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  1. Can three protectorate fighters be competitive? Comes out to 97 points. Not sure what can be done with the last 3 points. Fenn Rau + Attani Mindlink(AM) + APT + Title + AT Old Teroch + AM + Title + AT Kad Solus + AM + Title + AT Looking to try this at a small-bases tournament. Any help would be great!
  2. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/583480/fenn-kavil My goal here is to create a competative list that has 4 ships. A list that makes my opponent struggle with target priority and has multiple ways to beat you. One of my concerns is the heavy scyk with just the mangler... And all three games I have played people just ignore the Binayre Pirate... I have a different version where I use Old T. and just a syndicate thug instead but for some reason I am attracted to Kavil right now. Any input please! Binayre Pirate + Black Market Slicer Tools (13) Fenn Rau + Push the Limit + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters (34) Kavil + Dorsal Turret + Unhinged Astromech + Predator + Vectored Thrusters (33) Cartel Spacer + “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor + “Mangler” Cannon (20)
  3. I have some conditions: I want to use Fenn... I really like four ship lists... I really like the Z-95 with black market slicer tools... Looking for some input/feedback/jokes... This is what I have: Binayre Pirate + Black Market Slicer Tools (13) Fenn Rau + Push the Limit + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters (34) Syndicate Thug + Twin Laser Turret (24) Kavil + Dorsal Turret + R4 Agromech (29
  4. Not sure what cards you have access too but I have been feeling down on Autothrusters. Turrets are becoming less popular. Not sure how you plan to fly this list either. so... I am a big fan of four ship lists but it doesn't seem like your going for much offence. I would argue the a-wings are more defensive than running Biggs if you are in fact a good blocker. Biggs is great for the opening exchange but you you'll need to joust. I like the T-70s with Predator instead of VI too because my x-wings hit like wet noodles. I would even consider draw their fire since you have so much regen. At the end of the day you are going to want to focus for defense and hope you don't roll three eyes on your attack. The other thing I see is more personal preference but at some point Ello will break formation. So your list with biggs slowly separates either with bigs dying or Ello talon rolling away. With 2 a-wings they can still fly around with Poe and give blocks and create more of a mess of the battle field. I'm mostly ranting here but I am voting for Ello, Poe, and the two a-wings. Poe Dameron (PS8 Version) + R5-P9 + Draw Their Fire + Integrated Astromech (35) Ello Asty + R2-D2 + Veteran Instincts + Integrated Astromech (35) Prototype Pilot + Chardaan Refit (15) Prototype Pilot + Chardaan Refit (15)
  5. So I searched the threads on SF title card and read a few of them and my question isn't even that important but I just want to make sure steps are followed: To fire a second shot from the back arc you first need to fire from the front arc right? Or can someone fire the back arc and then say "to fire from the front I can only roll 2 dice because I fired from the back...". I mean it seems to be the same thing, except for token use and such so not sure if it matters... or that I am making any sense...
  6. I am looking for help on running Bossk. I am an exclusive rebel player and have 1 scum game under my belt. The list below what I am thinking: Boba Fett + Veteran Instincts + Dengar + Dead Man's Switch + Engine Upgrade (49) Bossk + Calculation + Heavy Laser Cannon + Outlaw Tech + K4 Security Droid + Recon Specialist (51) Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  7. To address all the comments, and thanks by the way, the only reason Wes was in the list was to remove tokens yes. But that's if you want to use opportunist on keyan and only stress him once, which only works if the target has no tokens. I am not as concerned with striping tokens since (not including poe) Keyan probably fires first if you have Red Ace or Red Vet. 4 shots all all ranges and no extra dice at R3 is pretty sweet. With rage it's almost always 4 hits considering you get to burn 1 stress, change focus to hits, and reroll up to three dice. I see where advance sensors would be king here and I have considered dropping to a mangler. Thoughts on the mangler on keyan? I will try Keyan without a cannon next and beef up poe, but I still think for Biggs to survive Poe will need to take that DTF. Poe can actually strip a token here and there just by hitting too and keep the focus for defence. Then Keyan can go to work. For "brace yourself" to work you really need 1 ship flying formation with Biggs with draw their fire taking away that one crit that goes threw almost always or else Biggs dies a whole lot faster. Red Ace with R2-D2 won't pull any crits because he doesn't have a Elite Talent Slot for some reason. It's almost as if it was done on purpose, make a T-70 perfect for draw their fire and then not let him have draw their fire. Again my goal is to make something with a T-70 and it could be any T-70. How about: Keyan: Rage + AS + B-wing/E2 + Jan Ors Poe: DTF + R2-D2 (I don't have R5-P9 sadly) + Autothursters Biggs: R4-D6 + IA (100/100) Biggs becomes extra crazy with an evade from Jan Ors as long as I stay in formation. R2-D2 will work fine because the greens are very similar. Once Biggs goes down however the formation should break and Poe should take advantage of his Dial while Keyan slowly dies.
