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  1. Micanthropyre

    Who's the fool?: Rule dispute.

    I don't agree that it made it "easy mode" on stress. There are a lot of game elements that playing your way would absolutely be taken advantage of. Sloane, the white K on Defenders, and Leia crew would be even better than they are now as a quick example. Making stress that punishing would mean nobody would ever want to do a red maneuver, so they might as well not exist.
  2. Micanthropyre

    Who's the fool?: Rule dispute.

    @Captain Lackwit my dude this is why you gotta ask the questions first, amirite? In gaming, having the initiative means going first regardless of system. It just so happens that the mechanics of X-Wing favor going second. Blue maneuvers clear stress regardless of completion because game health is important. Being stressed already is bad, and because blue maneuvers are the primary method of removing it but are limited on every dial it makes blocking them easier. You still lose your action if you bump, and so the game designers felt like keeping the stress was too huge of a downside to add on top of it.
  3. Micanthropyre

    Who's the fool?: Rule dispute.

    Can't tell if troll thread for lulz or for serious. How Krayt is Lackwit?
  4. Micanthropyre

    Advanced Sensors - I don't get it...

    While pre-movement boost or barrel roll is definitely excellent, don't write off taking actions before red move, taking actions before bumping, or taking actions before cruising over an obstacle. Advanced Sensors protects you from your opponent somewhat, yes, but also from yourself. Also the number of times you can self-block for arc and still have a mod is a lot higher than you might think.
  5. Micanthropyre

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Played a bunch of Sloane, both with and against. Scarier on paper than in reality, but is still good enough to consider playing in a variety of configurations. Will be a serious problem if Imperials get a sub-30 point crew carrier or a reliable way to hand out stress but isn't terrible to play against now.
  6. Micanthropyre

    Scum post points adjustment... now what?

    Are we even sure Boba with Marauder and Han Gunner is dead?
  7. Micanthropyre

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    almost as if he needs Lambda with title to make him worthwhile 🙄
  8. Micanthropyre

    Predictions for Toronto

    In Extended I think it's going to be Rebel Han vs Quad Phantoms being the best lists, but with Day 2 appearances by Poe, Boba, Sloane, and probably (sadly) Triple Upsilons. The Upilons purely because I would expect a decent number of people who play them in Hyperspace figuring h*ck, I'll play Extended and if I don't make Day 2 I'll just play the same list in Hyperspace because frankly, thats a really solid strategy overall. Hyperspace I think will be Rebel Han, Rebel 4 ship with a U-wing carrying Leia, and Triple Upsilons being the best lists. You'll see a few Poe/Nien/Lulo lists do ok, maybe a Tie Swarm, maybe a Boba list emerges but I would not be surprised if literally half of X-1 and better lists are Rebel with a decent number of the rest being Dormitz based lists.
  9. Micanthropyre

    "limited edition" ships?

    Look at all the hype this special edition paintjob has created! Good move, FFG.
  10. Micanthropyre

    "limited edition" ships?

    Do it! Hopefully FFG limits to 1 per person, but if they don't they will after you buy em out If you ever decide that you aren't going to come back to the forums, at least leave a long post calling people out (even if that includes me!) because that would bring a smile to my face and a deep laugh from the diaphragm.
  11. Micanthropyre

    "limited edition" ships?

    From a personal standpoint, the con exclusive paint job in concept doesn't bother me. I'll be at Adepticon, and if there are enough for me to pick one up at my leisure then I probably will cause I'm not waiting in some insane line for it. If I don't get one, I'll see them from time to time across the table and think "neat". However, I don't fully understand whether or not con exclusive items actually have good ROI for the manufacturer. They don't see a dime of that sweet, sweet scalper money. It is a pretty standard industry practice though so there has to be a good economic reason, because it likely causes a split like this in every community.
  12. Micanthropyre

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    There are a lot of factors that go into a proper setup. I ask myself a series of questions. Step One: Asteroid Placement Is my list better or worse at maneuvering through the obstacles than my opponents? If better, I'll consider clumping them more in the middle to widen the engagement zone that the obstacles affect. Which list wants to have lanes to move through? This is usually tied to large base ships or formation flying. If I benefit from large lanes, I'll try to line up and create columns, if my opponent benefits more I try to space them to limit straight lanes. Step Two: Ship Placement Do I want to joust? If so, I pick the widest lane with the most turnaround options and set up there. If I place after my opponent, I set up opposite of them. Is running a real option (advantage on final salvo)? If so, I like to start facing along my board edge to give me maximum options for running. Do I want to build a killbox? When I don't want to joust, I try to think of where I imagine the killbox to be and think of the series of moves to get all my ships there at the same time, maximizing straights so I can speed adjust. Who do I want to give them the worst access to? If I have a late-game ace I'm trying to protect, I put that ace somewhere that limits my opponent's ability to get to it easily. IMO, the ability to answer these questions correctly has a massive correlation to winning games. When I lose, I can usually pick out which of these questions I answered wrong.
  13. Micanthropyre

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    yeah the Uuupsilons will be the new bogeyman.
  14. Micanthropyre

    TIE Phantom - Fifth Brother or bust

    I genuinely feel like this is the wrong focus. Imperials have some really cool crew and very few places to put them. Phantoms are a bad place for that, I want a small base 35 point crew carrier, not a 40+ point arc dodging front line fighter.
  15. Micanthropyre

    TIE Phantom - Fifth Brother or bust

    It is also theoretically possible that they release more gunners in the future.... But the Phantom doesn't need a crew to be good.