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  1. Hi, short question, Grand Inquisitor ability to apply range 1 bonus to range 2-3 : Does the defending still gets the additionnal die for range 3? I guess not... but nothing is clear about what happens to range 3 bonus...
  2. Still no other comments... but on a x-wing Facebook page, I've got an answer telling me that Solo card says "After you roll dice..." which is not the same as "After you reroll". I tend to agree, seeing Sunny Bounder ability specifiying "... after you roll or reroll your dice...". But then, 3 other cards must then respect that rules : -Munitions Failsafe must be use after you roll attack dice BEFORE you could reroll any dice with a lock or Lone Wolf (Lone Wolf triggers when modifing dice, so too late) -Colonel Vessery must aquire a lock BEFORE rerolling any dice, which means he CANNOT REAQUIRE LOCK AFTER SPENDING ONE -4-LOM crew must use his ability BEFORE rerolling any dice (minor but still) Waiting for official clarification or anyone to comment on all this.
  3. Hello, I want to be 100% certain of this... First : Han Solo reroll can be use after : -rolling for an attack -rolling for a defence -rolling for an obstacle -rolling for action like Lando or R2-D2 -or even after a reroll from lock or lone wolf ability to reroll a die. Second : Han Solo reroll can be use multiple time on same attack like : -Roll for attack -Reroll all dice with Han Ability -Use Lone Wolf (so you reroll a die) -Re-use Han ability to reroll all dice -Then use a lock to reroll 1-2-3 die -Re-re-use Han Ability to reroll all dice Third : Han Solo can reroll on 2 attacks occuring in the same turn : -Roll for an attack -Reroll all dice with Han Ability -Bistan is your gunner and you actually have a focus, so attack again an other ship -Reroll all dice with Han ability again Fourth : Han Solo cannot reroll the defence dice in order to have the good guess with C-3PO ... because Before your roll you guess, than you are correct or wrong, regardless of any reroll. All this correct?
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