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  1. I'll make mine gray with green markings, so... *shruggity-shrug*
  2. "LOL ogre LOL" basically means "troll", which is how I'm interpreting those posts. #byeFelicia
  3. ...Now that you mention it, this does throw a small wrench or two into my paint scheme plans; nothing some hard thinking won't be able to fix, though. (My board game minis simply have colored bases (usually gray unless the color is important like in Descent), my RPG minis have yet to get proper bases as thus far I haven't found a crucial element (small thin rectangular slabs of stone) as basing material - I don't really want to rebase onto premade bases - for the universal medieval look I want to go for, all my WH40K kill teams have a basing scheme of their own, as do my Algoryn and Concord in BtGoA, and I'm already set on one each for Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance as well. If I had Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance armies, I'd just shrug and refrain from a cohesive basing scheme, going with what fits the various individual miniatures instead (sand, earth, snow, steel) - I guess I'd distinguish units via the sides of the bases, basically how it's done in Imperial Assault, although probably merely with distinct stripes, not fully colored.)
  4. It very much sounds like Dooku and Rex will be the last soft plastic models. But yes, the slowly icreasing amount of customization options is a happy side effect, not the apparent reason.
  5. Really depends on the kit. And I'm sure Legion will get there once they start redoing the non-droid kits (as an incentive to buy them again), whenever that finally ends up being, but not much sooner.
  6. I enjoy the hobby part, pre-assembled miniatures (looking at you, ASoIaF) are a nightmare (due to complicating clean-up), and having options for a variety of poses etc. certainly makes an army look better, but I do understand that it's not for everyone - painting services exist for a reason. That said, cutting parts from sprues is really just two to four quick (and IMO very relaxing) extra nips per part compared to how Legion miniature assembly has been hitherto, so I don't get the OP's panic in that regard. Also, no more risk of missing/wrong parts! The real issue seems to be the number of parts each droid is assembled from, but at least for the most part that has nothing to do (inherrently) with them being on sprues. There are a lot of parts to them because of their spindly shapes. And they are on sprues because all the thin sticks droids are made out of would otherwise be warping like crazy.
  7. The video mentions "third quarter" and "October", but the word choice for the latter could mean either an educated guess of his or him quoting a reliable source (someone of Asmodee Germany) or him quoting a reliable source's educated guess. Not enough context to know how he meant it, so...
  8. If you honestly believe that FFG/Asmodee won't ever lose the license, I have a couple of tremendously sturdy bridges to sell to you. Who said anything about editions? To be clear, my statement gave Star Wars: Legion - any version thereof - less than twenty years in total. You'll be able to play "complete editions" for thousands of years (if somebody keeps updating/translating the rules and cards), but even with inevitable edition changes I can't see tens of years of this game being in (official) production. This isn't about the popularity of the game or its underlying IP; it's about corporate business politics.
  9. Near future: TCW stuff I will pick up and GCW stuff I won't pick up as most of what - or rather whom - I'd want I'll never get thanks to Disney's whims. Intermediate future: Other eras. Distant future: As a licensed game inevitably death long before Games Workshop/Warhammer turns fifty.
  10. Almost all my excitement for Warcry suddenly evaporated when they finally revealed stuff beyond models and lore of the first six warbands. Shallow campaign rules, afterthought inclusion of AoS factions,... I do want to eventually get a box each of Corvus Cabal and Cypher Lords (plus the book and cards, of course) as the core gameplay looks great for a quick game in between, but unless further books really wow me, that's it for me. However, I already have the current BattleTech Clan Invasion Kickstarter as one of two larger expenses within a month, and I want to get a Nintendo Switch Lite (released in September) to play Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so while I want this box (despite Phase I on BARC), I'll have to postpone it no matter which month it releases in.
  11. More importantly, this is one of the made-up rules trying to force the English language into the corset provided by Latin grammar, so better to disregard that paragraph entirely.
  12. Good point. Doesn't change that they should've stepped up their game for these droids we're looking at, though.
  13. FFG selling tabletop wargames just like board games as obligatory core games with expansions was one of many nails in Runewars' coffin. That said, it is a steep purchase all at once, but buying a minimum size army costs about as much and you do effectively end up getting half of the figures for free, so unless you have a deep aversion to selling off stuff you don't want, your son won't ever get a more cost-efficient deal out of FFG.
  14. Well, obvi... Oh dear, so they have always been this wasteful? Granted, one would expect them to melt and reuse the sprues, so maybe that is why they haven't bothered yet to improve their mold-making process. My point was that a lower percentage does this than reuses baggies and that thus more plastic goes to waste (dumps) with this sprue than usual.
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