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  1. Vader is my favorite series. Kanan is really great as well. I was surprised by how good the writing was for Leia, I enjoyed it. I feel like Star Wars itself is the weakest in the line (except when focusing on Luke) but it's still enjoyable. Vader is just intensely good, Aphra is one of the best written and designed characters I have witnessed in years. She's so well done she's actually a bit out of place in the Star Wars line up, as the other characters are relatively simple (not in a bad way) from a writing standpoint.
  2. I largely agree with the mindset of this thread. The Phantom nerf certainly changed how Phantoms fit into the game but did not scale down the overall potency. At least, in the hands of a skilled player. The phantom has to be 'relearned' by players who used it before. It's level of forgiveness before and now is a drastic change to how the ship approaches situations, and that is a large part of what practicing a list does in terms of benefit. It's still a powerful, scary ship, and it's opportunities to engage and overall options are the same as before. What it lost in informed positioning it gained back in the form of reliability; it's decloak can no longer be controlled by the opponent responsively, allowing it to maintain it's action economy and fire lanes for recloaking. Relearning a previously "known" ship amidst a competitive season is challenging and probably frustrating, certainly. However, that does not remove the Phantoms raw capabilities as a hard-to-hit high-damage powerhouse.
  3. I never thought my dice could be Anything but catastrophe But suddenly I begin to see A little good luck for me 'Cause I got a golden Brobot, I got a golden Brobot by my side! I never had a chance to shine Never a happy droid to bring But suddenly, half the game is mine What an amazing thing 'Cause I got a golden Brobot! "Two of them!" I've got a golden bot up in the sky! I never thought I'd see the day When I would face the droid and say "Beep boopbeep! Here is my gun!" I never thought that I would be Slap in the lap of HLC 'Cause I'd have said: "It couldn't be done!" But it can be won! I never dreamed that I would climb Over the Scum in glitterstim But nevertheless, it's there that I'm, Shortly about to be! 'Cause I've got a golden Brobot! I've got a golden pair of murder droids And with the golden Brobots, it's a golden day!
  4. PlayerNine

    Building Bossk

    Regarding Flight Instructor, for one point less you can get Rec Spec. In what is still a two-ship meta, the double focus will have a better effect on your defense than Flight Instructor. You can reroll FI's focus into a blank or a focus (more likely than into an evade), and you can only reroll the blank if the attacker is PS2 or lower. It will happen, you'll eventually play against a number of low PS pilots across several games, but more often you're only rerolling that eyeball. Rec Spec, in my opinion, is the superior defensive option.
  5. Quick update, I have been practicing pretty non-stop since Boston. My standing record with brobots since day 1 is 58/6. I was 56/3 for quite a while, but I've resolved to seek out the best players I can find to up my game. I find myself scheduling playtime with the top players in our region and driving out 2 to 2.5 hours to get a game in with them. That successfully broke my win streak, which I am thankful for. We tend to learn more and improve more from losses, so stepping up my sparring partners has been huge. I improved far more over those most recent 3 losses than I did across 20 wins. I still use vassal mostly for fun games rather than competition. I can't think the same way when starting from the sides or top, it really throws off my flow. Vassal is still very good for practicing decision making, target priority, visualizing arcs and getting experience against a wider variety of lists. However, I am far more comfortable on the table. I have a small tournament this weekend. Boston feels like it was a million years ago now. I've logged about 35 games with brobots since then (I was 22/1 just before going to Boston). I've started running this list, it's pretty similar to before: IG B: Predator, Adv S, Mangler, AT IG C: Predator, Adv S, HLC, AT Comes out to 99 points for the bid. This list has still been successful, but my playtime with PTL resulted in some pretty sweet action economy, but it was much more devastating to me after taking on any other type of stress. If I get any games in tonight, I'll try swapping both Predators for PTL. My tight-knit bump-friendly playstyle might serve PTL over predator. I tend to be quite aggressive, but I found myself saying "I miss predator" quite often. When I had shots without a TL, I really felt the pain of average dice.
  6. PlayerNine

