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  1. Which was my point. And clearly I did. And even unambiguous hashtags can get fully hijacked by the opposition. But I still don't like ambiguous ones. (Not to be confused with neutral ones.)
  2. I do fully believe that at least most of them are simple rebrandings. (The washes, the varnish, black, white, most, possibly all of the metallics, and many, probably most of the rest.) But Lucasfilm/Disney are being their usual selves jealously overprotective of the IPs they own, so we got no official conversion charts (uniquely so for licensed paints from The Army Painter). That they won't let them sell individual bottles, however, is just full-on facepalm galore. If they have any sensible reason for this, it's that it may make clear which colors (if any) are actually unique to the line - likely the CIS blue, the GAR red, the standard B1 sandy brown, and a couple more peppered throughout.
  3. I just want to point out that this hashtag is painfully ambiguous. "Stay at home, morons!" (👍) vs. "Stay-at-home morons." (👎) 🤔
  4. I really like how GW and most others officially show off their plastic frames. And conversely it annoys me that FFG don't; feels like they're hiding them.
  5. I agree that the rule is garbage for all the previous reasons mentioned, and it's fine (fun) to point out that FFG and the English language aren't the best of friends, but there is such a thing as clear intent. All your posts from the quoted moment onward have been you obnoxiously going off on an obtuse tangent. Please stop. No, he didn't. "Literally never used ever." has no tense itself, the natural indication being to think of it in the tense established in the immediately preceding part; "used" is the passive voice here, not the past tense.
  6. Many would be happy to ship it, none seem to have it in stock.
  7. GW stopped selling Farsight Enclaves transfer sheets sans warning right when I finally took the plunge into their plastic crack thanks to Kill Team. Still feel somewhat bitter about this. And I don't have many Space Marines, but when I found out that GW used to sell Aurora Chapter transfers, I wept. I've no idea what I'd do if the transfer sheets that come with the Sisters of Battle kits didn't cover all six major orders and thus Argent Shroud, too. Anyway, yes. I for one only really need faction marks for vehicles, for which printed-out decals should work well enough, I guess, but having official sizes for the tanks etc. would be nice. And I ain't looking forward to painting the handprint on Echo's chest at all...
  8. Erm, the surname's Wren, not Sabine. And according to the stream the dual pistols build option of Tristan's model is for using it as a generic Mandalorian Resistance fighter.
  9. I don't think they can even do any new stuff for Outer Rim, can they?
  10. The old Expanded Universe canonized pretty much all the (dozen or so?) vehicles Kenner added to pad out their Star Wars toy lines, and the Imperial Troop Transport in particular is such a beloved classic that it was one of the EU elements which Filoni et al. brought back in Star Wars Rebels.
  11. Strawman alert? I don't think anyone is saying that retailers should have heaps of stock. The actual issue is that Asmodee doesn't have the stock prepared to restock retailers in even remotely a speedy manner. And while obviously you don't want to put money into a significant overproduction that won't be sold any time soon (or ever), that's a health of your company issue, not a health of your game issue, and having just enough equals having slightly more than needed most of the time. It's fine to be conservative on your first print run as long as you have a second one lined up quickly thereafter, but after that you should have resupply coming in like a well-oiled machine - in general and especially in this particular business. It's a simple fact that FFG has transitioned to mostly making LCGs and Star Wars tabletop wargames, and yet they still treat all of their products like board games. And this goes a step further: One natural reason why you rarely see anything other than limited print runs go out of stock for long among any of the European tabletop companies of all sizes is that most of their stuff is made at home (mostly England, followed by Poland), including the vast majority of their plastic. Outsourcing minis production to China is quite boardgamey.
  12. ...How did I get stuck arguing a point somebody else made? I'm happy to take this as an in-universe explanation. But just for the record, real world honeydew is insect poo. (So naming a melon after it is really strange.)
  13. It wasn't called ice cream, though. Because there was no cream involved. And for a sorbet (or whatever you want to call it) there'd be the question of where the "fruit stuff" comes from on the dewbacks' backs. Is their dew always flavored? Does it taste like human sweat?
  14. Well, the biggest Asmodee news out of GAMA is that they'll be taking over North America distribution themselves, isn't it?
  15. Obviously that's a bummer in general as well as Worlds in particular for the folks it matters to, but to go slightly off topic here, what really has my mind racing with questions is what GW will be doing now with the literal hours worth of miniature/game, book, and TV content they were planning to reveal there. Live-stream?
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