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  1. Legend of the Five Rings
  2. The adjectival form of Middle Ages (Mittelalter) is medieval (mittelalterlich), not middle-aged (mittleren Alters). Because Anglo-Normans.
  3. Well, it's the 3rd already in China.
  4. Excuse me, but I really have to butt in for a moment: Misused word. (Those are artificial body parts.) Correct term. (Well, technically biotic powers is.)
  5. And so the confusion increases...
  6. I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'm rather certain they'll release material for Runebound, Android, Arkham Horror, and Twilight Imperium (in this order), but anything beyond that (smaller existing IPs of theirs? new ones?) is anyone's guess. Yet I'm afraid they'll miss their window for an effective/successful release...
  7. I don't see how it couldn't be. All any number of you need to "control" is keeping track of marked boxes on a handful of checklists.
  8. Well, the system is very simple, so if you want to, you sure can, but the implementation is very complex, so good luck with achieving something on a similar level.
  9. Depends on what you mean by iconic characters. Battlemist and Diskwars form the ancient history mentioned in pretty much every Terrinoth product since (origins of Daqan, Waiqar, Uthuk, Runes et al.).
  10. As a matter of principle I prefer physical copies, but they naturally take up storage space and can be hard to hunt down if you start buying them too late (I still get furious when thinking about two The Dark Eye dilogy campaigns of which the respective first parts were readily available for many years - in fact AFAIK one still is even now, several years into the next edition - whereas the second parts went out of print long before the edition change announcement and haven't seen a reprint since), so particularly with RPGs it depends in practice on these and a couple more factors whether I collect dead tree editions or am content with digital copies. That said, while I agree that novels read perfectly fine on an e-reader or mobile device, I am of two minds when it comes to artbooks (digital may be more useful, but you can only properly appreciate the pictures as a whole as large prints). Anyway, in terms of convenience I'd say that flipping through rulebooks and sourcebooks physically is quicker whereas adventures are much less of a hassle behind game master screens on a tablet than in paper format. Thinking back on my pondering from a few years ago, the most likely candidate by far would then be (so far German-only) Splittermond. Just so you know. Sorry.
  11. Battlemist and Diskwars came first, many years before. Then came Runebound (quickly revised into the so-called 2nd Edition) and Descent with a plethora of expansions over the next few years. And then came in relatively quick succession so far (on average one new base game per year) Runewars, DungeonQuest 3rd Edition (but not the Revised Edition that followed it), Rune Age, Descent 2nd Edition, BattleLore 2nd Edition, Runebound 3rd Edition, Runewars Miniatures Game, and soon Legacy of Dragonholt, all of which (with the exception of Runebound 3E, naturally, and the upcoming LoD, curiously enough) and currently most of their expansions (fairly arbitrary exceptions so far being those for Rune Age and BattleLore 2E, the Conversion Kit, the Dice Pack and the Lieutenant Packs for Descent 2E, and everything but the Army Expansions and the Essentials Pack for RWMG) getting a little "A Game Set in the Runebound Universe" logo in the bottom right corner of every box/book cover, presumably because Runebound was their first big hit set in Terrinoth. (Other languages' get either Runebound or Terrinoth.)
  12. Well, I want them to dive into the Runebound sourcebook and get appropriately inspired for their player characters with minimal guidance, so I really need the books in German. Plus, all my other Terrinoth stuff is in German and inconsistency in this regard would irk me endlessly. But hey, unless the times the oldest visits get cut down even further now that she's about to hit 18, we'll finish our (reasonably houseruled) Aborea campaign in the summer of 2019 (I do assume its for years now "almost finished" last part will finally be released in time for that), and I have enough board/card games for us to play on (unevenly spread) shorter visits in the meantime to last us till then, so Asmodee has quite some time to figure things out to get more of my money before I'm forced to look for some other system we can all live with. (On a side note, I'm heavily eyeing moving our sessions - excluding the aforementioned campaign - onto Roll20 or some such for a number of reasons. Speaking of which, I really should finally try online to get into a group again as a player in the spring. But random people on the internet...)
  13. You know, if I were to do a homebrew setting for Genesys, I'd probably throw as much in the book as possible together into one, i.e. a science-fiction fantasy setting with different tech levels (and different amounts of eldritch horrors) on different planets. ...Kind of like FASA's unpublished Eighth World, I guess. Addendum: Looking at you, FATE, FUDGE, and FATAL. (The last one for very different reasons than the other two, obviously, but all hail alliteration. )
  14. I repeat: You're welcome to try to convince my nieces of your point. Just let me (and my sisters) get some popcorn first. I don't really feel like reliving the FFG/GW/Lucas/Disney/Asmodee/Heidelberger/Ulisses/Uhrwerk (de-)cooperation cluster**** (all relevant), but let's just say that I am somewhat baffled that Ulisses isn't jumping headfirst into Genesys as to the best of my knowledge they don't have a generic system in their portfolio.