    Building Bossk

    In my play on vassal, I have found the cannon slot to be a waste of points, for the most part. It can work well but that arc is the true strength of the YV, and maximizing it's use has been key.
  7. At WV Regionals, I am flying an aggressor. I have 4h1s on it and I killed everything except his Fett near death. I felt really good about winning. Fett rolls along and surprises me with a hard turn and drops a proxy mine on me. Hit crit crit. Shield gone. Flip the two crits: Direct hit, direct hit. ... I don't recall how long I sat in silence at the table, gazing at the board. Too long, probably. Too long.
  8. You had me momentarily mortified and excited all at once before I reread the text.
  9. Anything that could potentially reduce a 12 point ships cost to an 11 point ship or less is on the FFG "no-go list". 9 - 10 Tie Fighters is a horrific thought. Likewise, any 0 cost upgrade that goes on a 12 point ship effectively changes the games baseline, design wise, and is similarly very unlikely. That said, upgrades that specifically target certain ships or classes of ships are fine. The Syck definitely needs help. X-Wings and defenders need a nudge but B-wings and Interceptors are fine.
  10. The comfort of the free evade is indeed pretty sweet. I must say that I find myself only rarely actually using that evade token, but it does it get used every so often.
  11. Lets not forget that Darth Vader was also Clone Wars Era (and never actually switched sides!). So long as pilots were later involved in GCW or active during that era, I don't care if they started their careers during the Clone Wars. Latts and the others are good examples because they appeared in Clone Wars, but basically in the "Lil' Boba... and Friends!" episode. Thus, she was also pretty young and it's likely the prime of her career was during or just prior to the GCW. "Little Boba, what a scamp!"
  12. I was playing against the YV-666 last night. It was pretty sweet.
  13. I am not big on Lone Wolf, I like to run my aggressors tight. Predator on one has worked well. PTL on the other has been pretty good for me so far. The problem I have been finding with PTL is the Sloop turn, particularly during parking lot situations. I have a stress and wind up behind them. I now have just a Focus. That's round ONE of less modified attacks. I have to complete my move before taking another action, which means no bumping, and if I bump, I am in a bad situation. Either way, I can't PTL this turn as that turns off the Adv Sensors PTL chain. That makes it round TWO of less modified attacks or worse, a round without any modification. If I am free, then on this third round I can begin my PTL chain again, however, I have already moved at least once (green) from my Sloop or Kturn and probably need to reposition, generally with a hard turn. Unless the opponent tried to run directly away from me in a straight line, this is the typical situation. Alternatively, I am still in the parking lot and while I can double action, the shooting options both ways are fairly limited. This creates THREE rounds of less than ideal firing. Three combat rounds, notably. That's more than enough time for the local Z-95's to swoop in and get range 1 shots while you're still trying to find the "on" switch for your 4-hit magic-death-cannon, rolling only 2 hits each time in the meantime on average. Predator gives you a lot more freedom, and with predator may be rerolling fewer dice, but the situation works out more like this. Combat rounds starting with a sloop or k-turn: R1: Adv S. Focus, sloop. You now have a predator reroll and focus and a stress. Out of the likely 4 dice you are rolling, you can reroll one, increasing your average closer to 3 hits. R2: Green move to remove stress. If you bump now, you still have your reroll, if you don't bump, you are back to reroll/focus. R3: You aren't stressing yourself anyway so pursue at your leisure with any turns you want. This is one big reason I like Wingman on one bot so much, it can alleviate much of the issues with taking any self-stress on the bots. It doesn't do much against stress applied by enemy effects, but it really opens up your next-turn options.
  14. I have been to 3 Regionals so far with a 4th one on the way. These are my opportunities to improve myself and play against players who are better than me (or, failing that, win). Limiting players to just 1 premiere event will prevent that kind of improvement in the player base and ultimately result in a decline in overall player skill across the meta. Players will be forced to form smaller "teams" to improve competitively on a realistic level, as seen in other competitive game circuits. This will create a very large skill gap in the Nationals and Worlds scenes, where players who are able to regularly play competitively have a significant edge over those who are not able to, due to the exclusivity of these hypothetical teams and limitations in attending more than one Regional events. That is just the ripple effect of limiting Regional play at this stage in the games lifespan.
  15. Honestly, I have a pretty heavy interest in game design and a decent background in that area and I happen to agree with you. I don't make a lot of suggestions for fixes unless FFG happens to ask me to, though I like to contribute to the discussion and play test some of my own ideas. Without knowing their formula and their probably expansive list of things that have and havent worked, and their design goals and ground rules, it's very difficult to know exactly what to do to fix anything that might be a little out of whack. I am all for people spouting their ideas off. It's great and healthy for the game, as is playtesting ideas and reporting the results. It's up to FFG to look at such feedback and filter or integrate it as they see fit. They certainly seem to keep an eye on the communities thoughts. I openly support things like the TCO and other efforts to further the game. If someone wants to play their "idea" or "fix", I'm all for it if I have the extra time for that. However, my time on vassal and my time on the table is not generally "extra" time. I am there to practice, play and improve. I would have to (gently) turn down such a request if it came out of the blue. It's not that I don't want to help, but it's also not my primary purpose for sitting down at night with Vassal, iced T and some space ships. Again, the communities feedback is an important part of the design and development of the game, regardless of skill level in design. It's not the 'all important' factor or anything, but it's still important. I hope that people keep posting their ideas, good or bad, and I hope people keep experimenting with house rules and tweaks, even flat out new cards they came up with. And I hope they report the results back to the community!
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