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  1. Thematically speaking (note that I am extrapolating this from the many times I have played the game and the text on the cards), the Doom track represents how much progress the cultists or whatever have made in summoning the ancient one to this realm. The closer the Doom is to zero, the closer the cultists are to achieving their task and once Doom hits zero the ancient one is summoned. On the other hand the Mythos deck represents the world being torn apart by whatever primal/ancient forces are being used to summon the god. Earthquakes, heatwaves, tears in the fabric of reality that allow other lesser creatures to manifest, etc. After 15 "turns" (whatever a turn represents in game times) the world has been utterly devastated by these events and there is either nothing left to save, everyone has died, horrible creatures overrun the planet, etc. Preventing the the ancient one from being summoned (by managing Doom) doesn't necessarily mean that no bad things will happen to the world - the mere fact that an ancient being of unfathomable power is trying to break into this realm is enough to send things crazy. Even if the cultists's plans are constantly hindered the ancient one is still pressing upon the thin cosmic barriers that separate it from this world. Once the cultists plans have been discovered and countered fully the god is forced back to its realm. The world returns to normal, everyone is happy. The 2 extreme differences between Doom and Mythis progress that can happen can be explained by understanding this: 1) Doom hits zero only after a few Mythos cards. Explained as the cultists being extremely organised/successful and/or the investigators being inept. The presense of the god in this world does nothing to stop the world ending or coming under its control (hence Mythos cards continue to be drawn) and the ancient one itself even has new rules that allow it to "win" far quicker than the world ending from running out of Mythos cards. 2) Doom barely moves but you run out of Mythos cards. Explained as the investigators doing a fantastic job stopping the cultists from furthering their plans but not being quick enough to uncover the full scope of the cultist operation and shut it down completely. The cultists didn't achieve much but the world was still torn apart by their efforts to bring the ancient one to this realm. Mechanically, Doom is there to make you handle the gates and prevent the ancient one from being summoned. Mythos is there to a) ensure the game actually has an end, b) provide drama as new things happen across the world and c) prevent players stalling for time such as 100% focusing on gates to stop the Doom going down and then occasionally doing something to advance the active mystery if it's nearby. Both are there to screw you over The few times I've run the game for new groups the one thing I usually try to get across at the start is this: there is only one way to win Eldritch Horror, but there are many, MANY ways of losing!
  2. You're right that for every game the maximum amount of turns is the number of cards in the Mythos deck (plus 1 additional turn actually). If Doom is advancing slower than the Mythos then you are doing something right! In some encounters - Yig is a perfect example - Doom starts closer to zero and there is a very good chance that Yig will be summoned in every game as Doom hits zero well before you run out of Mythos cards. Doom is there to force you to close gates and not let the table be overrun with them (and thus overrun with monsters). If you focus on the mysteries at the expence of the gates then as the Omen tracker goes round Doom will advance very quickly (it advances by 1 for each gate that matches the current symbol on the Omen track) which will force you to flip the ancient one's sheet and resolve another mystery. In addition, when the ancient one sheet is flipped there is always an extra gameplay element introduced that can cause the end of the game quickly/immediately. As for Ongoing Rumours - they are Mythos cards that stay in play when they are drawn and have their own rules and conditions (printed on the card). Some of them require you to spawn an epic monster on a space and defeat it, some require you to completcertain tasks, some prevent you from doing things, some spawn special rumour tokens on the board (also noted on the card) and tell you to go to that location to do something (the tokens are just there as a visual reminder of where you need to go). Horrible things happen if you don't complete the rumour within a set number of turns and again the number of turns - usually determined by putting Eldritch tokens on the card and removing one every time there's a reckoning - and what happens when there are no longer tokens on the card are written on the Mythos cards.
