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  1. Why would you need a new campaign to try out these new classes? 🤔
  2. Erm, not every store that carries FFG also carries their POD, but I can guarantee you that you'll be able to get it (and at a reasonable price). Asmodee Germany is but a pale shadow of what Heidelberger Spiele used to be, but I'd be astonished if this - uniquely - didn't get a German release. For my OCD to be fully satisfied, it'd need to also have two new female heroes, but this is close enough. (The case of the remaining 1E heroes is more a matter of principle.) My bank account weeps, though, as now I have to buy all the expansions I'd been refusing to get due to this imbalance. Yep. It seems like forever that the Descent team had supposedly been working on something, so I have a hard time believing that it was always meant to be just this, but either way rounding out a range of cards (via print-on-demand, to boot) is one thing, rounding out a range of miniatures (more specifically, convincing your higher-ups to invest in such) something else entirely (case in point: BattleLore 2E), so I find the chances for the remaining 1E heroes to be released exceedingly slim and any optimism that this bodes well for any further 2E physical releases tragically misplaced. If we were getting more campaign books, we'd have gotten a second one years ago. RtL thoroughly killed any and all chances for additional physical co-op expansions. And as much as I'd want more variety in environs (and a few classic enemy types yet to be covered), there is no chance in the Ynfaernal that we'll get to visit Isheim, Al-Kalim, or Zanaga (nor Aymhelin Forests, Dunwarr Mountains & Molten Heath, or Ru Steppes & Broken Plains). I'm guessing two more free app campaigns to cover all existing boxed expansions digitally, and then that'll be it for Descent 2E. Farewell. Yeah, this is either the last or - given enough demand - the second to last chance to complete your Descent 2E collection. As far as I am concerned, I definitely won't be buying into a third edition - partially due to the gaps in the second edition mentioned above, and especially due to the all but guaranteed mandatory inclusion of a DRM-infested app, but the general populace seems to prefer buying core set after core set to expansions.
  3. twincast

    Any other pre-made adventures for Genesys Fantasy?

    I never expected a notable stream of adventures as FFG simply isn't known to do so, but I did think there'd be something. Specifically, I'm baffled that they didn't release a Beginner Game box (with a free follow-up PDF) at most six months after the Terrinoth sourcebook (and then the same for Android and so on). Do that and one epic campaign tome for each setting featured in the CRB and I'd be perfectly content, but the way things are now just feels half-assed.
  4. twincast

    Missing oportunity?

    It's 4 archetypes (basic actions), 8 classes (advanced actions), and 12 heroes (hero ability and health). I'm guessing weapons etc. will come in unrestricted, archetype-only and class-only flavors.
  5. I have no idea how much of the core mechanics FFG would have to change for a judge to quickly tell WotC not to waste his or her time, but the idea that WotC owns the very concept of hacking-themed asymmetrical card games is utterly laughable, no matter how much they might thuggishly claim to do so. The point of the case you quoted is that ZiKo Games didn't copy both theme and ruleset, which would be a whole different beast. And because any Netrunner patents would have since expired, chances of WotC actually winning against FFG would be slim regardless (case in point, just compare Eternal to Magic), but they might very well drag it out for years.
  6. twincast

    End of Netrunner

    Good point in general, bad example in particular as ownerships of the rights to Shadowrun and Battletech were permanently split between digital games (Microsoft, whom Harebrained Schemes (nothing to do with hair, by the way) and Piranha Games acquired their licenses from) and physical games (WizKids, who've been licensing them to Catalyst Game Labs) when FASA sold off its video game division, which isn't entirely unique a case, but still unusual. A Song of Ice and Fire, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter would be way more typical examples akin to Star Wars of a single rights-owner farming out licenses within specific parameters to different interested parties (who may then farm them out further).
  7. twincast

    Missing oportunity?

