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  1. Brunson and the chaff defense upgrade are going to try to be worked in. simply removing 2 dice from an attack is super strong with brunson and being obstructed. I think konny is cool here but lets be honest my list would be better with sloane/motti. Konny is cool it didnt work as well as I thought but I faced no sqaudron pushing fleets, so they were going to navigate anyway regardless. I will keep playing him to see what happens but I need to rework my ISD a bit.
  2. Konny for the Win (kinda). He is better than you would assume just looking at him. Not sure if my list is better or worse with a different admiral though. I want to get strategic advisor in there and maybe tractor beams to double up on the speed shenanigans. I will continue to tune it for a while but it may just be better with Sloane or Motti
  3. i got the bye round 2 with the 4 pts and took 2nd place
  4. First the question regarding pairings. End of round 1 TPs is 8, 8, 7, 4, 3. Pairings would be 8/8 7/4 3(bye) now 7/4 played round one. Do you do 8/8 7/3 4(bye) or 8/7 8/4 3(bye) Now Thoughts. Kudos to FFG. Changes to flotillas, relay, and some other things in the last FAQ have made this version of armada the best it has ever been. The game is so good right now. There are still some balance issues with upgrades i feel but overall the game is one of the best balanced, best experiences on the market for miniature wargaming.
  5. my bad. will trade for amazon gift cards?
  6. the idea of things like Task Forces being readily available on other ships is cool especially since they take title slots. Could lead to more fleet synergy
  7. not really i usually travel to plainville or Newington. I work in hartford so its not awful, just not ideal on weekends.
  8. nice. I am up in the new haven area. i am trying to dump my x-wing to prepare for legion
  9. where did you get the decal if i may ask? I was debating paint stackingly masking it off or paying a commission painter to do it for me. or trying to blend the normal grey to cover the mismatched panels.
  10. GUm/Mints are another good one. Sometimes you get stank breath after playing and not drinking anything for so long, or just grabbing a smoke between rounds. I used to always through a tin of altoids in my WMH bag before events for this reason
  11. yes kill your opponents with peanut allergies.... i love it. yea 60 fruit snacks is more than enough for one person, im all for offering up to my opponents as a common courtesy
  12. i would be very tempted to be honest but I dont think i could swing it.
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