  3. With EH+FF+MoM the condition pile is getting rather large (especially when sleeved!) and I've had to resort to splitting it into two piles which obviously isn't ideal. However, I was wondering if I could split it down logically to speed up the game. There are currently 9 types of conditions: Bane Boon Deal Exposure Illness Injury Madness Pursuit Restriction To my knowledge, all "gain X condition" either refer to a very specific condition ("Gain a Back Injury condition", "Gain an Amnesia condition", etc) or specify a single type ("Gain an Illness condition"). Splitting them by type will make it very easy to gain, discard and shuffle conditions without having to work through a huge deck. Even if I didn't do it for the whole deck, something like Hypothermia (where each time you flip it you discard the current version and gain another one) would be a good idea to keep on its own to speed things up. Anyway, just throwing it out there. If there are potential rules issues that could arise such as something in the game telling you to gain one of multiple types of condition ("gain a madness or injury condition") then I see this not working. Indeed, if you know of any please let me know. After MoM table space is at an even bigger premium but I'd be more than happy to invest in some upright card holders to make cycling conditions much quicker! (also MoM is amazing and I love it)
  4. For me it has to be The Great Yig Dogpile. Many brave investigators died in the course of finally taking down Yig for the first time, and thankfully we were able to remove the final hit before doom would've ended the game. 1 eldritch token left on that sheet. Never have dice been rolled so badly... The state of the board as he finally died: http://i.imgur.com/6XKFQbL.jpg The victorious investigators: http://i.imgur.com/n7v4L70.jpg (note it was a 4 player game - we lost one during the turn Yig died so a new char hadn't been picked) The investigators mourning the dead: http://i.imgur.com/Sz29AWA.jpg
  5. Serpent Crown: becomes much easier with Leo Anderson's special action. Voice of Azathoth: can honestly say I've never had any issues with it. Spread out your investigators and farm the active expedition as much as possible - if you have your investigators sitting on investigation spaces (becomes easier with more players - I 4-investigator games) then you've got a good chance of solving multiple AEs on the same turn as the token moves around. As for clues, if you just need clues in general then Jacqueline Fine is fantastic - she can trade clues remotely and once per turn she can gain a clue if a non-common condition is handed out to another investigator (and let's face it, in Eldritch Horror those conditions get handed out each turn!). For me, one of the hardest mysteries I've had to face is the one where you need to close gates that match the omen. Requires you to let the omen reach those open gates which will advance doom and then you have to succeed at closing it otherwise you miss your shot for 1-3 turns. We had this come up along with the rumour that prevents you from closing gates... we lost
  6. On the about page for the Mountains of Madness expansion it states that you will need 5 green packs and 3 yellow packs (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm_sec.asp?eidm=250&esem=1). However, having sleeved Eldritch Horror and Foresaken Lore I have a lot of sleeves left over. Using the contents provided in the Mountains of Madness rulebook (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/eldritch-horror/EH03-%20Mountains%20of%20Madness/EH03-Rulebook.pdf) I've tallied up the actual number of cards in the game so you can plan your sleeving accordingly: Large: 10 (8 Investigators, 2 Ancient Ones) Standard/Green: 210 (26 Mythos, 14 Mystery, 12 Adventure, 6 Prelude, 4 Round Overviews, 4 General Encounter, 4 Americas, 4 Europe, 4 Asia/Australia, 6 Expedition, 6 Other World, 48 Research, 24 Special Encounter, 16 Outpost, 16 Mountains, 16 Antarctica) Small/Yellow: 114 (8 Artifact, 16 Asset, 16 Spells, 42 Unique Assets, 32 Conditions) Personally I have 43 unused green sleeves and 60 unused yellow ones (clearly I've overbought the yellow ones in the past). There are 50 sleeves in each new pack. Based on this, I only need sleeves for the following: Green: 210 (MoM) - 43 (spare) = 157, or 4 packs (and 43 spare). Yellow: 114 (MoM) - 60 (spare) = 54, or 2 packs (with 46 spare). Hopefully this will help out people who have a load of spare sleeves left from EH/FL or other games.
  7. Also, I'm thinking that the focus tokens may have a side that is 2 focus. This way you would only need one token available per player for the entire game. Thre's nothing to imply this either, but you can always use substitute tokens. There's nothing explicitly stating that those 8 tokens represent a 'Hard Cap' on focus.... but again, that being said... all other components DO represent a 'hard cap' as you will lose the game if you run out of gates for example Might want to take a look on Page 3 of the EH Reference Guide ("Component Limitations"): 1) "If an effect would spawn a Gate and the Gate stack and discard pile are empty, advance Doom by one instead." 2) "Any token, other than Clues, Gates and Monsters, is always available. If there are no remaining tokens of the specified type, track those tokens on paper or with a small object such as a coin." I really don't see Focus tokens being so different (they are generic tokens unlike Clues/Gates/Monsters that all refer to something specific). However, flipping it it to go from 1 focus to 2 just like the improvement tokens do seems like the sensible option and one I hope FF went with. edit: I just read the MoM rulebook - there's nothing indicating that the tokens are limited so if they don't do a 1/2 system then players can just keep track of them manually.
  8. UK here too and I can also confirm my copy will be arriving tomorrow as well (store owner has received confirmation from the supplier).
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