  8. Not by much: I have two ideas in mind: (99/100) Keyan Farlander: Rage + HLC (37) Biggs Darklighter: R4-D6 + IA (26) [standard] Poe Dameron: R2-D2 + DTF + IA (36) or (100/100) Keyan: Rage + HLC + B-wing/E2 + Kanan Jarrus or Jan Ors (41) Biggs: R4-D6 + IA (26) [standard] Red Squadron Veteran: R2-D2 + DTF + Autothrusters (33) Dilemmas: -Poe is awesome! -Does autothrusters balance out Poe's defence? -Can Red hit as hard as poe? -Keyan hits hard with Kanan he has more freedom but with Jan when I rage I can turn that focus into an Evade... so he gets 1 stress for focus on attacks, 3 out 4 dice get rerolled if needed and gets an evade every time he rages. Side Note: I also tried "Red Ace" with R2-D6 giving him draw their fire and then using "comms relay" but only got to use 1 evade token. Biggs takes a lot of damage and draw their fire works. I can only assume it works even better with R2-D2. Haven't tried it yet. Side Note to the side note: I just don't want to use Wes cause I like the T-70. Suggestions please!
  9. I played a game with Dash without EU and with a Mangler. It was not pretty or fun for me. I did this after reading comments so I have made changes. I really want to play these two ships so after all suggestions, the most success people have had with yt-2400 and vcx-100 are something like this: Dash: PTL + HLC + Kana Jarrus + Outrider + EU (58) What about for vcx-100: "Chopper": RD + Hera Syndulla + "Zeb" Orrelios (42) I could drop crew and add APL... I could drop Chopper and add APL... I know these have all been done before. Side note: Has anyone tried running "Chopper": RD + "Leebo" + R2-D2 + (Either APL or IP for the mod?) Sounds fun to represent the droids but not competitive...
  10. At some point FF might do a new version of the game not new x-wings but a new rule set... seems impossible with all the cards we have but still every other miniatures game does it.
  11. Many and varied. Assuming this wasn't sarcasm My favorite to date: Dash Rendar: Lone Wolf Prockets Outrider HLC Rec Spec Chips Lothal Rebel: ABT FCS APL Hera Han There have been a fair few. My favourite version goes like this and has done very well. 58 Dash Rendar (36), PTL (3), Kanan (3), HLC (7), Outrider (5), EU (4) 42 Lothal Rebel (35), Hera (1), San Solo (2), FCS (2), ABT (2) Not sarcasm thank you! Kinda was being Lazy since I didn't have time to search the boards for them. So in the first list I am guessing that ProRocks are for those who venture into range 1 of dash? Also thanks I was leaning towards very similar lists. I tried mangler on dash and that's just not good vs aces with their stacks of tokens. HLC is a must. And I am not too crazy about it. Need to play it more I guess. Dash Rendar + Push the Limit + “Mangler” Cannon + Kanan Jarrus + Outrider (51) Lothal Rebel + Ghost + Fire-Control System + Dorsal Turret + Extra Munitions + Plasma Torpedoes + Hera Syndulla + Ezra Bridger + Guidance Chips (49) Possibly too much on the ghost. Opponents focus on dash first. I also find it hard to get the plasma off. And then there are all the tokens on aces to deal with, might be better off just adding a gunner instead of the torpedoes...
  12. Has anyone tried/seen Keyan with Rage? Maybe add someone like Kana as crew? Sounds fun.
  13. Are there any threads for Dash and Ghost?
  14. Poe is king at ace hunting...if he has VI. Ello is ok but very situational. I would remove predator from poe and add VI and Weapon Guidance. It's almost the same thing but you may not kick R5-P9 all the time....
  15. My Advice would be to not have a plan and as a new player do two things: fly things that look cool and try things to see how they work out but expect nothing. Until you learn your ships and find your style the game can feel very overwhelming. Have fun!
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