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  1. The cult of the new is hard to trump. In my meta we've been fairly down, but I keep contacting the crew, and we're starting to tick up. The dads in our group are getting our sons involved. Mine has played for three years now and can really pull off some quality wins. One of our local game stores just secured the regional tournament. SWLCG is an excellent game. People will play quality. It takes awhile to play and some prefer quicker experiences. It might be interesting to test play some quicker games with new folks (dial to 8 & 2 objectives destroyed). You might get more buy-in before ramping up to the full game. This game feels like Chess + Poker. The mind power and bluffing rush are a great combo. Giving folks an easy way into the game is key. The learning curve is a little steep on this one, but so worth it. Additionally, the community is stellar and the warmth of even the top players has really helped to keep this game attractive. Local play groups tend to be small. One of my local game store owners suggested I demo the game on some Saturday to get folks more aware. The Kiramode list for buy in is essential to help new players get going quickly. I've even bought cards for folks who were struggling with price point. We've got about 6 in the main group with 2-3 on the fringe. When we have store tournaments, we have around 8 show up. At times, though it has been down to just a couple. Keep going strong and keep after others to get involved.
  2. Kiramode has a great vlog about a competitive entry price-point. This would be the link to share when getting new players into the game.
  3. The Reaction is optional unless it says "Forced Reaction:" If you want, you can put the PRO on the force as it is a unit you now control. These go well with the Reserve Troopers and General Moch.
  4. The rule book defines "captured" as a state of "out of play." The action of capturing causes your vehicle to leave play which you then interrupt with Evasive Maneuvers. Rather than leaving play through capture, your vehicle returns to your hand. Dengar will not capture Home One after all... a wasted 3 resources.
  5. Suddenly, Kuat Drive Yards sounds like a 2-of. Also, this Avenger set which just came out with "Apology Accepted" and "Preparation and Planning" sounds really good for a Death Star deck. Sacking a duty officer to clear up the Death Star if it happens to get locked down sounds like a good deal to me.
  6. Make sure that you are only building new units on the even number turns, while moving units down the production track every turn. Additionally, only the left most icon may be produced on subjugated systems. Sabotage obviously turns off your ability to produce AND deploy to that system, but so also does "blockading." If you have imperial ground troops in a system where rebels have placed some X-Wings, you cannot produce or deploy there either. (obviously the X-wings can't fight the troopers and vice-versa, so they just blockade). When you play missions correctly, you'll be capturing leaders during the command phase as they are sent out and remain for a few rounds of commands (missions, fleet movements).
  7. Yes on 1). Block two damage on one ship OR two different ships.
  8. Bantha and Thrump, I thought I'd give you a heads up on on item #2. The rules reference states on p. 9, (4. Send Leader to Oppose) "The player's opponent may choose one leader in his own leader pool to place in this system (even if he already has leaders in the system.) Sometimes its worth sending out your special ops Rebel leaders first to counter any capture attempts the Imperial player wishes to pull off early in the round. With Han in system and Chewie in the leader pool, the Empire will have a hard time capturing Han first thing. I hope this was helpful for your next play through.
  9. That is correct. Also, I believe that you can play one objective card per combat. If you happen to have two combats, you might be able to play two combat objective cards, one during each.
  10. Fortunately, the missions are not played concurrently. During the Command phase, each side takes a turn in attempting a mission or activating a system. The Rebels get the first turn in the command phase, so they get to try and rescue her first. The Empire can always send a leader to oppose, if that leader is ready and waiting in the leader pool. Should the rebels succeed, Leia and her rescuers flee to the Rebel Base space and the Empire will just have to pass on the mission to turn her to the dark side.
  11. I think mechanically there's enough dice. Spatially, however... I'd like to have my own dice tray and set of dice on my side of the epic-sized area, and my opponent have his own on his side. As long as I'm looking to upgrade my game, I'll take an additional set of tactic cards. Sharing dice does slow the game just a little bit. What slows the game down a lot is combat itself--the game within the game. But that is just like the old PC game where you could direct your forces in a terrible 3D combat space. Unlike the PC game, in the board game you cannot push the simulate button.
  12. Optimum is 10. This is due to the make up of the objective sets. You generally have 2-3 units in a set. The larger your deck the more chances you have of drawing no units and thus having a poor turn in terms of your board state. I've run with 11 and 12 just for fun. All the pros use 10. I believe organized play follows the rule book which states you can have as many objective sets as you like, just so long as you can shuffle your deck without assistance. 10 is best. Try to find a good combo of synergy, resources and flexibility. Make sure to consult the FAQ on this site to make sure you do not build restricted decks.
  13. Tarkin's ability is in play as long as he is in play. If an effect must be triggered by his participation in an engagement, the text will read, "While attacking / while defending / while participating in an engagement" If your card, like Ackbar or Backstabber says you can be played from your hand during an engagement, you still have to pay for them. However, if the text reads, "put into play" that means it's free!
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