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  1. Terrinoth on the boat

    Well, I ain't that weak-willed, but I'm all but guaranteed to purchase the English PDFs before hopefully getting German dead tree editions one day.
  2. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Yay! Finally! I can't even begin to tell you how much it irked me that they placed Runebound above their other games in this universe once they expanded it beyond just that and Descent (and the earlier entries).
  3. Prediction for "Wave 2"

    Totally forgot about the TX-225. Not iconic to me, but yes, for the general public it'd be a better choice; fine by me. However, I want the BARC to get as much love as the AT-RT, dammit! It is? Huh, it is indeed; look at that. Would definitely be a great choice for the third Rebel slot in my above list.
  4. Prediction for "Wave 2"

    Well, the only thing I'm fairly sure of is that additional vehicles are quite a ways off, 'cause, really, what else is there left that's military and small enough? AT-DP, Imperial Troop Transport and SC-2M repulsor tank for Imperials? BARC speeder bike, Rebel Troop Carrier and some other sort of tank for Rebels?
  5. How Will You Paint Your Squads ?

    After Gamblefront II I'm sorely tempted to paint me a pink Darth Vader. In general, though, I want my stuff to be screen-accurate, the resulting low amount of visual variety is actually the main reason my interest in this game is severely limited. Well, that and high cost vs. low chance to play.
  6. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Yeah, and even D&D5e is only doing a fraction of the amount D&D3e did. But both are bumped immensely by OGL adventures. I'd also like to point out Shadowrun as still having a pretty steady output and The Dark Eye with consistently probably the highest release rate (albeit in German) by far, although Splittermond - by former TDE creators - isn't all that far behind these days. ...What else? I believe The One Ring released a large adventure book for each region splatbook. And Dungeonslayers got a solid handful of (German) adventure books for about a year or two after its physical release on top of loads of free "Dungeon-2-Go" PDFs. But that's pretty much it; everything else I can think of only got one or two introductory adventures to start with, relying on third parties if there's anyone publishing stuff at all. I'm still slightly irked by FFG not including their bardic magic in the generic fantasy part of their CRB. I don't expect to be unpleasantly surprised a second time for sure. Anyway, as I've said before, I like the setting well enough and look forward to reading more lore, and I'm certain my nieces will be excited about the prospect of role-playing in the world of Descent (especially with a system such as Genesys), so I'll probably get the English PDFs anyway, but for them a German edition would be of utmost importance, and there's still no announcement thereof as far as I know, so I can't help but worry that we'll never get around to it...
  7. Will we see PDF's?

    Well, probably, but AFAIK all their PDFs on Drive-Thru are pre-Asmodee, so if none come out for Genesys and L5R (beyond the free beta, obviously), it could be the case that Asmodee just so happens to agree with Lucasfilm's wrongheaded "conventional wisdom" licensing constraints. And if any of them actually aren't, then we already have confirmation of the obvious.
  8. Will we see PDF's?

    I'm sure FFG realize this. I'm equally sure that Disney don't and entirely uncertain whether Asmodee do.
  9. Is this... an RPG or a tabletop game?

    The only thing turning me off are the well-intended activation tokens, and solely for a single player experience it's too expensive in my book... Anyway, the game now finally has an entry on Board Game Geek (in addition to the one on RPG Geek).
  10. Will we see PDF's?

    A freemium app is a completely different beast from (watermarked but otherwise) DRM-free PDFs?
  11. Copy of the GenCon Fantasy Demo?

    Quickly skimmed through it; looking good. And includes references to the rule book, so I very much assume it's up to date. I guess they decided the pregenerated characters would require too much effort to adapt, though. Well, maybe when they're releasing the Runebound splatbook.
  12. Character Sheet PDF

    Side note: Both the character sheet and the Gencon adventure refused to download onto my Android phone with Chrome for some reason, but worked like a charm with good old Firefox. Haven't checked Opera.
  13. Copy of the GenCon Fantasy Demo?

    Well, obviously. Makes its exclusion all the more weird, though. And as for Finesse, I'd houserule Light Melee as Agility and Heavy Ranged as Brawn, anyway.
  14. Copy of the GenCon Fantasy Demo?

    Gotta say, I'm rather disappointed that Verse isn't included. If bards aren't generic fantasy, then what is?
  15. Character Sheet PDF

    Downloaded just fine (with Chrome) on my Galaxy S5 mini...