying to get practice against Hyperspace lists" the opposing squad doesn't matter unless it's a meta list. Now you aren't just demanding your opponent play Hyperspace, you are demanding your opponent play a list from a tiny amount of lists. I feel like Mugatu here.
  11. 5X is just another efficiency list. Limit the number of R1-2 shots an individual ship takes from them on the opening turn of engagement, which means using obstacles against them to split their forces and limit their movement. Boba Fenn you try and zone Fenn out of the fight long enough to deal with Boba. If they decide to yolo with Fenn, punish that mistake.
  12. I had a friend over who likes games but doesn't play X-wing. When the X wings set up for a joust I said "One of them is wrong, lets see who that is"
  13. Yes, make the NPCs at the shop play the supporting cast!
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