    I agree with the rest, but buying another setting? Which?! Why?!! They already have several severely underused settings (Twilight Imperium, Tannhäuser, Sovereigns of Steam, and Legend of the Burning Sands - not to mention their old d20 D&D OGL RPG settings) which together with the ones they're actually using (Terrinoth, Arkham Horror, Android, and Legend of the Five Rings) cover pretty much every popular flavor of fiction other than superheroes, urban fantasy, and Japanese style mechs, all of which theoretically easily united in a single standard superhero setting. But they couldn't buy Marvel or DC for obvious reasons and shouldn't buy Champions or M&M for different ones, which only leaves really obscure stuff likely not worth spending any money for instead of just launching your own IP. Other than Genesys sourcebooks (and modules etc.) for most of the above, they especially should increase Twilight Imperium's public profile to prepare to cushion an ever possible falling-out with the Mouse Empire, for example by reimplementing Forbidden Stars and releasing a new, non-blind edition of Twilight Imperium: Armada (obviously renamed - preferably simply to Twilight Imperium: Diskwars).
  8. Maliki the Claw, a singhara. As for me, hero-wise I'd love me some Jonas the Kind but really ain't too hung up on anyone. More importantly, especially considering who I'd be playing with, I want gender parity in every box. "Lieutenant/Nemesis"-wise, however, I have clear favorites in the Farrows, Belthir, Splig and Ariad. We're already getting one, more would be totally rad. ? And as for campaigns: Uthuk, Waiqar, Aymhelin, Dunwarr, Molten Heath, White Death, Zanaga, Al-Kalim.
  9. twincast

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    'Twas only a matter of time. Honestly expected it already at the point in time they released Legacy of Dragonholt (instead). Anyway, this will certainly see play with my nieces, so I'm looking forward to the German release (whenever).
  10. twincast

    Weakened heroes beginnings

    Well, you could do the opposite of experienced or super characters and have them start with 50 XP less, but considering how dear (in every sense) points in characteristics are, you probably don't want to do that. Maybe just drop the four free points in career skills? Ought to make a notable, yet surmountable difference. Nemeses. The books actually use the plural several times. ?
  11. twincast

    Terrinoth -- other resources?

    How so? None of the - rather significant - events in Shadow of Nerekhall are even alluded to, let alone explicitly mentioned, in The Haunted City. Furthermore, it definitely takes place before The Shadow Rune (and Heirs of Blood) as a certain someone* clearly hasn't been publicly found out yet, and I find it hard to believe that any Descent 2e expansion would be set before the core game. *It feels weird to suddenly feel the need to avoid spoiling a game that's six years old - and the character's first appearance as a villain AFAIK even was ten years ago.
  12. twincast

    Terrinoth -- other resources?

    One of the booklets of Legacy of Dragonholt has some relevant general lore info, but as far as I can tell the only titbits not covered in Realms of Terrinoth are how the races decide on names for their children (but without any example names) and a short mention of two more catfolk races native to territories outside Terrinoth. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/34/f1/34f14943-906c-41a4-82c0-b52e2834d0d4/legacy_of_dragonholt_character_creation_copy.pdf By the way, both Realms of Terrinoth overall and The Haunted City (Genesys GenCon Adventure) are set before the events of any of the recent games set in the world (don't know about Runebound 1/2e and Descent 1e; obviously Battlemist and Diskwars are ancient backstory). Doesn't really make a whole lot of difference, but if your players have played the Descent 2e core game (or seen the Lieutenant miniatures in a shop) they'll know a certain person is a big bad as soon as they meet them in THC (the hints within the adventure kind of going to waste) and another is still described in RoT as the hero they were perceived as before the events of The Shadow Rune (the original campaign for Descent 2e which they've moronically dropped in recent printings in favor of the previously sold separately Heirs of Blood).
  13. twincast

    Terrinoth Character Sheet

    As I mentioned in the opinions thread, they fixed Coordination on the character sheet in an update, so if you only have the original release: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/34/a0/34a08efb-5855-4397-9ad7-1dcfd4d23c89/gns03_player_sheets_low-1.pdf
  14. twincast

    Intro Adventure?

    For sake of reference: The characters pregenerated for playing it at GenCon all have Starting Experience + 100 XP.
  15. twincast

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    Somehow I missed an equally ridiculous line for greataxes. Also, the entries for maces and slings deserve some minor eye-rolling, which I deliberately didn't bother mentioning. Not so after realizing the following: I must have read the entry a dozen times and am now 100% certain that what they call a "greatsword" is actually a longsword. Or moreover an absurd hodgepodge of all sizes of two-handed swords, not accurately reflecting any of them. Explains why there's no shortsword or longsword. Suddenly all the goodwill from some other gear descriptions has gone up in smoke. And just when I'd decided to refrain from messing much with the system beyond moving some Skills to different Characteristics and simply changing bows and slings from "dam X" to "dam +[X-3]", after all. Yes, I can easily fix this for our sessions by replacing all mentions of "greatsword" with "longsword", but it leaves a tremendously sour taste. Also, since this and the description of spears erased all lingering doubt that for both Melee and Ranged the one and only defining distinction for FFG between Light and Heavy weapons is whether they are one-handed or two-handed, that raises the question why they didn't just call them such instead of using ambiguous terminology.